Guitar Chords Maker – Discover a Chord Shape That Sounds Good But You Don’t Know Its Name

Sometimes when improvising, chord shapes that sound good but you’re unfamiliar with their names come about spontaneously. This tool will help identify them and build chord progressions using them.

As the initial step to building chords, outlining its major scale should be relatively straightforward.

Easy to use

Finger memory takes time and practice when learning guitar chords, which may be frustrating for new guitarists but patience will pay off as building a library of chords can speed up song learning and help make you a more proficient guitarist.

Chord Sheet Maker Online is a free web-based tool that makes creating song chord charts simple. Utilizing a plain text editor, this web tool makes editing and rearrange pages straightforwardly. Furthermore, this service also lets you set custom tuning for your guitar – either using preset tunings or the drop-down menus for octave and tone tuning adjustments – and you can then print, download or save the document directly onto your computer or share via link.


Guitars are more than just an instrument; they’re part of what defines a musician’s identity and style. Additionally, customized guitars can make an artist stand out among other musicians, helping them stand out among them all. Recently this form of customization has become increasingly popular and many guitar manufacturers provide numerous customization options available to them.

Create and save chord progressions quickly and easily by dragging chords to move them in progression or remove it altogether from the list. Save, load, edit or save again your list as it changes; all chords stored as MIDI files that can be imported directly into Korg Taktile, NanoPad2 etc or music software like Ableton Live for use as hardware pads (Korg Taktile etc) or music software programs like Ableton Live.

As well as creating chords, the app provides users with access to a database of scales and allows them to input their own. Furthermore, its intuitive user interface enables users to choose chords based on fingerings.

Save your own chords

Beginner guitarists can quickly become bogged down in a chord progression rut, yet just a bit of tweaking can help create more engaging songs. For instance, adding extra notes to a chord may make it more complex and add new layers to the composition; you could even try changing its shape to produce different variations of it!

A triad is the simplest form of chord, comprised of just three notes consisting of a root, third and fifth note. While it works for beginners, advanced guitarists should learn about intervals as a means of creating various kinds of chords.

Chords are an essential building block of music and can help hone your songwriting abilities. They can be played on guitar, bass guitar and keyboard instruments – though some chords require multiple fingers for playing them properly – though online resources exist that can provide guidance in learning this art form.

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Sometimes when improvising, chord shapes that sound good but you are unfamiliar with can come out sounding amazing – yet you have no way of naming them! This app helps identify these chords by clicking notes on the fretboard; additionally it lets you play chord progressions to hear how they fit together; making this an invaluable tool for songwriting and practicing chords!

GoChords is another powerful chord generator with several features designed to assist with song composition. You can create, share, and save your work online; share it with others; and use its metronome feature for keeping time while making songs on iOS or macOS devices.

Cthulhu is an app created specifically to assist producers who utilize MIDI. This powerful program can take classical chord progressions and keytrack them directly onto your MIDI controller for simple trigger. Compatible with Spire Studio, Cthulhu makes for the ideal tool for laptop musicians who require assistance with harmony – and is free download and user friendly!