Dance Music Playlist 2022

Prepare to dance the night away with this specially curated playlist! With its summer hits, this summer will surely leave you feeling great.

Take charge of the dancefloor on International Women’s Day by dancing to this empowering playlist featuring dance routines designed by female coaches!

Christmas Snowdown

Get into the festive spirit with this playlist featuring festive classics such as Alesso’s “Christmas Snowdown”, the Chainsmokers’s “Jump Into the Christmas Lights”, and many more festive tracks – guaranteed to put you in the Christmas mood! It is sure to put the perfect touch of magic onto any festive gathering or gathering this Christmas.

This curated playlist is the ideal St. Patrick’s Day celebration playlist! Featuring some of the biggest hits and freshest new releases!

“The Feast of the Fifth” is a music playlist released for Just Dance Now that features non-Solo routines with male and female coaches as duet coaches. Additionally, Black Widow, Sucker, and Havana (Tango Version) tracks have been reintroduced back into service through this playlist.

Unleash your inner animal trainer and get ready to dance! This playlist is the ideal way to celebrate Earth Day and its spirit.

This playlist of non-Solo routines primarily falls below Moderate effort ratings, making for a great workout to get into shape this winter!

Winter Warm Up’ is a music playlist available within Just Dance Now that is non-Solo in nature and features mostly duet routines curated by both male and female coaches. It also featured Last Friday Night, T.G.I.F, as well as an introduction of remixes of Sucker back into the app through this playlist.

Allow the good times to roll with this “Dancefloor Spectacular” playlist! Perfect for those who enjoy getting up and moving around!

Bring the beat with this “Dance Floor Showdown” playlist! Featuring all of your favourite dance hits and new releases in one high energy mix!

This playlist includes non-Solo dance routines ranked below Moderate or Average effort level for optimal workout results! Dance can be an amazing cardio exercise to get the heart racing! Enjoy!

Devastate the dance floor with this “Mind Blowr” playlist! This non-Solo, ranked dance playlist features some of the most explosive songs from Just Dance Now to keep the party moving!

Alesso has once again given dance music an exciting sound in 2022 with this infectious, catchy track which captures the energy and vibrance of an NYC block party. This track offers both rough edges and glamorous grooves with its captivating rhythms.

If you need some additional dance tracks to spice up your playlist, check out Armada Today for today’s most popular tracks!

February is an amazing month filled with romantic heart-melters, seductive charmers and lots of laughter! If you’re searching for sweet, romantic or playful tunes this playlist has it all – press play now and prepare to be mesmerized!

Countdown 2023

One thing we know for certain about summertime is that music plays an integral role in creating an enjoyable party atmosphere. Our carefully curated playlist of summer’s top hits promises to get your dancing feet going all summer long!

This playlist pays a tribute to Pride Month and the LGBTQ+ community by including music produced by members or allies of this community, routines that incorporate rainbows or brightly-hued outfits that are common features in LGBTQ+ culture, as well as tracks by artists with strong connections to this region, such as Adele or Ed Sheeran.

Sun is out and beats are heating up – now is the time to wear your favorite beach-themed attire and hit the dance floor! Our specially curated playlist contains some of 2022’s hottest hits that are sure to get you moving.

Begin to dance to the beat of the drum! This lively playlist offers an eclectic mixture of electronic, funk and soul tracks as well as classics such as Get Up by The Script and Rock Lobster by David Bowie.

No party would be complete without its soundtrack, which is why this playlist of epic party anthems will surely get any dance floor jumping!

Relieve stress from everyday life with this relaxing, soulful playlist. From slow jams to soft melodies, this mix provides the ideal atmosphere to escape everyday hustle and bustle.

Prepare to workout! This tropical playlist will get your blood pumping! With electro, dubstep and dancehall classics such as XXL by The Notorious B.I.G – plus some hip hop tracks – including its release with routines CAN’T STOP THE FEELING! and Flow With The Beats. Get ready for some serious sweat sessions!

Winter Warm Up

Winter makes cuddling by the fire or spending quality time with loved ones more relaxing than being out and about, all it requires is finding the perfect playlist of upbeat pop songs, catchy radio hits, and dance music that won’t let up to set an ideal atmosphere at home for an enjoyable night’s entertainment.

Producer James Hype quickly established himself with “Ferrari,” one of 2022’s most notable dance tracks sampling early 2000s hits like P. Diddy’s “I Need a Girl (Part 2).” Its catchy main refrain and catchy beat made it popular beyond clubs – reaching viral status on TikTok as well.

Rising star Eliza Rose’s latest single, “B.O.T.A,” captures both youthful joy and NYC’s gritty/glam aesthetic in one infectious groove. Produced with Interplanetary Criminal, her infectious track shines with energy-packed beats ideal for dancing around your living room!