Heavy Metal Music 2021

Heavy metal has long been seen as an unsavory genre, often associated with violence and destruction, sexual promiscuity, Satanism and occultism, racism, sexism, pedophilia, terrorism and subliminal messages – yet its long history demonstrates it’s also an expression of cultural identity and creativity.

Over time, this genre has undergone significant change.

Sludge Metal

After the rise of thrash and punk metals, heavy metal music transitioned towards slower, doomy music that conjured images of impending doom – this style is known as Sludge Metal. Bands that perform this style employ heavily distorted guitars with large amounts of feedback to produce its thick sound; slower drumming style than other genres (blast beats or double kicks are not typical); melodic songs about despair, loss and self-destruction often feature within this form. Furthermore, elements from other genres like post-metal and black metal also exist within its walls – Sludge Metal can take many forms that incorporate other genres as post-metal and black metal as part of its makeup.

Some sludge metal bands have taken the extreme approach, embracing the political rage typical of hardcore. Oakland’s Noothgrush, for example, plays a form of sludge similar to Eyehategod or Melvins; their songs express nihilistic American values with an undercurrent of futility and despair.

Body Void and Vile Creature use distortion and slow, deliberate rhythms to craft their unique form of sludge metal music. Inspired by doom metal but taking it one step further, these bands combine its sluggishness with lo-fi punk elements for an ugly sound that draws upon grunge acts such as Nirvana and Soundgarden while crust and grindcore elements give their songs additional horror-tinged layers.


Metalcore is a subgenre of heavy metal distinguished by aggressive verses and melodic choruses, brutal breakdowns (often played during live shows to encourage audiences to mosh), technical guitar playing techniques and lyrics covering personal to political topics.

While the Covid pandemic prevented many bands from touring, those that were able to work on new material produced some remarkable releases in 2021. Florida death/doom maniacs Ice Nine Kills took their sound to new levels with Foreverglade; an intense doom album that showcases some of their heaviest, most aggressive riffs yet and made Foreverglade one of 2021’s standout releases.

Black metal masters Jinjer also released an album this year called Solar Paroxysm. While their latest effort may be more violent and angry than most of their previous work, yearning melodies weave throughout each track to avoid becoming repetitive and monotonous – an essential listen for fans of black metal music!

Bring Me The Horizon has made an indelible mark on metalcore music with their innovative approach to metal. Their modern take combines intricate arrangements with progressive elements, pushing its boundaries while still remaining identifiable as metal. Bring Me The Horizon has inspired generations of bands since gaining fame on the scene and will long be remembered.


Heavy metal music has traditionally been associated with masculinity; however, the genre also earned itself an unfair reputation for violence and aggression. Thrash metal gained fame during the 1980s thanks to bands such as Motley Crue and Metallica; since then groove metal and nu metal have expanded further with more contemporary sounds inspired by hip hop and punk music genres.

While these new trends may appear fanciful or outrageous, they’re all part of the genre’s ongoing development. Additionally, streaming platforms have allowed artists to reach wider audiences than ever before – increasing metalhead numbers rapidly while women increasingly becoming interested in metal music as a genre.

Death metal fans were once predominantly male; however, that trend has begun to shift with more women joining metal bands like Girlschool and Delain; also more female singers have emerged in power and symphonic metal acts.

Cannibal Corpse have released an album that should satisfy every metalhead. Violence Unimagined is an intense blood-soaked masterpiece which will satisfy even the hardest death metal fan. Primordial Arcana had more unifying themes; Violence Unimagined features more identifiable ones. While their trademark gloomy atmosphere still pervades this work, less harsh sunlight glare has caused less melting on barren trees limbs.


Heavy metal has seen numerous collaborations over time, some more successful than others in terms of shaping new sounds or maintaining core elements of its identity. Many collaborations have also served to revitalize and increase popularity for this genre; during the 1980s alone it saw many collaborations that helped establish new sounds while others worked more to preserve what makes heavy metal what it is today. Heavy metal became particularly prevalent during this period with bands like Metallica, Anthrax, Slayer pioneering aggressive forms while Bon Jovi and Whitesnake played more mainstream versions.

On this album, the band broadens their musical palette by adding brass and kettle drums to their arsenal of sounds, producing an album which is both more approachable and intense than previous releases – it should not be missed by heavy metal fans!

This album stands out as not only one of the heaviest releases in 2021 but also among its most complex and meaningful ones. An epic in its scope, this record can shift emotions between melancholy loneliness and frustrated rage and back again with ease. Furthermore, its catchy riffs combine powerful tones with menacing growls for an experience unlike any other; furthermore its vocals feature both emotional angst-ridden growls as well as melodic passages.


Heavy metal music has often been accused of encouraging aggressive and antisocial behaviors, drug use, and suicidal thoughts in young people. Yet these accusations are largely based on correlational studies which cannot establish causal links. Furthermore, many metal bands have included elements from rock and blues music in order to reach wider audiences – Alice Cooper used shock rock aesthetics while Kiss employed flashy guitar leads. All these changes helped reduce stigma associated with heavy metal music while increasing its popularity.

Metal bands have adopted chord progressions and figuration styles from baroque music in order to demonstrate technical mastery, drawing heavily from it for inspiration. Furthermore, this genre has garnered the interest of women and girls who enjoy its heavy music as a form of rebellion against social norms – often linked with sexuality. Unfortunately, however, negative attitudes toward metal music continue to exist among some members of society and mental health practitioners; such attitudes have even been shown to affect diagnostic decisions when working in mental health environments.

Ruins Of Beverast’s latest release, The Thule Grimoires is an introspective black metal album which delves deep into their more subdued and doomy territories. While still featuring classic black metal elements like tremolo picking and atmospheric depth – making this record essential listening for fans of the genre.

Social Presence

Heavy metal music has made an immense mark on culture and society, although some associate it with negative connotations. Studies have demonstrated its positive therapeutic qualities for stress reduction. Furthermore, this genre has its own culture and community of dedicated fans that attend concerts to celebrate this genre together. Despite being shrugged off by mainstream media as dispensable or irrelevant to mainstream society at times, metal has proven its resilience by challenging stereotypes through accepting diversity while encouraging personal expression.

While it can be hard to win new fans of heavy metal music, there are ways your band can stand out from its competition and increase audience size. One strategy would be collaborating with other artists in creating an unforgettable experience for audience members; this will make your band memorable and help grow its following.

Use social media to spread the word about your album release and increase visibility and sales. Furthermore, share videos of concert performances online in order to attract a wider audience.

The debut album by this Texan solo musician may not seem suitable for Active Rock radio, but its charm and gritty texture makes for an enjoyable listen. The otherworldly character of the record comes from layering different articulations styles and pitch ranges: whispers, growls and screams all find their place within this collection of sound.