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Are You Just Beginning or Need an Electric Bass Guitar for Gigging Career? Look No Further: Ibanez Has Four String Electric Basses to Keep You Groovin All Night Long

Ibanez’s SR series basses feature 24 frets on thin necks with various setup options available to them. Furthermore, beginners can start out on this journey with Ibanez offering an instrument with 30″ scale as a starting point.

Body & Neck

Ibanez basses are expertly designed and constructed, boasting an extensive variety of features to meet any musician’s needs. Boasting both traditional and cutting-edge designs – comfortable body shapes with fast necks as well as wide tonal range that spans deep growling lows to crisp highs – Ibanez bass guitars make an excellent choice for any musical genre or genre. Their multiple finishes come complete with both humbuckers and single coil pickup configurations for optimal playback experience.

Ibanez bass guitars are organized into various production series based on their physical form and build parameters, including exotic tonewoods, an array of controls to customize their sound, 4/5 string setup options, etc. As one example, their SR Premium series provides bass players with plenty of choices that include exotic woods for aesthetic reasons and 4/5 string setup options.

Ibanez bass guitars from its RB and SR series have long been among its most sought-after products, serving as part of its lineup for over three decades. The latter series’ design was intended to combine subtle curves with ultra-fast playability; its necks feature thin profiles while fretboards include 22 or 24 frets for two octaves frets (two octaves).

While Ibanez RB basses remain popular choices among musicians, many prefer the versatile SR series models due to their wide variety of electronics and pickups that suit various musical styles. These instruments make the ideal companions for gigging musicians as well as recording enthusiasts.

Other popular models from the SR and RB series include the Radius series, known for its lightweight aerofoil basswood bodies. Joe Satriani popularly endorsed these basses before going on to design his own signature model (JS signature model).

Ibanez’s revolutionary late 1970s bass series known as the IC Series featured an ultra-thin double cutaway body and distinct ‘half vine’ fretboard inlays for frets 2 and 6. Additionally, this bass was equipped with edge tremolo and was immensely popular with metal musicians, particularly Thundercat and Fieldy from Korn who both used Ibanez basses extensively in their compositions and shows just what range of tones can be accomplished with Ibanez instruments.


Ibanez bass guitars are widely revered for their innovative electronics that allow bassists to customize and enhance their tone. Most models boast either active or passive pickups for providing you with the range of sound required for any genre, while many models also include various control knobs and switches to customize your tone; their SR series models boast 2-octave fingerboards, slim necks, and locking tremolo bridges for expanded sonic possibilities for any bassist.

Ibanez offers various bass series designed to meet different musical styles and budgets. Their SR Gio series provides entry-level basses that deliver classic Ibanez sleekness and playability at more budget friendly price points – an excellent option for beginning bassists as well as experienced ones looking for second instruments for gigging or recording sessions.

Other Ibanez bass series popular among bassists include the RB and BTB lines. The former has been around for 30 years and continues to dazzle players with its sleek design, lightweight body, and versatile electronics; while BTB features larger bodies with extended horns that are particularly well suited to progressive rock bassists.

Ibanez offers an impressive selection of solid body and semi-hollowbody bass guitar models that will meet all your traditional bass playing needs, with their ST and CN series providing vintage aesthetics while their Artcore and Vortex series offer more contemporary designs suitable for jazz or contemporary genres.

Ibanez’s approach to their acoustic guitars is “modernity meets tradition”, and this philosophy applies equally well to their acoustic bass guitars. These versatile and inspirational instruments will fit right in with any musical setting!


Bass guitars are often the heart and soul of band music, and Ibanez makes every bass to provide thundering lows, crisp highs, and everything in between. Their instruments feature powerful pickups, fast necks, and practical body shapes designed to fit comfortably in almost anyone’s hands.

Ibanez offers a diverse selection of bass guitars designed to meet all styles and skill levels. Beginners will appreciate easy to play models like the SR200E 4-String Electric Bass while experienced players may prefer something like the RBX305E 5-String Rhythm Electric Bass Guitar. In addition, these signature models were designed by popular musicians, including jazz/R&B artists Gerald Veasley and Sharlee D’Angelo as well as metal bassist Mike D’Antonio of Killswitch Engage).

Ibanez’s flagship guitar series is the RG Series. These exquisite instruments are handmade by some of Japan’s top luthiers and feature cutting-edge features like DiMarzio Air Norton and True Velvet high output pickups, Edge Zero Tremolo systems and ebony fingerboards with Tree of Life fret board inlays – among many others.

Ibanez has long been known for their iconic bass guitars. Their SR Gio series, introduced thirty years ago, offers all these features at a more reasonable price point. These bass guitars use all the same hardware and electronics found on its more expensive models but feature slightly smaller bodies to make handling them easier for most players.

Ibanez’s Bass Workshop series gives its technicians and luthiers the freedom to express themselves creatively by designing distinctive bass guitars that stand out from the competition. These basses might feature hollow bodies, unique tonewood combinations or multiscale capabilities; regardless, these instruments make an excellent choice for players who wish to express themselves creatively through style and sound.


Ibanez basses are beloved instruments among bassists of all genres and skill levels. Their wide selection of models makes sure there’s one for any budget or style, and Ibanez has long been revered for its quality, comfort, and long lasting design.

Ibanez’s design philosophy centers around pushing convention and exploring innovative new sonic textures for their instruments. This can be seen in their acoustic bass collection which showcases innovative instruments perfect for any musical setting and designed in their Fujigen Prestige and SR Premium Series factories using top-of-the-line components.

Bassists of all levels revere Ibanez guitars for their reliability, versatility and top-quality build. Crafted with premium tonewoods to produce warm yet deep tones – some even feature endorsement from legendary bassists such as Thundercat from Killswitch Engage or Mike D’Antonio from Killswitch Engage!

Ibanez basses provide you with many pickup configuration options to create your own distinctive bass sound, as well as other tonal shaping controls like balance and 3-band EQ controls for further personalizing their tone and perfecting their tone for any genre of music.

Ibanez may be best known for their metal basses, but they also manufacture acoustic bass guitars with beautiful offset bodies and distinct aesthetics that stand out in any performance space. Additionally, these basses come equipped with premium hardware including Gotoh tuners and an acoustic piezo pickup system which produces full sound with plenty of dynamic response.

Are you in search of an economical bass? Consider Ibanez GIO series bass guitars as they provide value-minded musicians with access to iconic Ibanez brand at an attractive price. Built with premium tonewoods and top-of-the-line electronics, these basses will give you professional-grade quality without busting your budget – perfect for beginners just starting out or those in need of second bass for hard gigging situations.