Korean R&B Music Artists

R&B music has taken hold in South Korea, thanks to artists like Crush and Zion T, both relatively unknown when they first made an impactful debut a few years ago. These musicians are helping drive this genre forward.

Their music harkens back to Seo Taiji and Boys’ 1992 performance on a competition TV show that heralded a new era of Korean hip-hop; yet many homegrown artists choose not to pursue fame.

Lee Hi

Lee Hi, best known by her stage name SuPearls before leaving to pursue solo artistry as Lee Hi, is a South Korean singer-songwriter who was the runner up on SBS TV show K-pop Star 1 (2012) and debuted as an individual artist through digital single ‘1, 2, 3, 4’ released in 2013. Since leaving SuPearls she is signed with Jay Park’s label AOMG.

Lee’s new album ‘4 ONLY’ marks a return to the soulful R&B that defined her debut. Her opening track ‘Safety Zone’ showcases her ability to transition seamlessly from melodic vocals and rap-like bridges, creating an unforgettable soundscape which recalls artists that inspired her as a child. Furthermore, its accompanying video depicting Lee’s bedroom further amplifies this melancholic tone of nostalgia and melancholyness.

This album also boasts an exceptional collaboration between rapper and producer pH-1 and singer Yerin Baek, featuring her emotive vocals paired with pH-1’s powerful flow on “H.S.K.T”, as the duo sing about an emotionally complicated relationship (“It’s hard to find someone like you”). Furthermore, the track includes a unique take on the classic childhood rhyme which allows Lee Hi’s lower register to shine brighter than ever.

The album’s final tracks explore more romantic sentiments. ‘Darling’ captures their intense passion with lyrics that emphasize their close bond while its melody is enhanced by acoustic instrumentation and Lee Hi’s deep voice creating unmistakable sensuality. Another highlight is ‘Intentions’ which blends blues elements with acoustic instruments into an impactful and captivating tune, made even more captivating by Lee Hi’s passionate and sensual vocal performance that elevates it beyond mere mere musicality!


OffonOff is a duo composed of Seo Jiho (known as 0Channel and Colde), who first debuted their music on SoundCloud before signing to YG Entertainment’s independent sub-label HIGHGRND in 2016. Their songs combine both power and emotional depth; some popular tracks include “Cigarette (Feat. Tablo MISO), Photograph, and Moon 12:04am”.

Even though they share links to Club Eskimo Crew, the duo has developed its own distinct style of R&B music. On their debut album ‘Boy’ they offer smooth vocal performances alongside relaxing instrumentals and jazz/neo-soul influences to set themselves apart. Although at times cliched traps arise in this album it remains engaging listening experience.

Offonoff’s music stands out in part by how it uses video to send a message. For instance, their “cum (dance)” music video features foreign bodies dancing in the streets as an allusion to Korean music’s tendency of depicting social and personal struggles of its artists.

Offonoff has collaborated with an array of musicians over their career. “Good2me” features South Korean rapper Punchnello who adds an exciting, lively element to the track; their collaboration with Rad Museum on “One Last Breath” was particularly moving and beautiful, showing that R&B music can bridge cultures while at the same time helping heal hurt hearts who have experienced loss in life.


Heize is a South Korean rapper and singer-songwriter with an immense following, both locally and internationally. Her distinctive sound draws influence from R&B, hip hop, as well as other genres – with two EPs, one full-length studio album, several music videos and several single releases such as Wish and Wind (a beautiful R&B track that explores love and loss) being her latest release. Heize’s deep connection to nature can be felt throughout her music; in turn, her soft yet delicate voice mesmerizes her listeners!

K-RnB music has seen steady rise over recent years. Combining elements from K-pop with traditional Korean music and featuring both modern and acoustic instruments, it features soulful melodies with emotive lyrics crafted by artists such as Crush Dean Zion.T.

DVWN made his solo debut as an artist in 2018. DVWN quickly rose to fame thanks to his captivating vocals and catchy tracks; Fairy and Phobia alone have amassed over 16 million streams on Spotify alone! Additionally, he has worked alongside Crush, Colde, and Junny – three acclaimed names who also provide contributions on Spotify.

Korean songs often combine pop, rock and hip-hop elements with R&B influences; therefore it is essential that listeners distinguish R&B from other genres when categorizing music. Songs featuring some R&B elements should be marked “K-R&B,” not “K-Pop.” This allows listeners to find what they are searching for more easily. Although differences between K-R&B and K-Pop may seem subtle at first glance, using appropriate tags will enable you to discover some great R&B songs Korean.

Sam Kim

Sam Kim, an R&B singer best known by her stage name in K-R&B music industry has made quite an impression. Beginning her career as part of Amourette before joining AOMG record label founded by Jay Park. Some of her most acclaimed songs are Adios, You Clouds Rain Amazing as well as her melodic voice which has attracted international fans – her songs also made their way onto several Korean dramas such as Goblin (2021).

K-R&B music videos tend to depict how humans feel inside rather than featuring dancing choreography, with videos often featuring mini dramas or modern art films that explore what these emotions look like onscreen. Monochrome cinematography works particularly well when depicting its soothing, retro vibe while pops of colour add an upbeat edge.

K-R&B artists enjoy greater artistic liberty when writing lyrics than other genres of music, allowing for more candid messages to come through in their music. BIBI uses her voice to protest body objectification while Lee Hi’s soulful rendition of self-love can be found in her song HOLO. Furthermore, their use of rapping ranges from hip hop beats to an asymmetrical freestyle rapping all within an elegant production framework.

DEAN is an award-winning K-R&B artist who has released multiple critically-acclaimed songs. An expert at blending various musical elements to craft experimental tunes, with distinctive vocals that stand out. Collaborations include Korean and Western artists like Zico, Crush and Anderson Paak – and his discography displays his wide musical taste.

Jimmy Brown

Jimmy Brown is an indie R&B artist from Korea making waves in the music industry. A singer/songwriter who attempts to capture emotions such as love in his songs, Jimmy is heavily influenced by R&B icons Chris Brown and Kanye West; his debut EP album “Luv-fi” was met with critical acclaim, garnering widespread fan following for each track released from it.

“If” by Nick Haines explores the feelings associated with falling in love and its pain. Additionally, he shares his experiences and hopes for future love relationships – it’s an emotionally moving tune sure to touch you deeply.

K-R&B has seen rapid growth thanks to Western artists. This genre fuses elements of traditional rhythm and blues music with other international genres to produce an eclectic sound that accurately represents Korean culture.

DVWN, who has garnered widespread acclaim for both vocals and songwriting skills. He has been featured in multiple music videos, amassing over 16 million streams on Spotify alone – his songs provide ideal study accompaniment as they feature slow guitar strumming accompanied by soothing vocals for relaxation and study time.

He has also worked alongside other well-known Korean musicians, such as BTS’s Jimin and Red Velvet’s Wendy. Despite his young age, he possesses an in-depth knowledge of the music industry and remains confident that he will achieve his goals; no matter the challenge that may present itself; and has vowed to continue chasing after his dreams no matter the obstacles that may come his way. Taking note that success takes time but working hard enough will eventually result in success he believes success awaits any artist working hard enough.