Top 5 Guitar Chords Songs For Beginners

When playing chords, use the frets closest to your fingers in order to produce more clear and distinct sound. Also make sure your 3rd finger stretches out so it doesn’t become too close to the string and muffle it – this will help make the sound clearer and crisper.

Wild Thing by The Troggs would make any list of easy guitar songs complete, featuring an accessible 1-4-5 chord progression.

Mary Jane’s Last Dance by Tom Petty

This Tom Petty tune makes an excellent introduction to guitar chords for beginning guitarists as it utilizes only two initial chords: G and C. Additionally, its catchy rhythm provides a good opportunity to practice strumming techniques.

“Wonderwall” by Oasis is another wonderful choice that requires only five chords: A, B, D, F and E minor. Learning this song will not only be entertaining and educational; it can help build finger strength for when strumming-heavy songs arise!

Many simple guitar chord songs use open chords, which are among the easiest chords to learn and play. For a more challenging song that utilizes these chords, check out “Chasing Cars” by Train; while more difficult due to having to pick out chord shapes rather than strumming them, once mastered it’ll pay dividends! Plus it makes for an uptempo rock tune sure to wow audiences everywhere!

Wonderwall by Oasis

Wonderwall was one of the most iconic songs from the 90’s, making it an essential component of any acoustic guitarist’s playlist. Its easy strumming pattern and open chords provide a great foundation for beginners.

Wonderwall tells the tale of an introverted scientist who encounters Jane Birkin (his neighbour’s girlfriend). To get closer, he begins drilling holes into Jane Birkin’s wall in order to spy on her more closely and break in through any openings that arises in order to access her privacy and see who may be lurking there.

This song uses G, C and D chords – popular beginner chords. They also can be found in many other songs so learning them will help you play many more songs later. Please be mindful that mastering these chords takes practice but once mastered they will prove extremely valuable in your guitar playing! So persevere until they become part of your guitar arsenal!

When I Come Around by Green Day

This song provides an ideal beginner chord progression to help develop strumming skills, as well as practicing switching between various open chord types (C, G and D).

Green Day’s debut major label album Dookie contains this track from lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong about their long distance relationship and when Billie Joe had to travel and be separated due to touring commitments.

Beginner guitarists should concentrate first on learning the natural notes of each string before trying anything more complex. Once familiar with all of their names, learners can begin studying chord shapes for each string – remember that all chords fall into either major or minor categories; power chords don’t contain thirds and can therefore be used wherever a major or minor chord would normally be appropriate.

Buddy Holly by Weezer

Buddy Holly encapsulates the powerful pop that propelled Weezer into one of the most influential bands of the 1990s. Lead singer Rivers Cuomo masterfully wrote perfect pop songs, reaching heights few have reached since. This classic track from their debut album Weezer (The Blue Album).

Spike Jonze won four MTV Awards for the music video for this song in 1995. Al Molinaro who played Fonzie’s boss on Happy Days made a cameo appearance and used footage from Happy Days show to set Arnold’s Drive-In as its location.

The lyrics feature Mary Tyler Moore as the subject of Weezer’s classic tune Mary Tyler Moore from 1955. It serves as a nostalgic ode to rock ‘n’ roll history and the end of an era, while also showing Weezer’s signature geek humor and introspective nature that set them apart from other bands who focused more on growing long hair or appearing grungy at that time.