Love Love Love Instrumental

Love love love instrumental is living proof that regardless of musical trends, love songs remain ever-relevant and evergreen. From 1950s romantic ballads to today’s club jams, love songs have endured throughout time on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.

Many listeners enjoy instrumental music as it allows them to focus solely on the melody without lyrics or vocals to divert their attention from it. Yet lyrics still play an integral role in certain forms of music.

It’s a horn raiser

This song embodies everything you could want from an outstanding rock track: from its unforgettable riff, its funky groove and livelier band; all the way down to Motown staff arranger Paul Riser who wrote its instantly recognizable brass melody, complete with instrumentation of trumpets, trombones and saxophones as a memorable hook for radio DJs to play it. But none of that was responsible for its fame; nor was it its creators (Marvin Gaye, Cliff Nobles and Ivy Hunter); nope… neither was this song famous; nor were its creators (Marvin Gaye, Cliff Nobles and Ivy Hunter). Motown staff arranger Paul Riser was responsible; neither was anyone involved; instead Motown staff arranger Paul Riser was. Paul Riser wrote its instantly-recognable brass melody that made radio DJs play this track often. Paul Riser was truly master of his craft, creating musical hooks that radio DJs would play them more often by creating instrumental lines that radio disc jockeys.

This incredible instrumental was missing vocals, yet that didn’t prevent it from reaching the top of the charts and becoming one of the biggest hits of its time. From its opening bars through vocals and an infectious riff back into play again – this track rocked.

It’s a party starter

Love songs with instrumental accompaniment make an excellent dance floor playlist, providing guests with plenty of energy and enthusiasm to hit the dance floor and show their moves. Their timeless quality can only add romanticism to an already special momentous occasion; from classic rock classics to current hits you are sure to find an instrumental song or two for your wedding that your guests and parents alike will thank you for including.

One of the most beloved instrumental love songs is Bryan Adams’ international chart-topper from 1991, “One Love”. This acoustic rendition can serve as the perfect tune for your ceremony or first dance; and you and your spouse will cherish its melancholic beauty always.

Savage Garden’s hit from their 2008 album Only by the Night is another popular love song and ideal for slow dance moments with your partner. Its soft ballad nature and sweet lyrics will bring tears to your eyes; and also works great as cocktail hour music or romantic dinner background music.

It’s a groovy groove

LOVE!HUG!GROOVY!! is the theme song for the mobile game D4DJ Groovy Mix, composed by Happy Around! and Peaky P-key from D4DJ ALL STARS’ Type:L, Merm4id from Photon Maiden and Lyrical Lily’s Type:H from D4DJ ALL STARS Types H and G and included as an album track from D4DJ D4 FES.

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