MAGIX Music Maker Hip Hop Edition 6

MAGIX Music Maker Hip Hop Edition 6 is one of the most sought-after Audio Production games around, and requires both an adequate processor and GPU in order to run smoothly at HD settings.

Hip Hop Edition contains everything you need for song production: from catchy rap beats to atmospheric piano sounds.


MAGIX Music Maker Hip Hop Edition 6 was published and developed by MAGIX Software GmbH for Windows systems on 30 March 2015 and requires a powerful CPU with the capacity of handling audio/visual processing without lagging; an adequate GPU will render textures, effects and more without issues; finally you will need at least 2 GB of RAM installed for seamless game operation and non-lagged processes.

With more than 1,000 brand new sounds, loops, and audio effects your PC becomes a hip hop production studio. Combine phat 808 style drum loops with dark piano samples and make heads turn with your flow! The Hip Hop Edition contains everything necessary for producing your own rap songs.

Build tracks using loops and create beats by dragging and dropping instruments onto the timeline. Select from an extensive range of instruments spanning pop, rock, dance and hip hop music styles for inspiration when choosing instruments to drg&drop onto the timeline. With an intuitive interface for easy melodies creation and recording vocal rap vocals. Plus use built-in music editor’s effects such as reverb/delay for authentic sound creation!

MUSIC MAKER PREMIUM provides you with all the tools to turn your computer into a professional music production studio. The Hip Hop Edition provides access to vocal distortion and compression effects, perfect for recording raps. Use the Rhythm Editor to craft beats that will get heads bobbing.

MUSIC MAKER PREMIUM offers over 30 software instruments to choose from, such as the Drum Engine for creating intricate beats, the Urban Drums Kit for hard hip-hop and dubstep beats or Orchestral Ensemble’s brachial one-shot samples with strings and winds. Furthermore, recording your voice for use as part of productions or selecting appropriate samples using Soundpools are additional ways you can personalise productions to match melody and mood of songs you create.


This popular music editor now comes equipped with over 1,000 brand-new sounds and loops specifically tailored for hip hop music. Your computer becomes a virtual recording studio complete with record function and mixer; giving you everything needed to compose hip hop songs filled with sound effects and contemporary beats.

MAGIX Music Maker also boasts an expansive library of audio samples that you can use to personalize your tracks, as well as drum machines for creating beats. Furthermore, this program includes various reverb and echo effects to add that final flourish to your tunes.

Use the built-in rap lyrics and vocal recordings to quickly compose a complete song in no time. Doing this allows you to add your own personality and give each track its own distinctive flavor. Furthermore, using the software’s mixing console you can apply different effects such as amplifying or distorting vocal recordings for more aggressive or distinctive tracks.

Hip Hop Soundpools make producing beats that will turn heads easy. Use them to become the next big rapper and impress your friends! Take advantage of all of the instruments included to craft tracks with drums, bassline guitar, keyboards and catchy melodies from one of the sample libraries while fine-tuning it using various effects for maximum impact!

As well as producing original songs, you can also experiment with the built-in sound library and test out new effects to hone your music production skills and upload your creations directly onto social media platforms like Facebook or YouTube.

MAGIX Music Maker’s user interface is very straightforward and user-friendly, making it an excellent option for beginners looking to compose hip hop songs themselves. Plus, its lightweight nature means it won’t occupy too much of your PC’s resources; making MAGIX Music Maker usable on almost any system; although for optimal results use a PC with high-quality graphics card.

Mixing console

MAGIX Music Maker Hip Hop 6 Steam Edition was published by MAGIX Software GmbH and released for purchase on 30 Mar 2015. This Audio Production game supports multiple languages in-game such as English, French, Italian and German as well as Spanish (Spain). Furthermore it can be controlled using either keyboard or mouse input.

This game provides a range of tools and features for creating songs, such as a virtual mixing console with unlimited tracks that can be used to record vocals or instruments; sound clips and loops imported via CD can also be integrated into the mix; finally it offers microphone recording capability so rap and singing performances can also be recorded directly onto one track.

Compression, reverberation and distortion effects can also be added to a mix. Furthermore, this software features a MIDI editor which can help edit properties of a MIDI track as well as edit pitch changes and velocity/accent adjustments of notes within its framework. Furthermore, users have access to multiple drum kits which can be customized according to any beat style imaginable.

Finally, the game allows users to export their creations in common file formats like MP3 and WAV, making their work accessible to others or uploading it online for public consumption. Its easy interface makes this suitable for novice producers as well as experienced ones to craft various genres of music.

MAGIX Music Maker Hip Hop Edition is an excellent option for any aspiring hip-hop artist, providing them with access to an extensive set of tools and effects that enable them to quickly produce high-quality Hip-hop tracks. With an intuitive interface that even novices can use easily, this powerful editing toolbox will surely meet the demands of modern music producers.

To run MAGIX Music Maker Hip Hop Edition 6, a high-powered PC with the recommended system requirements will ensure an uninterrupted high resolution experience. For optimal performance, an Intel Pentium 4 1500MHz processor should provide plenty of power for running this demanding game as well as other apps without any trouble or performance degradation.

Lyrics editor

MAGIX Music Maker Hip Hop Edition 6 offers everything you need to craft songs, experimental beats and exciting soundtracks on your own. This software program includes over 1,000 sounds and loops from popular instruments as well as vintage ones – not forgetting its flexible studio reverb effect which simulates various acoustic spaces to improve vocals!

Use the drum machine included with this kit to produce heavy beats to accompany raps or vocal recordings, easily adjust its rhythm with its mixer for perfect compatibility with your flow, add pitch shifting/distortion effects to give songs their unique sound, or use effects like pitch-shifting/distortion to give songs that special sound.

Writing raps may be challenging at first, but with practice your skills will soon advance. Listening to more rappers’ music may provide fresh ideas and inspiration; typically rappers use similar rhythm and rhyme schemes in both choruses and verses of their songs; however you can experiment by changing this arrangement for your songs to add an intriguing soundscape.

Recording can be as effortless as writing lyrics: simply plug your microphone in to instantly record or connect an instrument/MIDI keyboard for professional studio quality recordings. A wide array of professional effects – chorus, echos and wah-wahs – allows you to transform both your voice and the track itself.

MAGIX Music Maker Hip Hop Edition, developed and published by MAGIX Software GmbH, was released for playback on Windows systems on 30 March 2015 and supports six languages such as English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish (Spain). Minimum system requirements include 1GHz processor speed, 512MB of RAM memory and an adequate graphics card capable of supporting at least 720p resolution resolution – free-to-play with an expansive community of players!