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Pictures from Home, a play about parental flaws and family legacy, premiered on Broadway this winter with Nathan Lane, Danny Burstein and Zoe Wanamaker in its cast and written by Sharr White; Bartlett Sher directed.

Larry Sultan’s memoir features wall projections of vintage stills and childhood home movies taken during his upbringing by Irving and Jean Sultan; these images combine with photos taken of them to form an engaging drama with comic and dramatic elements by Sher.


Picture from Home is a funny and touching tale about a mother, father and their son whose photographic legacy documents their lives. Based on Larry Sultan’s photo memoir and narrated by Broadway stage eminences Nathan Lane and Zoe Wanamaker. The play features many of Sultan’s moving photographs projected onto an entire blank wall behind them – each photo being filled with sensitive vibrancy that brings back memories of childhood, parenthood and familial relationships.

It’s an emotional story about our collective struggle to balance personal ambition with family obligations – but also about the sacrifice required in achieving our dreams. A tale both universal and personal worth seeing!

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Pictures From Home is an award-winning theatrical adaptation of Larry Sultan’s photo memoir and will open this week at Studio 54 on Broadway, written and directed by Sharr White (The Snow Geese and Annapurna) under Bartlett Sher’s direction, starring Nathan Lane, Danny Burstein, and Zoe Wanamaker.

Picture From Home follows renowned photographer Larry Sultan as he attempts to photograph his parents, showing how their outward appearance may conceal more dark realities than anticipated. His project shows us the discontent buried deep behind their facade of perfection and material success.

This play, adapted from Sultan’s 1992 photo memoir, examines how subjective interpretation plays into our interpretations of images, our interpretation of others lives, and whether or not reconciliation between individuals can occur.

The production features photos taken directly from Sultan’s book as well as archived footage from their past. The cast features experienced stage and screen actors such as Tony Award-winner Nathan Lane from Broadway shows such as Angels in America and Only the Brave; Zoe Wanamaker and Danny Burstein are also notable actors with several stage and screen credits under their belts.

Although the story of this family may appear distant to many people, its themes – including their struggle to balance art with life – remain universal. Audiences will find much to resonate with in this play which portrays family conflict through an artistic medium that will resonate deeply.

Pictures From Home is currently making its Broadway premiere at Studio 54, beginning its previews January 13 and officially opening February 9. Tickets are on sale now; for more information visit their website.


Nathan Lane, Danny Burstein and Zoe Wanamaker will make a triumphant return to theater audiences this January in Pictures From Home – a new Broadway adaptation of Larry Sultan’s 1992 photo memoir of the same name adapted for stage by Sharr White (The Other Place, Annapurna). Set for opening on February 9th 2023 at Studio 54 (formerly Studio 54 Club), directed by Tony-winning director Bartlett Sher (South Pacific and To Kill A Mockingbird). Set design by Michael Yeargan and costume by Jennifer Moeller complete the creative team behind this production.

The play opens in the 1980s when photographer Sultan began photographing and documenting his parents to uncover any dark secrets lurking under their pleasant appearance and disprove any false ideas of the ideal American nuclear family. White then brought these portraits of their everyday lives and relationships into vivid theatrical form with an all-star cast.

As part of the production, real-life relatives appear in original photos and interview recordings, providing insights into characters and events depicted. Sometimes they even talk directly to the audience offering insight into these parts of the show that explore themes such as adultery, addiction, and death. This technique adds depth and urgency to this compelling tale which explores themes like adultery, addiction, and death.

Sultan himself, who passed away in 2009, was an actor-photographer whose images employed theatrical conventions. They combined staged documentary imagery with meditations by both himself and his parents that explored biographical detail while also depicting familial dynamics. The show uses similar elements to recreate this domestic drama’s tension and drama.

Sher reunites with both Lane and Wanamaker from previous musicals he directed together, Awake and Sing! and Loot respectively. Additionally, Sher will direct Burstein who he has collaborated on several musicals together – this talented cast will surely make Picture From Home one of the hottest Broadway shows of 2023!


Pictures From Home is an outstanding Broadway production you should see this January in New York. Its wonderful drama has received rave reviews from both critics and audiences worldwide; featuring Nathan Lane, Danny Burstein, and Zoe Wanamaker among its cast.

This production is inspired by photographer Larry Sultan’s 1992 visual memoir about his aging parents and has been adapted for the stage by Sharr White. Under Bartlett Sher’s direction and featuring an ensemble cast, Studio 54 comes alive as the production unfolds with set and costume design that creates both familiarity and otherworldliness.

Sher uses wall-size projections of vintage stills and home movies from his childhood as well as photographs that Sultan took of his parents during their decade together in California to reimagine their lives for us. Furthermore, his mix of spoken and written dialogue reveals their often contentious relationship while simultaneously depicting its dramaturgy for us all to enjoy.

But this combination of styles, genres, and mediums leaves the play somewhat disjointed. Its time-spanning memory-based structure seems to repeat discoveries scene to scene across its hour and 45 minute runtime; audiences may become confused or distracted from its story arc; even if Burstein, Lane and Wanamaker’s performances were impressive they cannot compensate for its lack of dramatic momentum.

Though long, this production manages to pack in plenty of laughs and emotional scenes that will resonate with many in its audience. Not every character’s tale may be completely relatable, but their stories may resonate strongly.

Pictures From Home is located at Studio 54 theatre on 254 West 54th Street in Manhattan. Once one of New York City’s premier nightclubs, Studio 54 now serves as one of the city’s premiere Broadway theatres. Although not produced by Roundabout Theatre Company directly, their space can be rented out by them for other shows as needed.

Nathan Lane and Zoe Wanamaker, two Tony winners who are seasoned performers. Both actors have won multiple awards, such as nominations for best actress in a musical and best supporting actor in a musical. These actors have also appeared in other productions on both sides of the Atlantic.