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Smooth Operator, with its sophisticated blend of lounge music, erotic mood music, and sensual vocals made a significant mark on music history. Its sophisticated production and sensual sound influenced artists of multiple generations – even early 21st century Dido!

This song tells the tale of an elegant fraud who operates within high society circles, seducing women before breaking their hearts. An extended video over eight minutes shows this criminal fleeing police by leaping from rooftop to rooftop in order to stay under cover.


Sade was an English band with roots in London that recorded “Smooth Operator”, an iconic song about an engaging con man operating within high social circles. Additionally, its lyrics express desire to find someone to accept his playboy lifestyle while its music combines jazz, soul and R&B influences to create an unnerving yet sensuous ambience.

This track was the band’s breakout hit in America and cemented their global standing. Released as the second single from Diamond Life album, it peaked at #5 on US charts. Considered an icon of 1980s music culture, its sophisticated production and sensual sound have since influenced numerous artists worldwide.

Sade was a band formed in 1982 by Helen Folasade Adu and taking their name from part of her real name. Their debut album Diamond Life was released later that same year and proved a commercial success, producing three top 20 UK charts hits such as “Your Love is King” and “Smooth Operator.”

“Smooth Operator” is an iconic mood music composition, featuring elements from jazz, soul, and R&B genres. Sade’s sensuous vocals are perfectly complimented by saxophone and piano playing to add smooth sound of song. Lyrical content of song has been interpreted differently but overall tone remains one of seduction and mystery.

The video for “Lay It on Me” emphasizes this idea by featuring actor Michael Feast as a professional con-man who cheats on Sade with a waitress from a nightclub. One scene shows him showing a gun to an interested customer; in another he attempts to escape police capture by hiding behind nightclub equipment before eventually falling from an adjoining building roof and meeting his end.


Smooth Operator from Sade’s 1984 album Diamond Life became an international hit and helped establish their global status as an act. Today, its sophisticated production and sensual sound continue to inspire many artists who continue listening today.

The song’s lyrics paint a picture of a man living his life on the go and always searching for his next conquest. While possessing suave charm and polite manners, his heart lies cold and wicked; though his angelic eyes can sometimes win hearts over, his true intention lies within pleasure seeking and traveling abroad to exotic locales with multiple women as companions.

Sade may be best known for their sensuous vocals, but their eclectic musical style combines jazz, soul, and R&B for an inimitable sound that stands them out among other bands of their time. Each member of Sade is an accomplished musician whose music exudes emotion.

Named for Helen Folasade Adu’s last name and meaning “sweet”, their group’s name embodies their Nigerian and British upbringing simultaneously. The band name plays on this word that means sweet.

Adu and Ray St. John had written “Rumour Has It,” while still members of Pride. While living in London, they recorded rough demo tapes of these songs that they shared with producer Robin Millar; who saw potential in the band and helped launch its career.

Smooth Operator is a blend of jazz and soul music with elements of funk and R&B. The song features a horn section, keyboards and percussion that create an irresistibly sensual rhythm; particularly noticeable is the saxophone’s soothing tones that complement those from keyboards and percussion.

This song’s lyrics are memorable and sophisticated, while the musical arrangement is equally seductive. Stuart Matthewman of the band is responsible for creating its unique sound – music by them has survived over time to remain on radio playlists today.


Sade sings the music video for Smooth Operator to depict an alluring and mysterious figure, depicting him as a playboy who understands how to treat women right while always on the move. With its blend of jazz, soul, and R&B elements creating a sophisticated yet seductive atmosphere for over 30 years – audiences have been mesmerized.

Sade’s lead singer Helen Adu co-wrote “Reach Out to You,” along with Ray St. John from her previous band Pride. They recorded it as a demo track and it eventually brought international prominence for Sade – making this song one of the most iconic hits from the 1980s that is still played on radio stations today!

Julien Temple directed the video for Sade’s single. It features her singing in a nightclub as shady deals are struck and plays out – creating a moody and sensual work, exploring themes of deception and betrayal – becoming a classic of 1980s music and inspiring numerous artists ever since its release.

Smooth Operator, despite its cold-hearted lyrics, remains at heart a love song. This hit single from Coldplay reached number five in the UK charts and became their first top-10 single in America – not to mention toping adult contemporary radio’s chart for two weeks!

The song became an instantaneous hit and led to more hits for them in subsequent releases of multi-platinum albums: Diamond Life and Promise. Furthermore, the band became widely recognized for their smooth yet sensual sound.

Smooth Operator was an innovative addition to an era dominated by synth pop. Its rich vocal harmonies and melancholic music set it apart from its contemporaries and inspired future vocalists to follow its lead; early 21st century artists like Dido are prime examples.

Sade first met producer Robin Millar after recording unpolished 4-track demo tapes of Your Love Is King and Smooth Operator in London, and he was instantly impressed by her voice, recognizing it as something special; believing her sound could take the band forward to new levels.

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Sade made her mark as a singer-songwriter in the early 1980s with her first single, Smooth Operator, an instant hit that catapulted her career forward. Combining jazz, soul, and R&B influences to produce an innovative yet sophisticated and sensual sound that has since inspired many other artists – it remains one of the greatest music songs from that era with lyrics referencing an international playboy giving this track timeless appeal.

Smooth Operator is a music video that depicts a woman being exploited by her lover and manager, eventually witnessing undercover filming of her manager having affairs with other women. Nominated for two MTV awards (Best Female Video and Outstanding Debut Artist Video) in 1985, its storyline has also been included into numerous films like Shaun of the Dead.

Sade’s live performances were simply mesmerizing, and she appeared genuinely humbled by the crowd’s response. Her voice was sensuous yet powerful, shifting effortlessly between tones. Her rhythmic movements continued throughout her show while she used her hands to express emotion – her backup singers donned afro wigs for some songs while performing mini-choreographed routines themselves! Sade concluded her set with an emotionally charged rendition of “No Ordinary Love,” followed by an energetic encore performance including “By Your Side,” Paradise,” and “King of Sorrow.”

This album stands out for its use of horns, synthesizers and other instruments associated with funk and disco music. This breakthrough success for the band has since become a staple in pop music – its popularity inspiring a generation of musicians to explore similar sounds.

Sade became a household name through her early hits, yet is most beloved for her later albums that explore themes of loss and longing. Sade’s band disbanded early 1990s; however, Sade continued making solo albums as well as collaborations with other artists. Her touring artist status makes her highly popular with older audiences and concerts often sell out worldwide; also an advocate for mental health advocacy she has spoken openly about her struggles with depression while contributing to various charities.