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The Piano Guys have garnered widespread success through their music videos featuring piano and cello playing together. They’ve performed in Utah salt flats, along the edge of Grand Canyon National Park and at Brazil’s Iguazu Falls.

Paul Anderson, owner of a piano store, formed the group. He approached Jon Schmidt who knew Steven Sharp Nelson – cellist.

They are a YouTube sensation

The Piano Guys have become a global sensation on YouTube with millions of views over time. Combining classical music and pop, their videos are breath-takingly creative. Their concerts are fun for all ages; fans love them; gimmicks don’t overdo themselves and keep audiences interested and involved!

The story of The Violin Store Group began when pianist Jon Schmidt and cellist Steven Sharp Nelson met at a piano store in Utah. Owner Paul Anderson helped them produce an online promotional video which went viral, eventually garnering over 3 million viewers to YouTube. Since then, two albums have been released and millions of views gained to their channel on YouTube.

Their concerts combine classical music with modern hits and movie soundtracks, and feature religious hymns as part of their repertoire. Additionally, The Piano Guys exhibit an extremely deep religious faith which can be heard and seen in their music and videos; all four members are devout Mormons who have served full-time proselyting missions, praying together before every recording session, video shoot, or concert they perform.

In their live shows, The Piano Guys bring a sense of whimsy and humor that creates an entertaining and unique experience. Not afraid to laugh at themselves, their jokes still feel natural despite being scripted; further adding to their show’s fun are hand gestures and facial expressions used during each performance.

At their concert at Tuacahn Amphitheater, the band performed many of their signature tunes such as Billie Eilish’s “What Was I Made For” and Erik Satie’s “Gymnopedie No 1.” Additionally, they incorporated spiritual elements with Gabriel’s Oboe mash-up with hymn “How Great Thou Art,” giving thousands of attendees a rare opportunity to join in and sing out together as one voice. It was truly astonishing.

The Piano Guys brought joy and laughter to audiences of all ages ranging from preschoolers to seniors, all reacting positively with smiles and tapping feet as the music began. Their audience participation moments always delight listeners – ensuring every venue will sell out! Their appeal is universal – be sure to book early!

They have a new album

Four dorky dads from Southern Utah have taken YouTube by storm with their entertaining piano and cello renditions of popular songs, known as The Piano Guys. Comprised of pianist Jon Schmidt, cellist Steven Sharp Nelson, videographer Paul Anderson, and music producer Al van der Beek; their concerts have sold-out venues worldwide while their music videos combine classical with popular elements to provide unique entertainment!

The group has amassed more than 2 billion total streams on YouTube, earning recognition from top publications like the New York Times and Fast Company; performances have also been featured in major television programs; their popularity has led them to perform at iconic locations like Carnegie Hall and Sydney Opera House.

Schmidt is an extremely gifted pianist and singer, but what really sets The Piano Guys apart is his sense of humor. He often incorporates light-hearted dad jokes into his concerts as well as creating entertaining gimmicks to amuse their audiences; for instance, during a performance in Nashville he even threw offstage and into the crowd a ping-pong ball!

At their show, the band presented both classic and contemporary hits. Their setlist included several of their most beloved tracks such as an acoustic version of “Wherever You Will Go.” In addition, they performed an amusing combination of Bobby McFerrin’s song “Don’t Worry Be Happy” with “The Phantom of the Opera’s” main theme with an added bit of cheek.

The Piano Guys have not only composed original music, but have also shot music videos at incredible locations around the globe. From performing on an edge of a cliff and at train stations to ice caves and Iguazu Falls; their unique musical arrangements of modern music have defined classical crossover genre and touched millions worldwide through captivating videos.

Even with their great success, the group remains humble in life. They consider it an honor and privilege to do what they love, and hope to spread their passion throughout society.

They are a family

The Piano Guys have become a cultural phenomenon since first debuting their music videos online. Combining classical and contemporary songs into entertaining performances with clever videos, their shows have become international hits. Over ten million copies have been sold of Wonders which was just released this fall and is already topping charts worldwide. Jon Schmidt, Steven Sharp Nelson, Paul Anderson and Al van der Beek met at a piano store in Southern Utah before creating The Piano Guys to promote both themselves as musicians as well as their store – and created videos that quickly went viral online.

The group possesses a delightful sense of humor that makes their performances enjoyable to watch. They play goofy tricks on one another and engage in playful banter with laughter from the audience. Furthermore, they share their passion for all types of music with audiences at their concerts, making each show truly enjoyable!

As part of their concert performances, musicians often take time out from playing to chat with fans and answer their queries. This interaction helps the musicians build rapport with the crowd while giving back for all their support; additionally, this helps maintain energy throughout the show!

In addition to their musical talents, The Piano Guys are masters at producing spectacular shows. While performing, they create mesmerizing videos which tell their musical story through stunning visuals. Their videos serve as more than mere entertainment; they serve as pieces of art which inspire viewers.

Though successful, The Piano Guys still find time for family life and friends. They are very thankful to all their fans and supporters who make what they do so enjoyable; making people smile while leaving you wanting more each time!

If piano is your passion, practicing is key! Hearing and finding notes should become second nature over time. Start out slowly with single notes, before progressing onto two, three and eventually four notes at once; when this ability has been reached you’ll be able to play whatever comes to you in any song!

They are a group

Jon Schmidt, Steven Sharp Nelson, Paul Anderson and Al van der Beek of Utah’s Piano Guys have taken YouTube by storm with their ambitious goal to inspire people worldwide through music and video. These dorky fathers have become international sensations thanks to YouTube with millions watching them perform globally in every corner of the globe – selling out venues around the globe while garnering accolades from The New York Times, Fast Company and BuzzFeed as well as appearing on TODAY Show, CBS Sunday Morning and Good Morning America among many others!

The Piano Guys began in Southern Utah when pianist Schmidt entered a piano store looking for ways to promote his music. Paul Anderson suggested creating videos featuring Schmidt playing piano and posting them to YouTube as a promotional strategy; soon thereafter Anderson recruited cellist Sharp Nelson and videographer/music producer Al van der Beek as team members in this endeavor.

Schmidt is a multi-talented musician renowned for his talent as a performer and ability to connect with an audience, which have seen over 2.5 billion views on YouTube. His music has reached wide audiences, inspiring many young musicians to pick up keyboard or cello instruments themselves. Schmidt credits his success to his love for performing as well as his desire to have an impactful presence in others lives.

One of the great aspects of a Piano Guys concert is its all-ages appeal: preschoolers to seniors alike were thrilled and appreciating each performance by this talented trio, which played classics as well as popular tunes from their repertoire, encouraging audience participation via dancing and singalongs.

If you’re curious to experience The Piano Guys live, head over to their website for tour dates. Additionally, they are available for corporate events, fundraisers, private parties and social media campaigns.