Pop Music of 2022

Pop music appeals to a broad demographic with catchy tunes that anyone can sing along to. As its mainstream and commercial status are considered, pop can spark significant cultural moments that bring people together.

2022 saw Ed Sheeran establish a record year end chart double; both his songs Bad Habits and also made it to the Top 5. Other major successes included Cat Burns achieving BRITs Rising Star status with her Number 2-peaking track Go.

Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys made waves with their debut album AM and have continued creating music that would appeal to a younger audience since. Popular songs “I Wanna Be Yours” and “505” became immensely popular with high school students across America, helping reintroduce them to an entirely new generation of listeners. On Oct 21st they released their seventh album “The Car,” with its distinct sound featuring more funk elements as well as orchestra arrangements.

Although their sound has changed, they still maintain loyal fans. Constantly striving to keep their music fresh and exciting, the band recently released a live album recorded in London with new single “There’d Better Be a Mirrorball,” featuring traditional pop and jazz influences on it. This live album shows just how the band reinvents their sound with each new album released.

While AM remains one of their most celebrated albums, their subsequent ones have still proven immensely popular and received positive reviews from critics. It’s difficult to imagine any artist maintaining such an enormous following while continually looking for ways to innovate their sound; but the band has managed this successfully and will continue being an influential voice within pop music.

The 1975

The 1975 have earned numerous monikers since their formation: Rolling Stone has called them “British Phenomenons”, Entertainment Weekly has labeled them as “Art Pop Heroes”, while NME refers to them as “Modern Pop Icons.” Furthermore, The 1975 have won multiple awards such as Brit Award for Best British Act in 2013. Their debut album Music for Cars became both critically and commercially successful and propelled them onto the forefront of 2022’s pop landscape.

The band’s singles boast an enchanting combination of angsty emotion and nostalgic longing that instantly makes them relatable and catchy. Each song’s binary structure repeats throughout, creating a rhythmic beat perfect for dancing; thus making their songs ideal for streaming platforms like TikTok.

Danceability of modern pop songs has become more crucial, yet not the sole factor defining their success on the charts. Another significant influencer is how songs make us feel – whether through emotive lyrics or performances that tap into our emotions, songs’ ability to elicit emotion is what keeps people listening and watching!

This year was filled with several groundbreaking moments in pop. Artists showing their raw side to classic mainstays resurfacing with fresh music; there was something for everyone.

Pop fans were treated to plenty of surprises this year, from triple album debuts and free album releases by Beyonce and Rihanna to collective releases of five free albums – and more than ever it reminded us that pop remains powerful and versatile even during uncertain times.

Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore rose to prominence as a bubblegum pop star during the late ’90s and early 2000s, known for both her catchy hits and emotional ballads. Additionally, she is a celebrated actress, appearing in various films and television shows; one such role being matriarch Rebecca Pearson in NBC’s This Is Us which ran until 2022.

Though many perceive pop music to be superficial or commercialized, it remains one of the world’s most beloved forms of music. Characterized by catchy beats and easily understood lyrics, pop is still widely popular worldwide and presents plenty of potential for experimentation – providing an ideal vehicle to showcase different styles and sounds.

2022 was an incredible year for pop music, with artists of all kinds producing quality releases. Reminiscent of its predecessor years, popular tunes this year often drew inspiration from nostalgia; for instance Arctic Monkeys took cues from vintage with October’s The Car while The 1975 explored classic film scores on their fifth album Being Funny in a Foreign Language.

The genre was further strengthened by the return of old favorites, with pop legends Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran both releasing new material. Meanwhile, acts like The Bangles and Backstreet Boys reinvigorated ’80s music with fresh interpretations of their classic hits, while rock mainstays like Red Hot Chili Peppers kept fans satisfied by constantly creating new material.

Dove Cameron

Dove Cameron, an emerging pop musician, is best known for her chart-topping singles which showcase both her powerful vocals and emotional depth. “Boyfriend” stands as an excellent representation of both elements. Furthermore, this song showcases her diverse musical skills such as playing various musical genres with ease – Sofia Carson, Khalid, Rezz are among many talented musicians she has collaborated with in pop music scene.

Dove Cameron has impressed audiences at numerous prestigious venues and festivals with her performances, earning a large fan base who are dedicated to her and her talent. Her performances stand as the apex of her career.

Dove Cameron released her new single, “Breakfast,” this year to explore themes of love, sorrow, and self-discovery. A departure from her previous music, this track explores the complexities of romantic attraction as it relates to both individuals who may not be appropriate matches as well as situations when we can find ourselves drawn toward people who may not be.

The song features catchy and emotive lyrics that will appeal to listeners of all ages, making it surefire success on TikTok where its dance challenges may ensue.

Dove Cameron is well-known for her music as well as acting roles on Disney Channel sitcom Liv and Maddie and Descendants movie series. Additionally, she made two seasons of Apple TV+ musical parody Schmigadoon!. Dove is beloved celebrity among both children and adults alike, promising a bright future ahead.


Pop music in 2022 proved itself to be surprisingly diverse, from Beyonce and Rihanna reigniting their careers to new artists bringing fresh sounds. While some artists like Beyonce and Rihanna returned as leading pop divas, others took risks by adopting novel styles and sounds designed to please audiences.

Joji is an example of this. Starting out as a YouTuber who donned the pink Guy costume, he has transitioned into an accomplished crooner on TikTok and other streaming platforms, amassing over 850 million streams to date and scoring an official Singles Chart entry with his single “Slow Dancing in the Dark”.

Joji made waves with his full-length album Nectar by shifting away from rapping style and showing a more melodious side of his vocal abilities. The results were outstanding: songs such as “MODUS” and “Tick Tock” showcased his range from controlled falsetto to thunderous bass; while tracks like “Afterthought ft. BENEE and “Mr Hollywood” invoke a timeless yet contemporary romantic soundscape.

The album also displays his versatility with songs like the acoustic “Glimpse of Us”, which showcase his ability to craft emotional love songs without using instrumentation; while “Feeling Like the End”, which features synth-driven instruments, showcases his abilities at creating complex melodies using multiple instruments simultaneously.

Noah Jones gave the album an exceptional score of 7 on his review and pointed out that some songs stood out more than the others: 1AM FREESTYLE or NIGHT RIDER in particular stood out, featuring Joji’s distinct blend of electronic and alternative styles; both featuring proud trumpets as opposed to beachy synths as featured instruments. No matter the genre, each track exuded Joji’s mysterious persona while offering listeners an opportunity to get lost in dreamy harmonies and lyrics from Joji himself.