Roddy Ricch – The New Hip Hop Anthem of the 2020s

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What is music?

Music is a form of expression through sound that uses its vibrations to convey feelings and tell stories. It brings people together in celebration or mourning events; healing the soul; or simply as entertainment. There are various methods used for creating music: singing with voice, playing musical instruments or creating own instruments are just some ways. Music can make us happy, sad, angry or excited but can also motivate us towards change for betterment in our lives.

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Music can bring much pleasure and entertainment for many people. They may enjoy listening alone or with others, dancing to it or just sitting and listening to it. Music is used at celebrations or ceremonies as well as helping relax or concentrate more effectively.

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What is the meaning of the song “The Box” by Roddy Ricch?

Roddy Ricch’s debut single “The Box” is an innovative take on classic gangsta rap themes. From its catchy “money, money” hook and imagery to its hauntingly catchy production that compels everyone around them to hit that ‘ee-er’ sound, “The Box” could well become one of the first anthems of 2020s culture.

Released last December, “Dolphin” quickly rose up the charts on Apple Music as one of their top streamed songs of 2020 and earned itself a Grammy nod for Song of the Year at this year’s 2021 Grammy Awards stage where it was performed live by Roddy Ricch himself – ultimately reaching RIAA diamond status and becoming part of his legacy.

But the success of “The Box” wasn’t without controversy. In 2024, songwriter Greg Perry filed suit against Atlantic Records and Roddy Ricch for copyright infringement on grounds that “The Box” resembled his 1975 single, “Come on Down.” According to Billboard, Perry claimed the melody featured an ascending minor scale played on violin that repeated 24 times; additionally he claimed Young Jeezy’s 2008 track Wordplay used similar melodic elements but were properly licensed from him with proper songwriting credits and ownership stake.

Though there has been litigation surrounding “Wrecking Ball,” it seems clear that its impact will remain. It was the first major hip-hop hit of the 2020s and demonstrated the genre-blending force that has propelled rappers like Kanye West to global stardom. Furthermore, its continued relevance shows how little has changed within rap since N.W.A’s heyday; rather, it has only become more mainstream and accepted over time.

This week, “The Box” launched with an official music video that has quickly become a YouTube phenomenon. Featuring action scenes reflecting both classic and contemporary hip-hop themes, it has quickly become one of the most viewed music videos online.

Due to its explicit language and gangsta imagery, this music video may not be appropriate for children under 18. However, as revealed by one Tik Tok comment thread from Grade 11 students who were forced to listen to it at school; one student expressed her preference that her class have had different tune. One commenter mentioned that hearing this song reminded her of her childhood and she no longer wanted to listen to it again, highlighting the need to teach children about socially acceptable and unacceptable music and lyrics, particularly as genre boundaries become increasingly porous in digital spaces. Therefore, it is crucial for exposing children to various styles of music to promote a healthy musical culture.

What is the meaning of the title of the song “The Box” by Roddy Ricch?

Roddy Ricch’s song, “The Box”, is an ideal illustration of his unique West Coast sound combined with innovative trap sensibilities. A hard-hitting record with an instantly catchy hook that stands out among hip hop’s vast landscape, this hard-hitting record’s rhythmic beatboxing feature–associated humorously with windshield wipers–is another unique aspect which further establishes him as an artist with originality in hip hop.

Roddy Ricch has quickly established himself at the top of hip hop’s contemporary scene since the release of his Feed Tha Streets mixtape in 2017. At just 22 years old, this 22-year-old MC has collaborated with some of hip hop’s biggest artists like Drake, Travis Scott, DJ Mustard and Rich The Kid – as well as producing some of their projects such as his most recent single “The Box.” Already it has reached number one on Billboard Hot 100 becoming Roddy Ricch’s first chart-topping single ever!

In the music video for “All or Nothing”, an opening scene features someone spray painting a starting line for a street race on concrete while muscle cars rumble nearby. Following that, Ricch pulls out his ride and begins rapping his song title on screen in slim graffiti font.

“The Box” depicts a rapper’s journey from street life to fame through lyrics that capture its struggles and risks. While its catchy hook and clever wordplay helped it reach chart-topping status, its story-telling element and subtle humor give this track lasting power.

One of the song’s most striking aspects is Roddy’s juxtaposition between his luxurious lifestyle and his struggles to gain and keep wealth. The second verse’s sarcastic tone stands out, while rapper uses “box” to refer to different aspects of life.

This song’s title refers to both a physical safe and the box in which all his assets and money reside. The rapper talks about “bustin’ all the bells out the box”, suggesting he has made substantial profits through drug deals or robberies, or by “hitting licks with the box,” another way of using gangsta lingo.

TikTok memes featuring 30 Roc’s production included one describing a squeaking sound as being similar to windshield wipers or opening doors, contributing greatly to its viral success and propelling it straight up the Billboard 200 chart. This success helped “The Box” reach number one.