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Rock music has long been celebrated, while hip-hop boasts its own legacy. Unfortunately, modern pop can sometimes go overlooked; that is a shame as its iconic songs tell powerful and relatable tales.

Music worthy of bold content! Browse a collection of epic beats and futuristic bangers hand-selected by visual effects expert DevinSuperTramp.

HitPaw Video Converter

HitPaw Video Converter is an intuitive, drag-and-drop video converter designed for multiple uses. Among its many features are those to remove DRM protection, convert Apple Music/iTunes MP4 files to MP3, reverse YouTube videos and support different audio formats including MP3. To begin using HitPaw simply paste in a link of your video into its search bar and select an output format; additionally there is also a free trial version.

This program is an advanced video converter capable of quickly downloading and converting bulk files. Users can select their output file size and quality before the program creates a download link automatically. Furthermore, there is also a feature allowing users to add custom watermarks to videos, trim/crop videos to remove unnecessary parts, as well as audio-specific editing tools like noise reduction and auto-tune.

Another incredible feature is its ability to easily convert speech to text for users looking to create accessible content. Furthermore, the software automatically synchronizes subtitles with video timelines – helping businesses ensure their content remains accessible in today’s competitive market.

HitPaw makes adding visual interest to videos easy with preset filters and fine-grained adjustments, like brightness, contrast, saturation, shadow depth and sharpness adjustments. Take full control over how your video looks with this suite of tools that let you tailor its look and feel according to artistic intent.

Software that meets strict security standards. Scam Detector has certified it safe, and customer ratings on TrustRating have shown it has an outstanding rating from customers. Ideal for businesses looking to enhance their content production process with editing tools that work across platforms; installation is quick and effortless on PC or Macs alike.


JAMENDO is a Luxembourg-based music platform and community of musicians and music lovers that provides royalty-free licenses. Their extensive catalog of creative commons songs can be used freely for personal purposes; if used commercially you must pay one-time fees.

Jamendo was established by three French entrepreneurs in December 2004 with a central goal in mind – every artist should have access to be heard. Back then, streaming wasn’t even an option yet and YouTube had only just come online, meaning artists needed legal channels through which to distribute their music – Jamendo strives to bridge that gap by offering various services for artists.

Users of the website can gain access to a vast library of music from independent artists, offering thousands of tracks. Users can create personalized playlists based on genre, instrumentation, mood or other criteria – and can quickly locate what they’re searching for with its advanced search function.

This platform also provides tools for music creators and license holders to manage their songs, tracks, and albums more easily. You can set privacy settings on uploaded files to control who can access them; additionally you can download the JAMENDO desktop app for easy access to your music; you can sync across platforms; all while staying within one platform’s ecosystem.

JAMENDO provides more than music licensing; they also offer services like monetization and copyright management tools to make music production easy, such as earning money through ads placed on your work and keeping an eye on royalties and payments owed to them – with user-friendly interfaces making this platform accessible and seamless for its users.

Signing up for JAMENDO allows you to upload your work under various licenses – these include CC-BY-NC-ND, CC-BY, CC-BY-SA and CC-BY-NC. JAMENDO will make every effort available this information to its Users at all times.

When purchasing tracks or albums, you have the choice of selecting which type of license suits your needs best. Each licence offers different perks, and you may download as many tracks or albums as desired. You may also purchase individual songs or annual subscriptions – the site even features a mobile app so that you can stream songs wherever you may be!


SongArea makes navigation much faster by enabling you to drag-and-click any song area in the song micro view for instantaneous access to another location within that song – much faster than zooming out or using song markers or arranger events as navigation aids.

Music often encapsulates the mood and spirit of its time period. Protest songs from the 1960s and 70s featured acoustic, live band productions with serious messages while disco songs from that same era featured high energy dance beats.

Future AI could create soundtracks for low-budget movies and TV shows, as well as being used in TikTok dance videos, memes, nightclubs and gay bars – rendering music more personalized and meaningful; commercial pop will slowly fade away.


LiveOne is a digital entertainment company focused on connecting music and live events to people worldwide. Their platform breaks down barriers for fans who would otherwise miss concerts and other live events they want to attend, opening them up to attend concerts that they otherwise might miss due to barriers in distance and scheduling issues. Their diverse library of content has garnered them praise globally since 2010, when LiveOne first set out to reinvent how people enjoy live entertainment.

Slacker Radio provides an impressive collection of songs across genres and allows users to create personalized stations based on their tastes and preferences. Its interface is user-friendly; with tabs for Events, Music, Video and your Library selections on its menu bar. In particular, Events displays live events coming up soon or highlights from previous ones, related playlists and related playlists from events past; Music features diverse stations covering many genres from country rock; while Video features music videos artist interviews vodcasts as well as podcasts about musical history – perfect!

This app is completely free to use and compatible with most devices, making it the ideal companion for those on a budget. Furthermore, its offline availability and lack of ads make it a valuable option – although certain Internet connections may pose issues so a VPN should be downloaded prior to using this application to avoid any potential complications.

LiveOne, Inc. is an award-winning creator-first music, entertainment, and technology platform dedicated to premium experiences and content globally. Boasting subsidiaries like Slacker Radio and PodcastOne as its cornerstone services for live streaming events such as Slacker Radio Live or PodcastOne Live streaming concerts or music festivals that expand their reach by connecting with new audiences; LiveOne Inc has also placed great importance on diversity and inclusion as crucial aspects for its future growth as a company and live events worldwide.