Popular Pop Music YouTube Channels

If you love pop music, these YouTube channels should be on your must-subscribe list. From remix videos and covers to live performances against visually appealing single-color backgrounds – such as COLORS’ live performances!

One Direction was an internationally beloved British-Irish boy band which quickly rose to global stardom after appearing on The X Factor in 2010. Even today, their music videos remain highly watched on YouTube.

Pixl Network

Pixl Network is one of the leading music distributors on YouTube. They specialize in offering top pop tunes that come complete with beautiful wallpapers to enhance the viewing experience, along with offering various genres such as rock.

Pixl provided complete technical production management, broadcast services and studio locations for TikTok’s Black History Month livestream series. Each segment was produced in the Pixl Virtual Studio with presenters located remotely using Quicklink ST55 or ST500 “Studio in a Box.” All COVID and social distancing protocols were strictly observed throughout.

BANGTANTV is the official YouTube channel of Grammy-nominated South Korean boy band BTS and features music videos, interviews with band members and behind-the-scenes footage.


7clouds is a record label and music curation brand that specializes in pop and EDM music videos featuring lyrics with beautiful wallpapers. Their channel on YouTube boasts over 14 million subscribers, boasts 179,000 Instagram followers and has amassed an audience of 12,000 members in their Discord channel – creating multiple points of interaction between audiences and the brand that fosters an atmosphere of community engagement.

Lyrical YouTube channels typically monetize their content through ads displayed on YouTube and may earn additional revenue through sponsored content, merchandise sales or other creative ventures. They often collaborate with other artists and music labels to increase exposure of their work and increase reach. Lyrical channels can make money using Google AdSense by monetizing videos using this platform and earning a share of the ad revenue.

Zvezdan’s experience in growing his video content business with video is an inspiring tale of adaptability and responding to audience needs. By welcoming innovation, creating community, and providing education through his strategy he was able to expand his brand into one of the most sought-after music curation channels on YouTube.


Music videos and performances are an integral component of YouTube, with several channels dedicated exclusively to this genre such as MattyBRaps – an American kid who uploads remix and cover videos – Alexander George Goot (an 11 million subscriber musician), KEXP (Kansas Exchange for Public Performances of Indie Rock Musicians), and MattyBRaps.

Pitchfork has been around since 1996, established by Ryan Schreiber who was inspired by fanzine culture to start this digital media publication. Pitchfork has become an influential tastemaker within the independent music scene; positive reviews can even propel bands into mainstream success.

Pitchfork recently unveiled plans to enhance their YouTube presence by joining multi-channel network Collective DS. This partnership will enable Pitchfork to sell advertisements and optimize its YouTube channel, while simultaneously streamlining user experience. Pitchfork’s new look also makes navigation simpler for better exploration; plus events like Intonation music festival in Chicago will also be covered more thoroughly on its new look site.

Todd In The Shadows

Todd Nathanson, more popularly known as Todd In the Shadows on YouTube, is an entertaining pop music reviewer known for using humorous one-liners and clever analogies to dissect songs. His most well-known series is Todd’s Pop Song Reviews where he discusses recent chart toppers as soon as they enter mainstream popularity – to avoid losing out when their popularity fades before review time comes around. Another series, One Hit Wonderland looks at bands/artists with only one hit or so far only one successful release so far.

He typically remains hidden from view in most videos by wearing a hood and mask, though sometimes showing his face in blooper reels. Most songs and videos he reviews tend to be upbeat; however he has criticized misogyny, homophobia and tasteless lyrics about suicide in the past. He frequently invokes MST3K’s Mantra when reviewing an artist; often mocking them if their record sales history was poor or they failed to release an album successfully after debut.


Ajay Newar is an award-winning singer, musician and music producer who crafts captivating videos that appeal to diverse audiences. His compositions blend traditional Indian influences with modern sounds for an engaging musical experience that is unmatched on social media. Ajay’s dedication and humility has enabled him to build up an extensive following on these platforms.

AJay’s mix of 60’s and 70’s R&B, modern indie rock/alternative music and Philly soul has cemented his place on the local music scene. He has played as session guitarist for artists such as Ryan Gilfillian and Orion Sun, while appearing at WXPN Key Studio Sessions.

He also produced a video where he mocked TikTokers, and its popularity led to her quickly amassing 3 million subscribers within 24 hours – it even reached Twitter’s trending list!

In her new video, AJay discusses why she took a hiatus from social media and is returning to her roots. Watch it below, then get tickets for AJAY live at Silk City on September 22!

Dead End Hip Hop

Dead End Hip Hop is a YouTube channel dedicated to hip-hop culture and coverage, featuring coverage and conversations related to it. With its strong following of hip-hop fans and continuing growth, its team includes Ken (“Kinge”), Myke C-Town, Brandon “B” from D (B from D), Rafael “Feefo”, Sophie, and Rod from Modest Media who all bring lively discussions that will satisfy fans of hip-hop alike.

Todd in the Shadows is an esteemed music reviewer specializing in hip-hop and pop songs. Active on YouTube since its initial days, this YouTuber has amassed an expansive following thanks to album/track reviews, lists, song comparisons and various mini vlogs with amusing yet educational messages.

TheDoubleAgent, known for his critical reviews of pop songs, has become a respected reviewer on YouTube. His videos have been included on some of the latest hip-hop albums and earned him a loyal following. Though not uploading videos as frequently, his unique rating style and entertaining anecdotes make for a fun watch.


Ethan Johnson, commonly known online as TheDoubleAgent, is a YouTube commentator known for critiquing older music as well as unconventional hits with his video reviews and commentary. He often skewers popular songs in his videos while maintaining a deadpan tone throughout. Active on YouTube since June 22nd 2014 and currently located in the US; part of Talking the Charts podcast; most famous video: Ravioli Remix of Black and Yellow by Wiz Khalifa

Kumerai Fang

Kumerai Fang, one of few female music critics on YouTube, is an invaluable source for anyone interested in pop music. Her videos are smart and funny while remaining impartial – not only reaction videos but Top 10 lists as well! Another fantastic channel worth keeping an eye out for is Todd In The Shadows who offers shadowed song reviews as well as “One Hit Wonderland,” an interactive series covering artists with only one hit singles.