Rainbow Kitten Surprise – How to Play the Intro Riff From Their Hit Song Seven

seven chords rainbow kitten surprise

Success for this band has been unparalleled, leading them straight to some of the biggest festivals and venues across the United States. If you’re an admirer or simply interested in expanding your musical knowledge, this tutorial video will teach you how to play their popular song Seven’s opening riff with ease!


Rainbow Kitten Surprise (RKS to their fans), has made waves in the music scene since debuting at 7th St Entry to First Ave and Palace Theatre venues, selling out shows with ease and becoming crowd favorites with their blend of folk, rock and indie sounds. Their tutorial video will teach guitarists the intro riff for “Seven.” Designed with clear audio and multiple camera angles so students can view instructor hands playing as part of this educational resource for both beginner and experienced guitarists alike.


Rainbow Kitten Surprise of Boone, NC lives up to its vibrant name as they unleash an explosion of sound on their debut Elektra Records album How To: Friend, Love, Freefall. RKS — Sam Melo (lead vocals/guitar), Darrick “Bozzy” Keller (rhythm guitar), Ethan Goodpaster (lead guitar) and Charlie Holt (bass) — deftly blend alt-rock, hip hop and pop influences along with Melo’s stream-of-conscious lyrics into their soundscape.

Genre-defying band The Genre-Definers create melodies that are both catchy and meaningful, demonstrating their musical storytelling talents. Seven is one of their most beloved tracks with its melodic opening riff. Now fans can learn to play this popular tune using an instructional video which breaks down its opening riff note by note.

RKS has sold out all three shows they’ve played in Minneapolis over the past two years – at 7th St Entry, First Avenue and, finally, Palace Theatre – every time they performed in Minneapolis. Few bands can dream of such success and even fewer achieve it, going from local upstarts to major festivals and venues across the country in just years.


Rainbow Kitten Surprise has quickly made waves in the music world. Their genre-defying sound is making waves at venues nationwide and they have sold out shows in Minneapolis for two consecutive years – an astounding feat for any band to achieve! In this tutorial video from Rainbow Kitten Surprise’s hit song ‘Seven,’ learn the intro riff from this song quickly with clear audio and multiple camera angles; perfect for guitarists of any experience level – grab your guitar and tune in now – soon enough, you’ll be playing this intro riff like pro in no time – enjoy!

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Rainbow Kitten Surprise has quickly established a dedicated following thanks to their eclectic blend of folk, rock, and indie music – their songs being among Spotify’s top streaming acts. Boasting catchy melodies with meaningful lyrics that explore complex subjects such as sexuality or politics – making RKS’s success one to be admired. RKS have performed at Minneapolis venues like 7th St Entry, First Avenue and most recently Palace Theater – fans can learn the intro riff for RKS song ‘Seven’ via this YouTube tutorial video featuring an instructor providing clear step-by-step instructions so fans can learn to play RKS songs like Seven.