Top 5 Dance Music Bands

dance music bands

Dance music bands bring high-energy, heart thumping entertainment to parties that keep guests on their feet until the lights come on. With incredible music, charismatic personalities and stellar showmanship all in one package, these bands deliver unforgettable party fun.

From classic disco tracks such as Chic’s Le Freak to modern hits like Snap!’s Rhythm Is A Dancer, dance music remains popular.

1. Nero

Nero is one of the world’s most influential dance music bands. Based in the UK, this trio blends drum and bass with elements from 90s house, trance and other styles such as techno. At first, this may seem incongruent; then you hear its combination of diva vocals, euphoric synth stabs, wobbly basslines, wobbling synth stabs, wobbly super-distorted basslines – and wobbly super-distorted basslines! Led by Joe Ray and Dan Stephens (both highly skilled remixers, DJs and innovators on club scene), Nero’s debut LP Welcome Reality spent 65 weeks on charts and even produced a Grammy-winning remix from Skrillex; vocalist Alana Watson joined Nero on 2015 follow up Between II Worlds album which featured sci-fi film scores like never seen before on Billboard’s Top Dance/Electronic Albums chart at No 1.

The band’s music explores the powerful emotions associated with intimate relationships. Their single, The Thrill, for instance, explores breakup rage and passion while simultaneously lamenting that some relationships don’t last; such cinematic storytelling has caught Baz Luhrmann’s ear as well.

As they expanded beyond their electronic roots, they discovered that their fans were eager to explore new territory as well. Since then, they’ve released two side projects – Different Story with singer-songwriter Lucy Rose and future bass/UK garage revival song Set Me Free with married couple Stephens and Watson.

Nero has experimented with their live show as well, expanding from being a two-man production into a three-piece band on stage and in the studio. Their video for “Into the Night” takes viewers on an anime adventure complete with bike chase scenes and explosions.

2. Sofi Tukker

Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern have made waves in dance music with their tropical sounds and infectious tunes, ever since meeting as senior year students at Brown University. Since their debut EP Soft Animals and full-length album Treehouse were released, these best friends have quickly established themselves as one of dance music’s most vibrant, positive, and community-driven groups with songs garnering Grammy nominations, soundtrack placements, millions of streams as well as commercial campaigns with Apple (“Drinkee”), Peloton (“Best Friend”) and Smartwater (“Wet Tennis”).

SOFI TUKKER takes seriously their mission of spreading joy and unity through dance parties. Over the past four years they’ve raised funds and awareness for Planned Parenthood, the Trevor Project, March for Our Lives as well as animal rights activists such as LP Giobbi.

Their latest album, DANCING ON THE PEOPLE, includes a hot track by ZHU and an LGBTQ+ community support song written specifically for this show at Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas this past weekend. Their passion and dedication were evident both musically and through activism throughout this performance at this historic venue.

DJ Mimi and London Topaz provided opening acts, setting the mood for Sofi Tukker’s performance with dance hits that set an energetic tempo from start to finish. Once Sofi took to the stage, his set featured many fan-favorite tracks which kept audiences moving throughout their set, including “Drinkee,” which left everyone wanting more!

3. Diablo

Diablo may not be one of the more well-known dance music bands, yet their influence and name remain felt across genre. Along with chart-topping singles and festivals performances worldwide, Diablo have also built up quite an audience on social media thanks to their high-energy live shows – infectious beats and catchy melodies have inspired many people to dance!

“Cutting Shapes,” one of Diablo’s signature songs, quickly rose to fame for its catchy beats and encouraging message. It encourages listeners to take control of their lives and express themselves freely; at the same time it highlights music’s capacity to bring people together through dance and song.

“Head Up,” another popular track from the band, features upbeat vocals and an infectious instrumental melody that encourages listeners to confront their demons head on and come out stronger; its lyrics also emphasize staying positive and never giving up.

Diablo has amassed an enormous following on social media and collaborated with many popular artists to produce hit tracks. But not everyone loves their music: some critics claim it lacks depth and repetition, as well as being involved in plagiarism controversies.

Some fans of dance music have complained that the band is compromised by money and corporate greed, claiming their success has damaged its quality as well as losing its rebellious edge. Other fans have accused them of “selling out”, an expression commonly used in punk rock that refers to betraying ideals in exchange for money.

4. Louis the Child

Dance music has quickly become an integral part of popular culture, with hit tracks that boast catchy melodies and rhythmic beats that get people moving. Yet dance music’s influence goes well beyond these smash hits – top dance artists and bands have gone further by pushing the limits of their genre through innovative sound experimentation, earning critical acclaim while cementing themselves into pop history.

Robby Hauldren and Freddy Kennett have become a darling of dance culture with their dynamic approach to future bass music. Combining musical complexity with experimental soundscaping techniques, this Chicago duo’s sound melds soulful R&B with contemporary dance that has drawn rave reviews from outlets like Pitchfork, BBC and Pigeons and Planes while selling-out shows at venues like Echostage in D.C. and Concord Music Hall (twice) in Chicago.

Louis the Child has proven itself as a festival headlining act with their EP debuting at No. 17 on the Billboard Dance/Electronic Albums chart and three hit singles released within that timeframe. Their tour this summer includes Bonnaroo and Holy Ship festivals where crowds will cheer their energetic performances of infectiously upbeat tunes.

Metro Music Club(r), an energetic wedding or event band from the UK, features an awesome mix of modern chart-busting dance songs as well as party classics with some fun medleys and mash-ups to keep guests dancing all night long. Their combination of fat bass, sparkling synths, and thumping beats will surely get them dancing until it is time for lights out!

5. Cash Cash

Cash Cash, an EDM trio from America, consists of brothers Jean Paul and Alex Makhlouf as well as longtime friend Samuel Frisch – three DJ/producers that collaborate closely to compose, record, mix and master all their music collectively. They released their debut album Blood Sweat and 3 Years worldwide in 2014 to wide acclaim; since then they have created their own distinctive sound by drawing upon influences from multiple genres of music to develop it further.

Cash Cash may only have recently entered the music scene, yet is already receiving support from some of the leading names in dance music – Tiesto, Hardwell and Nicky Romero are amongst many who have endorsed their efforts.

Cash Cash’s unique sound will delight any dance music fan. Their songs range from high-energy pop and electro house to melodic dubstep; making the trio a favorite at festivals and clubs around the globe.

Crowds at their shows vary, yet energy remains constant. Each member of the band puts forth great effort into their performances and it shows in their sets. Furthermore, they serve as an excellent example of how DJs and bands can successfully cross genre lines.

Cash Cash recently collaborated with Mexican singer Sofia Reyes on their new single, Turn. This song serves as a celebration of self-discovery and finding one’s true essence; an idea perfectly captured in both lyrics and Sofia Reyes’ energetic vocal performance. Listeners will likely find themselves singing along within no time – don’t miss out – there’s more music coming soon from Cash Cash!