R&B Music Quiz

Take a trip down memory lane with these R&B (and Hip Hop) questions written by an R&B/Pop expert with extensive radio experience – also part of our app development team!

R&B music fuses rhythm and blues influences with those from hip hop, soul, and pop. Can you guess the missing lyrics and artist behind any given song?


R&B music is an accessible and soothing genre that features songs to help soothe heartbreaks or mark special events with friends and family. Take this quiz to put your knowledge of some of its most iconic artists and songs from this genre to the test! It’s simple – simply touch any name of song that matches up with each picture to begin! Race against time against friends or family to prove who knows more about this musical subgenre!

This R&B music quiz highlights an eclectic roster of artists spanning multiple time periods from the 90’s and 00’s through current day, from Kris Kros to singers Rihanna, Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson – not forgetting legendary solo R&B artists Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin! Take part in this great music experience that could resurrect some great childhood memories!

Contemporary R&B can feature various electronic instruments like synths and keys that create smooth dancefloor-friendly sounds reminiscent of dancehall hits. Furthermore, Jazz and Soul music is known to include horn sections which add another level of musical expression; additionally many modern R&B tracks come equipped with drum beats featuring modern effects and reversed sounds – adding another level to contemporary R&B songs!

At our rnb music quiz you will also discover classic tracks by Sting and The Police as well as songs that were extremely popular at that time in the 1980s – such as Camron sampling Roxanne by Sting for one of their hits while Run DMC sampled Aerosmith for their song Walk this Way by Run DMC – both timeless classics which can still be heard today!

This R&B music quiz is an engaging and challenging game to enjoy with family and friends. There’s no time limit and all questions appear randomly for an unpredictable experience! Additionally, check out R&B Music Quiz Soul app, which includes different sets of questions representing classic soul R&B music as a further challenge!


If you love rhythm and blues music, take this quiz to test your knowledge about this genre. Simply guessing famous R&B songs and artists should suffice for casual gamers looking for an entertaining online game to pass their time while learning more about some of today’s top R&B musicians! Not only will it provide some entertainment, but the quiz may help shed new light on them all.

This quiz explores every decade in R&B music’s history, from classic soul to modern day R&B and even hip hop! Additionally, discover fun trivia about some of today’s most prominent R&B singers like who died before finishing their album or which artist used the name Alicia Augello Cook?

For this R&B music quiz online, all it takes is an internet connection and some free time. With it you can compete against friends and family in this entertaining and engaging quiz; perfect for any special event like hosting parties. Plus it will add something extra fun and memorable!

Quizzes are easy and fun ways to pass time for hours at a time, whether taken alone or with a friend, and will put you against players from around the globe in friendly competition. Playing one can improve your knowledge of RnB genre as well as serving as practice for future quiz shows and battles!

This RNB music quiz will put your knowledge of classic rhythm and blues tracks through their quiz questions to the test! From Boyz II Men to Mariah Carey, there is sure to be at least one question based on iconic RnB songs of all time – with elements of hip-hop, soul, and pop as well. Don’t hesitate – get yourself prepared! This genre offers something for everyone!


Rhythm and blues (R&B) music provides songs to help us through heartbreak as well as celebrate good times with friends. There are also some sultry music videos from R&B that take us back to bandana crop tops and leather flared trousers! For fans of R&B who would like to test their knowledge on popular R&B songs, this quiz may be ideal!

This quiz game offers multiple choice, picture and true or false questions on R&B musicians from their birthdate to favorite foods! Plus you’ll test your memory by guessing song titles or recognising singer voices quickly! So grab yourself a seat, choose the category of interest and start answering! You might discover new facts about famous R&B musicians, like when they were born or even just their voices quickly enough! It’s simple – simply select the category you are most curious about and start answering away! You might learn new facts such as learning new facts on famous R&B musicians such as when they were born or even just hearing singer voices quickly enough! You might learn new facts such as when or who sang them quickly enough! You might just start learning something about their favourite foods too if that happens : just starting this quiz game is filled with multiple choice, picture and true/false questions about famous R&B musicians such as when or their favorite foods… test yourself with guesses to try to recognize singer’s voices quickly or test out how quickly!

Questions were designed by a classic soul, R&B and pop music expert with radio experience, and are included in the app. There are 26 levels equally split between R&B and Hip Hop trivia which you can play either with or without time limits, plus adjust the background music track if desired.

This quiz game is ideal for any fan of R&B music! Join your friends in a friendly competition to see who can answer more questions accurately in less time – you might just surprise yourself and learn something you didn’t realize about your favourite artists! Take this fun challenge today and see who can answer the most correctly in record time! You will have an absolute blast taking this quiz, plus discover more than you expected about them!


R&B (or Rhythm and Blues) is a genre that blends elements of blues, hip hop, soul and pop music into one genre. R&B was initially popular in the United States during the 1990s but quickly spread worldwide due to its blend of gentle yet catchy lyrics featuring love lyrics alongside catchy danceable beats.

This section of our quiz questions and answers covers various albums released by popular R&B artists. Some questions may be simple while others more difficult – in order to answer correctly you will need to think hard about songs and artists from this genre!

What rappers have appeared in movies based on their albums? Which artist had a hit song featuring the lyrics ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’? Who released Reasonable Doubt with Notorious B.I.G? Whose song ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ featured Coolio and who were known as Rappin’ Ca$hlords in their respective groups?

Can you name the R&B singer who released an album called ‘Confessions on a Dance Floor’ in 2005? Which artist performed under the stage name Sasha Fierce and which R&B artist boasts a distinctive whistle register?

This quiz will test your knowledge of different rap and R&B songs. You will need to recall who performed these tracks as well as which album or album version the songs appeared on, along with their namesakes as artists as well as which song(s) was recorded and released for sale.

This quiz offers you the perfect opportunity to test your music knowledge! Take this test now to see how well you fare! It features many popular artists from rap and R&B such as Mary J. Blige, Alicia Keys, Luther Vandross, John Legend and many others – give this test a go and see how well you do!