R&B Song Queen Missunderstood

Queen Naija has emerged from YouTube fame to become one of the most captivating new R&B artists. A master storyteller, her music reflects both personal triumphs and struggles in her life.

She’s known for her fiery performance of this trap-R&B song about a woman who refuses to tolerate dishonest people in her life.

Queen Naija’s debut album missunderstood

After releasing several singles and her self-titled EP, Queen Naija set her sights on creating her debut full-length album. To ensure its success, she combined all her musical styles in one project; thus creating missunderstood, which will be released October 30th. While creating missunderstood, Naija claims she learned a great deal about herself through creating it. She recently celebrated her 25th birthday while working on this record and found great satisfaction working on it.

Queen has always been candid with her fans about her personal life, extending that transparency into the music she makes. She doesn’t shy away from telling it like it is – whether that means telling her partner his s**t stinks or discussing why they leave the toilet seat up! Additionally, Queen doesn’t shy away from showing some empathy towards men she meets along her journey.

Queen is known for creating highly relatable music that resonates with listeners; her vocal techniques feel natural to listeners as she creates a sensuous vibe reminiscent of classic R&B records but with her own distinct twist.

This project features appearances by artists including Kiana Lede, Lucky Daye and Russ. Additionally, “Bitter,” featuring Atlanta rapper Mulatto is included as a breakup anthem on this record.

Queen Naija’s project, Missunderstood, is an inspiring and emotive collection of songs that showcase her growth as an artist. Her songs demonstrate that she’s become more experienced with the music business and using her platform to help empower women and assist people who may be facing similar struggles in life. Don’t miss it – missunderstood is not one to be missed!

Queen Naija’s first single “Medicine”

Queen Naija made her mark on American Idol and YouTube as an uncompromisingly authentic vocalist and personality; now married with two sons of her own with Clarence White, she continues her authenticity through music: instantly popular single “Medicine” showcased this. Now a car radio staple.

This song explores the complex dynamics of relationships. Sung by an upbeat R&B songstress, the lyrics address cheating and infidelity as well as discussing strong boundaries within relationships.

No secret exists regarding the struggles she’s endured in relationships; she brings this vulnerabiliy to her second album release. On it she addresses issues like social pressure to appear perfect as well as raising children while building an empire.

Queen Naija’s debut is an emotive and honest album that captures life’s many complexities, from emotions and passions, to her personal experiences as an artist. Listeners can stream it via Spotify or Apple Music and let us know your thoughts below! Queen Naija shows incredible growth as an artist through this project, not shying away from sharing intimate thoughts in her lyrics and song.

Queen Naija’s self-titled debut EP

At 22, she first made an impressionful mark online by uploading raw and uncut YouTube vlogs before venturing into music. Soon thereafter, her debut single “Medicine” reached number 45 on Billboard Hot 100 chart; since then, this Detroit native’s star continues to rise steadily and she looks set to become an unstoppable force within the industry.

Queen Naija strikes an elegant balance on her self-titled debut EP with delicacy and strength, offering songs to soothe heartache or flirtation. Hailing from Ypsilanti, Michigan-bred singer Queen Naija brings cold revenge on “Medicine,” while shifting gears with soulful track “Butterflies,” or warning her cheating ex on “Karma.”

Missunderstood features Lil Durk, Kiana Lede, Russ and Toosii as special guests and gives fans an in-depth experience as Queen travels on her path toward healing her broken heart and finding true love again.

Queen Naija has never shied away from discussing her personal life, which makes this record no exception. She opens up about past relationships as well as finding balance between work and family obligations.

Queen Naija’s latest project offers an honest and refreshing look into her life as an artist and entertainer, including how social media impacts our mental health and its effect on her career – providing an honest message sure to resonate with her audience. She also discusses sexuality as it has affected her career path – providing a refreshing look into Queen Naija’s journey – we can’t wait to see what comes next from this rising talent!

Queen Naija’s second single “Butterflies”

Queen Naija of Detroit quickly rose from YouTube fame to mainstream success through relatable songwriting about heartbreak, motherhood and relationships – winning her fans via YouTube as quickly as from traditional outlets such as the New York Times naming her “the first soul star of the social media generation.” Her debut EP Missunderstood demonstrated both her melodic talents as well as emotional turmoil through its opening singles “Medicine” and “Karma”. These tracks capture both infidelity’s pain as well as finding new love.

Queen Naija’s acoustic performance video for “Butterflies” features her walking barefoot along a scenic stretch of beach and singing into a mic while being backed up by a guitarist player in the background. Her raw vocals showcase Queen’s vulnerability, making this clip an impactful listen. Her lyrics address issues inherent to long-term relationships while refusing to settle for anything less than what they deserve.

Queen Naija has kept fans pleased this summer by dropping new singles regularly to keep them engaged with her music. Most recently, a collaboration with NBA YoungBoy called “No Fake Love,” can be found on After The Butterflies EP; other standout collaborators include Monica, Ella Mai and Eric Bellinger.

Queen Naija’s single “Butterflies Pt 2” recently achieved RIAA platinum certification, marking her third platinum plaque after her initial releases of “Medicine” and “Karma.” With this success came her return to Billboard Artist 100 at number 28, her highest rank ever.

Since then, she has performed on major stages including Coachella, Lollapalooza and XS. Additionally, she recently hosted an intimate listening session at Grandmaster Recorders in Hollywood that was attended by celebrities and artists like Reginae Carter, Lala Milan, Taina Williams and Baby Tate.

Queen Naija’s third single “Mama’s Hand”

Queen Naija, originally known for her viral YouTube fame, has successfully transitioned into the music industry with an array of hit songs that showcase her lithe voice and intimate approach – becoming one of the most captivating new voices in R&B music. Born and raised in Detroit, she’s become an iconic singer-songwriter in R&B music today.

Her debut release was “Medicine,” an emotional ballad which displayed her talent for turning personal narratives into catchy anthems. Later that year she released her debut album misunderstood which received positive reviews from both critics and audiences alike; since then she has continued building a following through sultry R&B anthems and high-profile collaborations.

Queen Naija explored her relationship issues on “After The Butterflies,” in her most recent body of work. She discussed past relationships and revealed how former partners prioritized their own careers over hers; something which is particularly rare these days as women often lack support from men. Queen Naija stood out by being vulnerable yet strong at once.

YoungBoy Never Broke Again collaborated on the EP with Queen Naija to produce “No Fake Love,” an uptempo track with chimes, snaps and ocean sounds as its backdrop, which explores how Queen Naija learned to love herself more and reflected upon both CJ, her first son born to her, as well as the impending arrival of their second baby due to be born soon.

Queen Naija recently unveiled her tour schedule in conjunction with the release of her EP, beginning in Connecticut and New York City before moving onto Virginia in October. Queen has already performed in cities like Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Dallas during her tours so far and plans on continuing them until 2022 at least.