Reggae Music in Vancouver This Year

Reggae music has been part of Canadian musical life since its introduction in the early ’70s by Jamaican touring artists and immigrants bringing their culture. Reggae was then honored with its own category at JUNOS by 1985 when Messenjah, Leroy Sibbles, and Nana McLean won multiple Juno Awards.

This week, we are honoring Bob Marley and Black History Month by featuring some of his greatest music.

Local Artists

As Jamaican immigrants settled across Canada during the ’70s and ’80s, they brought with them their culture and music – radio stations, record labels, concert series – as well as reggae legends like Bob Marley visiting Vancouver. Local artists remain faithful to reggae tradition with new events like Reggae North Music Awards just announced to honor local reggae musicians more widely.

One of the hottest up-and-coming local artists, Jah’Mila recently won global music recording of the year at East Coast Music Awards. Based in Halifax and also an accomplished track and field athlete, she blends reggae, ska, dancehall and hip hop into her unique sound to craft her unique signature sound.

Jonelle is another emerging Vancouver artist gaining widespread acclaim with her high energy performances and amazing improvisational abilities. A Vancouver native influenced by reggae, afrobeats and hip hop genres – Jonelle has been described as an uplifting performer who brings crowds alive!

RebeLstoke are veteran performers on Vancouver’s live music scene. With an extensive repertoire that pays homage to reggae icons like Bob Marley and Peter Tosh as well as multicultural arrangements that reflect Vancouver’s diversity, RebeLstoke should not be missed!

Vancouver-based Mivule brings an eclectic fusion of African, Latin and reggae music that is filled with good vibes. Their name refers to West African Mivule Tree where local villagers would meet to resolve disputes or discuss important matters.

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Upcoming Events

No matter your taste in music, Vancouver has no shortage of live performances that will excite and spiritually uphold you this year. Look for reggae events at venues such as the Commodore Ballroom and Chan Performing Arts Center; don’t miss your chance to experience reggae music firsthand by purchasing tickets with StubPass now!

Bob Marley and the Wailers continue their legacy through reggae music today, inspiring a whole new generation of musicians and sparking fresh new ideas. You can even catch a show dedicated to Bob himself! Check out a reggae show near you this month in celebration of Bob Marley’s birth day!

Reggae music appeals to many, from its soulful melodies of lovers rock to upbeat ska. Reggae’s universal appeal often links it with love, peace and unity; though its global growth can be traced back to Jamaica where its roots began.

Canadian artists are making waves internationally, from Brazil to Serbia. Once unheard-of in Canada, touring was never more accessible now that artists such as Kirk Diamond, Exco Levi and Ammoye are taking their music around the globe.

Lead singer and guitarist David Hinds’ heartfelt humanism and visionary views come through in his unforgettable compositions, particularly his reggae interpretation of Steve Winwood’s “Higher Love (Rasta Love).” For instance, this track calls out for love across nations and races.

DM Kahn, an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and roots reggae producer, is an established name. He crafts his tracks from scratch by recording every instrument and vocal individually before blending them all together seamlessly for YouTube viewing pleasure. You won’t want to miss seeing him perform live! His unique blend of reggae with Latin American rhythms such as cumbia and ukulele will get your foot tapping! A must see group in Vancouver music!

Booking a Band

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Canada adopted reggae music much in the same manner as both the US and UK. Jamaican immigrants arrived in large numbers during the late 50s and early 60s in Toronto and quickly made an impactful musical mark by performing jazz, blues, rhythm & blues and popular dance hall songs such as calypso ska. Residents enthusiastically took up these forms of expression.

Toronto’s Little Jamaica neighborhood quickly developed into one of the world’s premier reggae hubs, featuring clubs such as Club Jamaica, Tiger’s Den and Blue Angel that catered to reggae audiences. Aside from hosting visiting artists and groups such as Byron Lee & the Dragonaires who visited on tour from Jamaican acts such as Rivals Sheiks Cougars etc were established among others that competed against each other to bring audiences their favorite music genres – rivalries were especially fierce between rival ska and rock steady bands among these Toronto black community groups!

In the 1980s, several Canadian reggae artists rose to national and international renown. Leroy Sibbles (of Heptones fame), Messenjah (which included Jamaican rhythm and blues group Sattalites), Nana McLean made their mark both here and in Jamaica; others, such as Dub poet Linton Kwesi Johnson or Toronto Funk Band Crack of Dawn were influential among funk music listeners while remaining close to reggae traditions.

Many artists use reggae music to raise public awareness of social issues. Other songs may address lighter topics like love and socializing. Reggae artists also frequently draw upon religious themes for spiritual messages while advocating responsible use of marijuana (known as cannabis in certain religions).

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Reggae music transcends cultural borders, appealing to audiences of all kinds. Ranging from roots and ska through raggamuffin and rocksteady styles, reggae has inspired generations of legendary artists as well as newcomers alike; evidenced by this year’s Vancouver reggae festival lineup with artists coming from various backgrounds and regions.

Cost of hiring a reggae band depends on performance length and group size; contact one of the local bands listed here to receive a customized quote tailored for your event. When comparing quotes, make sure to consider both experience/skill level of each band member as well as hourly rate when making comparisons.