Sad Music For TikTok Reels

sad music for reels

Sad music often conjures feelings that cause us to feel discomfort, while simultaneously prompting you to reflect upon personal events and memories from the past. Therefore, its use as the soundtrack for films dealing with death and grief provides the ideal scenario.

Studies indicate that those who listen to sad music tend to be more empathic; perhaps this training of the brain through listening.

Dancing on My Own

Any music lover has a playlist full of tunes for every situation: workout songs to motivate workout sessions or romantic ballads for their significant other, but no collection would be complete without some sad tunes for when times get tough.

Robyn’s 2010 hit Dancing on My Own has the power to move us. The song chronicles a man mourning the end of a relationship; its accompanying video directed by Max Vitali features his darkest memories for an emotional edge that gives this tune its dramatic flair.

Though some might find the song depressing, it can serve as an invaluable ally when dealing with unexpected life events – like when your partner must move for work or you experience an unplanned pregnancy – this song serves as an encouraging reminder to remain optimistic.

No matter if you need sad music for reels or some of the top new tracks, this playlist has something for you. From Olivia Rodrigo and Calvin Harris, Conan Gray, Phoebe Bridgers, Harry Styles – there is sure to be something here that can lift your spirits and leave you feeling happier again!

When experiencing the aftermath of a breakup, this song should be on your sad music for reels playlist. Its bittersweet tune speaks about finding strength to move on after love has ended and in its music video director Max Vitali expertly captures both the pain and anguish felt from having lost someone very special to you.

“Stuck With U” has long been used to evoke feelings of longing, coming-of-age and community building in popular culture. Lena Dunham and Allison Williams danced to it during Girls season two premiere as one character discovers they’re gay; Elle Fanning sang it while fleeing her small town on The Vampire Diaries; commuters harmonizing with it went viral in 2019, while it even serves as the official anthem for Philadelphia Phillies baseball team who first performed it during World Series home opener against Boston Red Sox; while it also serves as official anthem for Philadelphia Phillies baseball team who first played it at World Series home opener against Boston Red Sox – officially adopted into Philadelphia Philly baseball franchise as official anthem!

Heartbreak Anniversary

Heartbreak Anniversary is an emotive song that explores the after effects of a breakup and the feelings associated with grieving for an ex. Even after they’ve moved on, some may miss their ex and this TikTok track provides a great platform for people to express themselves post-breakup.

This song offers not only lyrics but an emotionally powerful video as well. The video shows a young waitress struggling with life; she seems lost without knowing who she is anymore and feels she may be losing herself slowly. This song’s lyrics remind people they can overcome challenges and be who they once were again.

Giveon’s song was an instantaneous hit and quickly earned him many new fans who now stream his songs regularly. Included on his album When It’s All Said and Done… Take Time, the track draws from personal experiences from his life that echo heartbreak’s vulnerability; notable features are its complex chords and Chord-Melody Tension which add to its emotional depth.

She Used to Be Mine

This emotive ballad from the Broadway musical Waitress features Sara Bareilles as Jenna. It speaks about a woman struggling with her self-worth after experiencing abuse at home. People love using it in Reels to recall happier memories from times gone by.

This song’s lyrics are truly lovely and get right to the core of matters, providing a moving anthem for anyone who has experienced any type of emotional pain from close relationships. No wonder it has become such a trend on Instagram Reels; listening can transport you back to happy memories or simply give you wanderlust.

People are using this trending audio in many different ways, with romantic Reels about couples being particularly popular. Couples may pair the music with photos showing them travelling or experiencing new places together. Clink your glasses or cups to the beat as you swiftly shift through photos synchronized to music for an impressive Reel experience!

People also love using this sound in Reels about pets, particularly dogs. They create videos of them walking in the snow or hopping around their followers’ yards while showing off their adorable personalities. Sometimes even dressing their pup up in festive holiday costumes to add an extra festive vibe!

This latino sound is ideal for Reels that highlight travel tips, destinations, or simply stunning landscapes. Additionally, pair it with fashion lookbooks or user generated outfit ideas as inspiration to keep viewers engaged. The soothing beats of this trending audio are sure to capture and hold viewers’ attention while keeping them interested. Use it also show off products in more creative ways by rapidly switching images at the same time; or demonstrate new offerings quickly followed by video instruction videos of how they are used.


At times, recovering from a breakup is difficult and takes time, yet it is possible to move on without constantly missing your ex-lover. Lewis Dean offers us this emotional song which depicts all of these feelings so well and comes complete with an outstanding music video which makes the song all the more relatable for its listeners.

Bono, lead singer of U2, wrote this book called “Surrender: 40 Songs, One Story.” This chronicles his life as both musician and activist; including struggles against poverty and AIDS as well as efforts to advance peace and human rights.

Surrender is the internal process of accepting what you cannot change and accepting what lies beyond your reach. Instead of fighting this battle head-on, accepting its inevitability means accepting that there’s nothing you can do about it; so instead focus on what can be controlled and dealt with instead.

Not only can listening to sad music help you surrender, but a ritual may also prove effective in doing so. For instance, writing down something bothersome and then burning it may work, while shattering a coconut symbolizing whatever issue has been plaguing your thoughts can also work well – just make sure your method of release is safe and controlled – otherwise you risk prolonging your suffering further.