Sad Music Violin Meme

sad music violin meme

Sad music violin memes have become a ubiquitous sound effect used in online videos and have attracted many parodies of them, drawing their inspiration from an instrumental track from Over the Green Fields’ soundtrack, Sad Romance.


Sad Music Violin Download (MP3) has quickly become one of the Internet’s go-to meme sounds, as well as being used in various videos and movies. The sad music violin meme serves to mock those who overemote or complain about minor matters that should not require so much sympathy from us; often people will rub their thumb and forefinger together, then pretend they are playing a small violin; some may even make fake violin noises with their mouth to emphasize whining points even further – this hand gesture usually being met with disdain or mock sympathy from us all.

The precise origins of the world’s smallest violin remain unknown, but its development likely originated from an ironic hand gesture used to mock those exaggerating or complaining too strongly or making exaggerated claims. Similar to how people would gesture when seeking sympathy from strangers for bad situations; one person would rub thumb and forefinger together in the shape of a violin to show they did not deserve sympathy from others.

This phrase first made its debut on M*A*S*H TV show in 1978 and then reappeared in several movies and shows thereafter, becoming a common expression in everyday speech and writing. Additionally to virtual violins that exist online today, there exists also a physical violin which may have been invented as early as 1891 and currently displayed at Smithsonian Museum of Natural History; furthermore a Google gadget allows users to make similar hand gestures but with different musical responses.