Sad Songs of the 70s, 80s and 90s

Tori Amos is undisputedly the queen of heartbreak music. Her classic tune will have you weeping with its lyrics about broken hearts and hopelessness; guaranteed to leave you in tears.

This song stands out as one of the most emotive offerings from a band whose sound was founded upon teenage desperation. Although its lyrics poke fun at overblown teenage anxiety, its catchy vocal performance has cemented its place as a classic track.

Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here”

No doubt about it – some sad songs from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s still bring tears to our eyes today. From Adele’s powerhouse ballad to The Shangri-Las’ tragic lyrics, these tracks still manage to stir our emotions even after all this time has passed. Not all sad songs were meant to provoke an emotional response – some may make you uncomfortable due to being too dramatic; indeed some were intentionally meant to do just that! Amazingly these tunes can make us both sad while simultaneously making us laugh with how ridiculous we were back then while listening to these tracks!

Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” remains one of the most heartbreakingly beautiful tracks from the 1970s. Covered by artists such as Natalie Imbruglia, Saint Etienne and Psychic TV among many others – its original rendition remains deeply moving and heartbreakingly beautiful. Written about Syd Barrett’s mental fragility and alienation from his band members; missing him while feeling as if he weren’t present to share in their success together.

It is also about the pressures associated with being a successful musician and the difficulty in remaining true to yourself in today’s conformist culture. A profound yet sad tune.

While the lyrics may be dramatic, the music itself is truly moving. The drums and guitars captivate you while the vocals deliver a superb message. This song serves as an ideal remedy to dealing with heartbreak or loneliness.

Acoustic version of this song from British rock band Arctic Monkeys is just as heartbreaking and moving. Cover versions have been performed by many different artists since Neil Young originally wrote it; its main message focuses on being denied contact with his father due to various circumstances in life; it will certainly bring tears to your eyes! This emotive and moving ballad will definitely move you emotionally and cause tears to fall.

Fleetwood Mac’s “Bell Bottom Blues”

Fleetwood Mac’s version of “Heartbreaker” has become one of the most beloved songs ever, thanks to Eric Clapton and Duane Allman’s amazing guitar work on it. Belinda Carlisle also did a magnificent rendition in 1987; Eric was inspired to write this track by his feelings towards Pattie Harrison (George Harrison’s ex). This B-side of their hit Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs also contains this track.

This beautiful piano-accompanied song exudes deep emotion associated with love. With heartbreaking vocals and piano accompaniment, this track should not be missed by those looking for great 70’s music!

Peter Green died tragically in 2015. He was an incredible guitarist and an integral member of Fleetwood Mac. With such an emotive style of playing guitar and sensitive soul that showed through in his melancholy playing, his playing was deeply emotive. Unfortunately he struggled with fame and drugs which caused him to leave Fleetwood Mac before co-founding another group with Bobby Whitlock called Derek and the Dominoes which was extremely successful but later disbanded due to personal issues within both groups.

Frank Ocean’s “Swim Good”

Ocean’s rendition of this Jimmy Webb song exemplifies technicolor heartbreak on an epic scale. His velvety voice envelopes listeners as he details his broken dreams and grief over losing love; sitar and acoustic guitar add further depth and emotion to this track, one of the most emotional ever recorded.

If there was ever any doubt as to Ocean’s potential as a singer, this album provided definitive proof. Released in 2011, it marked a turning point in his career; prior to this point he had been signed to hip-hop label Def Jam and struggled to find his sound; after its release he received recognition and has gone on to collaborate with artists such as Tyler the Creator and John Legend.

Ocean has been open about his struggles with mental health, and this album stands as a testament to his courage and strength. Even amongst its sadness lies hope for redemption – making this an album anyone looking for an artist’s story should listen to!

Not all sad songs are about romantic tragedy; some focus on the struggle to be different in a conformist society. Hanson’s “Weird” and Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel” are two beautiful examples that do just this, with emotionally impactful vocal performances guaranteed to touch even hardened hearts.

Tori Amos’s “Tear in Your Hand”

Amos has experienced tragedy throughout her life and many of her songs reflect this introspective side of herself, creating cathartic musical therapies as well as moving gifts for fans. Amos’ success lies in her vulnerability – evidenced here with this ballad about mourning the death of loved one that has touched many listeners for decades.

Tori Amos is known as the queen of sad songs, her albums being an array of styles yet all featuring themes of heartbreak and loss. Little Earthquakes was like a musical diary while Under the Pink was about her breakup with Eric Rosse; Boys for Pele was about gods from various civilizations and their views on women; while Strange Little Girls featured covers written by men about female characters while Amos told each story from her point of view – making for some truly heartbreaking listening!

“Enjoy the Silence,” another of her hits, features simple guitar and piano arrangements with hauntingly beautiful lyrics about loss of love and the pain associated with its absence – making it an emotional masterpiece that remains popular for sad songs from 70s artists.

Fleetwood Mac is one of the iconic bands from the 70s with an extensive catalog of sad songs; their most beloved hit being Bell Bottom Blues about grieving for someone dearly lost. A heartbreaking yet beautiful tribute that puts loss into perspective for us all.

This song is perfect when you need some soothing music or are feeling down. It speaks about the heartbreak associated with losing someone close and how long that pain lasts for. A must-listen for those seeking some heartbreak music!