Seven Chords For Taylor Swift

seven chords taylor swift


Taylor Swift is a world-renowned singer-songwriter known for writing or co-writing all her album tracks herself. Her songs offer relatable stories about life’s experiences and emotions that reach across boundaries to her listeners.

Taylor Swift songs are easy to play on guitar, making them ideal for fans and beginners alike. Additionally, you could try her music out on other instruments like the ukulele or piano; but before beginning to learn any Taylor Swift tunes make sure that you familiarize yourself with its chords and strumming pattern first.

Make note that pop songs typically employ repetitive chord progressions in their compositions. David Bennett, an esteemed pianist who recently researched Taylor Swift’s back catalog, discovered that she uses several of the same chord progressions time after time.


Taylor Swift’s lyrics encapsulate everything from new love to heartbreak – widely considered one of the greatest songwriters ever! She has become one of the most revered figures in contemporary songwriting.

Your Instagram feed likely features songs by Taylor Swift as captions for couple photos or group shots; their powerful lyrics serve as an important reminder that even in times of great adversity, we all possess the power to heal ourselves.

There’s only so much heartache one girl can take, and on her eighth album, Swift responds by creating this song to show that she can come back stronger from it all. With lyrics such as, “There’s only so much sass you can take before becoming plain boring” and “Often times it takes just a little push to get where I need to be”, this track captures that feeling of rising above toxic relationships.