Audio Equipment in Orlando

audio equipment orlando

Audio equipment is a type of electronic device that can reproduce and enhance sound. It is used in a variety of applications, including professional audio, music production, and public address systems.

GSE Audio Visual is a full-service supplier of audiovisual equipment and services in the Orlando area. They provide everything from rentals to full-production services for corporate events.

Impact Sound System

Orlando is known as a hotbed for music production and is home to many talented musicians, video game developers, and other artists. These individuals often work in professional studio spaces that are designed to accommodate their unique needs. The space offers a variety of equipment and features to ensure the sound quality is just right. These spaces are also often staffed by professionals who can help with technical questions.

Tekton Design’s Impact Monitor is a small 3-way speaker that produces powerful and impressive sound. It is ideal for larger rooms where it can fill the room with a rich and full sound. The speakers feature a circular array of seven one-inch domes with different high frequency cutoff points. This allows the central dome to perform as a tweeter, while the others produce sounds in the upper midrange and higher frequencies. The design is also effective in reducing comb filtering, which occurs when multiple speakers are near each other.

In addition to having an attractive Scandinavian look, the Impact 400 boasts an array of features that are aimed at music first and not just loudness. It shuns parametric EQs; doesn’t have a bass boost provision (it is ported); uses 1-inch panels for increased box stiffness; has provisions for filter loop mode and augmentation mode both at line level (preamp output) and speaker level; and uses a broad range of continuous low-pass filter adjustments.

A good audio system is an important part of a business environment and can increase productivity. It can also improve customer service, and create a more positive atmosphere. This can be particularly important in call centers and other businesses that require employees to interact with customers. The right audio system can make or break the success of a company.

Whether you need a simple system for a restaurant or a more sophisticated solution for an event, a professional can help you find the right product for your needs. They can provide an accurate assessment of your venue’s acoustics and recommend the best solutions.

In addition to offering a wide variety of AV equipment, Orlando’s companies also provide audio and visual rentals for events and meetings. They offer competitive pricing, efficient orientation on rental equipment, and professionally trained delivery, installation, and production services.

American Audio Visual

Whether you’re planning a small business meeting, large scale social event or complex trade show, American Audio Visual has the equipment and support to help make your event a success. Their team is made up of talented and experienced technical professionals. They have a wide range of equipment that can accommodate any venue and budget.

American Audio Visual has a large clientele and a good reputation in the industry. They also have a lot of fun projects and work with some really cool people. They have a great culture and will stand by you through thick and thin. However, if you’re working on a salaried basis, it can be difficult to get two days off each week. Salaried technicians will typically travel 2-3 weeks per month, and a 70-80 hour week is not uncommon.

Pro Audio Visual is a full-service audiovisual rental company that offers the latest technology for all of your events. They provide everything from sound systems, to lighting and staging equipment. Their passionate team is comprised of experts in project management, sound design, projection, and data display. They also have a full-time staff of technicians and support specialists that are always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Photosound is a leading audiovisual equipment rentals company in the state of Florida, offering everything from a small social function to a 1000+ attendee conference. They have a vast inventory in their Winter Park warehouse, and can handle any size event. They can also provide a professional crew to set up and operate the equipment.

Pro Audio Visual

Professional Audio Visual is a broad term for the various types of audio visual equipment used in businesses, such as display technology, videoconferencing equipment, and projectors. These systems provide a wide range of benefits, including increased productivity and better employee engagement. They can also help reduce costs and enhance customer experience.

The pro AV industry has grown in recent years due to advances in technology and increased demand for digital signage. The global market is also growing rapidly, especially in developing regions. This growth is expected to continue, with projections reaching nearly $140 billion by 2022.

AV technology is a powerful tool for conveying information and increasing audience engagement, but it is not without its challenges. The need for large capital investments, short replacement cycles, and one-on-one training will all act as restraints to the pro AV market over the coming years. Despite these obstacles, the industry is poised for long-term growth.

Pro Audio Visual is a full-service audiovisual supplier that provides solutions for a variety of applications in the Orlando area, from annual conferences or trade shows to more formal global luxury destination board meetings. Its team of professional technicians are experienced in providing a high level of service for any size event, with the highest quality audiovisual equipment.

Its products include projectors, screens, video cameras, microphones, speakers, and lighting. The company also offers a complete line of accessories, such as mounts, stands, and furniture racks. In addition to its equipment, the company has a variety of technical support resources to help its clients choose the best product for their needs.

The company also has a huge selection of musical instruments and sound equipment, from keyboards to guitars and drums. Its inventory includes microphones and recording equipment, as well as DJ turntables and controllers. Customers can browse a variety of accessories for these instruments, as well as software to help them record and edit music. In addition, the store has a wide variety of audio cables and adapters.


Photosound is an AV rental, sales and production management organization located in Winter Park, Florida. Founded in 1955, the company serves a wide variety of events including meetings and conferences for organizations at Central Florida’s finest resorts and local venues and businesses. Whether the event requires a simple projector that can be picked up by the do-it-yourselfer from their warehouse or a complete system capable of delivering 1000 attendees at a major conference facility, Photosound has the equipment capabilities and staff to make it happen.

The company also designs and manufactures specialized imaging equipment for biomedical applications based on optics and photoacoustics. These devices are used in the research and development of medical technologies such as Photoacoustic Fluorescence Tomography (PAFT). They help to improve understanding of disease progression by providing sensitive and high-resolution anatomical images. Whether it’s structural changes from Alcohol Use Disorder, monitoring vasoconstriction during hypothermia, or detecting neovascular formation in cancer, the devices developed by PhotoSound can provide valuable insight into these processes and lead to better diagnosis and treatment.

Aside from the PAFT products, PhotoSound also develops and sells unique OEM electronic components designed for multi-channel parallel data acquisition in photoacoustic imaging systems. The programmable LEGION analog-to-digital converters (ADC) are available in 128- and 256-channel configurations with press fitting SAMTEC connectors for third-party probes or preamplifiers as well as high speed USB 3.0 connectivity to a host computer. They also feature multiple electronic and optical trigger inputs and a user-friendly software development kit.

The engineers and scientists at PhotoSound possess some of the best expertise in the industry with skills ranging from tunable laser development to complex electronic board design for data acquisition and control as well as transducer and sensor implementation. They collaborate extensively with academic institutions worldwide on the development of technologies associated with biomedical optics and photoacoustics.