Where to Buy Guitar Pedal Parts Online

No matter whether it is your first pedal project or something more advanced, there are numerous online sources which provide all the parts and knowledge to ensure its success! Check them out to make your pedal project an ace success!

Solder lugs on each end for use in pedals that use “true bypass”.


Mouser Electronics Component Distribution company sells an extensive selection of pedal components at unbeatably low prices. Their search filter makes finding what you need easy; in addition, their customer service provides assistance in 27 support locations globally – providing help in your native language, currency and time zone.

Pedal knobs, switches and dials can all become damaged from repeated use of pedals, making having spares readily available an invaluable asset in maintaining healthy pedals and creating durable or compact chassis designs.

Replacement pedal parts should always come from a reliable manufacturer or online store, to ensure compatibility with your effect pedal and no problems or incompatibilities with other devices in your rig. Furthermore, purchasing from such sources provides peace of mind knowing the new part will perform optimally in conjunction with its pedal.


These foot switches feature nine electrical terminals (3 poles, double throw). Solder lugs for wire. Commonly found on some Blackstar ™ HT dual pedals.

J-11 Power Cable, 2.1mm x 5mm, WIRE, Position Pole & Reversible is designed to solve the common issue of having a power supply designed for positive center pin usage and pedal that requires negative center pin powering. Simply flipping over the center pin reversal ring will enable your pedal to work with any existing power source.

REVISIT 8 INCH PANCAKE RIGHT-ANGLE PATCH CABLE 1/4″ Tip/Sleeve Shielded Cable for Right Angle Patch Connectors; Perfect for daily-chaining multiple pedals in Thailand.

Stompbox Parts, a retail division of Cusack Music that recently took over Mammoth Electronics when they closed, offers DIYers and makers alike an inviting atmosphere and wide selection of pedal-related components like 3PDT switches and germanium diodes at very competitive prices. Furthermore, delivery can usually occur within days after placing an order!

Stompbox Parts

Pedal Builders Supply is a family-owned business, and they sell everything needed to construct your own guitar effects pedal. Their selection includes parts from various manufacturers as well as tools designed to assist with building. Circuit testers from this manufacturer provide you with an effective tool for diagnosing issues with your pedal’s design or components, with easy plug-in for both output and input jacks on a project pedal. Just connect an alligator clip from the tester’s input lead to the project pedal’s input wire, another alligator clip from its output lead directly onto its output wire, and finally an alligator clip from its ground lead onto its ground wire – that should do it!

Stompbox Parts provides an assortment of stompbox parts, such as capacitors, resistors and diodes, that you can purchase individually or as kits with all of the parts necessary to build specific pedals. Furthermore, these kits offer an ideal opportunity to learn basic pedal construction. Some kits even include enclosures.

Fuzz effects are one of the most popular pedals to build, offering various effects such as fuzz, overdrive, booster and wah. To maximize its potential and make sure that you make the most out of your new pedal you should learn to adjust its controls like gain and tone to make sure that its full potential can be realized.

Stompbox Parts provides most of the components you’ll need for building a guitar pedal, but there are some other resources you may consider shopping from as well. Tagboard Effects offers detailed PCB layouts for perf boards based on popular guitar-pedal schematics; Madbean Pedals features an informative forum as well as quality circuit boards.

Your options for buying parts to build a pedal range from kits and individual components online shopping platforms like Mouser Electronics to eBay where there is often an extensive selection of guitar pedal components available for sale.

Small Bear Electronics

Small Bear Electronics provides the parts and accessories you need for building or repairing pedals of all kinds – be they DIY pedals or already owned. As the first parts supplier dedicated exclusively to DIY pedals, their selection is extensive – everything from obsolete semiconductors to replacement knobs and switches is covered here. Additionally, Small Bear offers chassis options so that your custom enclosures can be manufactured.

The company offers an assortment of power supplies that are essential for running effects pedals, from small compact models that can handle up to 10 pedals without overheating to affordable solutions that make setup quick and simple. Plus, these power supplies help lower pedalbuilding budgets significantly!


This footswitch is a widely used component in effects pedals. Featuring black construction with brass set screws, and designed after Dunlop Crybaby Wah pedals. When soldered onto PC boards with additional terminals it can act both as an on/off footswitch and momentary switch for more dynamic effects pedal effects.

Right-Angle Patch Cable with 1/4″ Tip/Ring Shield This right-angle patch cable is an essential addition to any pedal builder’s toolbox. Specifically, its purpose is to help overcome the problem of having a power supply with center pin negative and pedal that requires center pin positive, making this cable suitable for almost every pedal in existence.

LED, RED, WATERCLARGE, SINGLE-POLE AND NORMALLY OPEN This standard waterclear red LED can be found in many effects pedals. Measuring 5mm in diameter, its light output reveals itself when powered and produces a brilliant red hue when off – perfect for creating any shade or brightness you wish.

The company also sells other accessories and components, including various potentiometer types. Furthermore, they carry several brands of power supplies at competitive prices.


Tayda started out as just another general components store in Thailand, but quickly caught the attention of the DIY community for their affordable prices and expansive selection. Since then they’ve expanded into pedal parts such as 3PDT switches and germanium diodes; shipping is fast and cost-effective with DHL options available should your shipment require priority.

Guitar pedals can take quite the beating from gigging and rehousing, so having spare parts ready may be beneficial to repair work. Knobs, switches and dials tend to break easily; having replacements handy will make fixing your pedals much simpler. Spare power cables may also come in handy for quick battery swaps between songs.

This guitar pedal boasts an exceptional dynamic response, giving your signal an enhanced boost and sound. Additionally, its volume control enables you to tailor its amount of drive from soft overdrive to full-on distortion.

Popular among DIY enthusiasts, this overdrive pedal can add extra gain or create subtle overdrive sounds. With three different clipping options and a clean mode feature, its versatility ensures it can meet the needs of many situations.

The RAT distortion pedal offers a classic Marshall-type high-gain distortion effect ideal for metal or grunge music. Additionally, this device comes equipped with dual loop capability and four tone settings that can be customized.

These two pedals are essential tools for any effects enthusiast. The EQ-1 provides an outstanding spectrum of frequencies spanning midrange to bass guitar frequencies with ease and is great for bass guitar players. Meanwhile, EQ-2 serves as an alternative EQ-1 offering classic to modern sounds with ease.

This pedal is an efficient buffer which restores high frequencies degraded by long cables and pedal chains, making them essential components of any pedal. Available in various colors to match any enclosure, its circuit is straightforward to build and can even be mounted under its foot platform for optimal positioning.