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House music has its roots in the late 70s and early 1980s. It evolved from Chicago’s ghetto house genre to Detroit techno, Miami bass music and UK garage rock.

Deep house, also known as soulful house, is a subgenre of house music that emphasizes traditional instruments and vocals with often an added jazzy twist.

Masters At Work – “Found Love”

Masters At Work is the result of Louie Vega and Kenny Gonzalez’ collaboration, featuring New York house music veterans Louie Vega and Kenny Gonzalez producing and remixing songs by artists such as Brand New Heavies, Stephanie Mills, Neneh Cherry, Donna Summer and Saint Etienne.

Their style is a blend of hard house and soulful music, featuring smooth vocals and uplifting acoustics. They have become one of the most sought-after acts in house music, keeping their signature sound relevant today. Their latest album, Our Time Is Coming, serves as proof that their eclectic approach continues to remain popular and sought-after.

The classic MAW track “Found Love” is one of Blaze’s most beloved hits, featuring smooth vocals and uplifting acoustics with an uptempo beat that will have you tapping your feet in celebration. The song has become one of their most popular worldwide. If you’re just getting into MAW music, be sure to check out their album of original tracks entitled The Album which showcases their passion for creating quality music as well as their dedication to sharing it with fans.

Blaze – “Ride The Rhythm”

Soulful house is a genre that stays true to the music that created rave culture back in the 1990s. It takes classic house’s funk and groove and adds smooth vocals with an upbeat beat that will get you moving on the dance floor. This genre keeps the soul of house alive while continually improving it each year.

Blaze’s classic soulful house track, ‘Found Love’, ticks all the right boxes: soft vocals, uplifting acoustics and an infectious groove that will get everyone moving no matter their style. Its funky tempo and India’s legendary lyrics make this timeless gem sampled and remixed countless times – guaranteeing it will become a staple of your set if played correctly! DJ Yellow’s remix of On The House and Marshall Jefferson’s ‘Ride The Rhythm’ is another must-have for every Glitterbox party: DJ Yellow’s remix of On The House and Marshall Jefferson’s classic mid-80’s hit featuring deep piano rifts as well as an upbeat solo that still has power to get people dancing today.

Dennis Ferrer – “Sandcastles”

Dennis Ferrer is one of those rare artists who masterfully blends Techno and Soul music. A Bronx native, Ferrer has been an influential force in the house scene since its infancy. He’s collaborated with legendary names like Jerome Sydenham, Kerri Chandler and Masters At Work as well as founding both Sfere Records (co-founded with Kerri Chandler in 1998) and Objektivity–an avant-garde imprint launched in 2006.

Ferrer is an internationally-renowned DJ who plays gospel, Brazilian, jazz and soulful house music. In 2009 he was named Deep house Artist of the Year on Beatport’s chart; furthermore his portfolio boasts numerous productions under his belt.

In 2003, Ferrer joined forces with Jerome Sydenham on “Sandcastles”, which quickly gained steam on the dance floor. Filled with soul but also featuring an energetic techno backbeat, this track became Ferrer’s breakout hit and catapulted her career into high gear.

Years later, these two producers are still producing stunning material on Sydenham’s Ibadan label. Their latest effort, “No Difference”, may appear simple enough with retro drum patterns and repetitive vocal lines, but it’s the smattering of piano keys that add real flavor!

Though still relatively young, Objektivity is already making waves with its deep and cutting-edge house music style. It’s a label that doesn’t take itself too seriously but instead embraces the timeless nature of great music.

Sydenham’s label represents a more melodic side than the usual afro-house found in New York club scenes. Launching with 10″ Beat releases such as “Timbuktu” and the crossover hit “Sandcastles”, these marks the start of what would become his signature style of Tech-house music.

Dennis Ferrer and Jerome Sydenham founded Objectivity in 2006 as an independent record label with a singular focus on songwriting. Both believe great songs are timeless classics that should be sought out by any music enthusiast.

Dave Lee – “Ride The Rhythm”

Dave Lee has been widely acclaimed as the “King of Soul House” for over a decade, leading the UK’s soul house scene. A pioneer and prolific compiler, his award-winning eclectic style and productions have won him many international hits and taken him around the World.

Dave Lee, better known by his stage name Joey Negro, has earned a reputation for creating music that not only hits hard on the dancefloor but is deeply spiritual in essence. This sound can be found in various forms from DJ mixes to full length disco albums.

Lee’s latest offering in the ‘Produced with Love’ series sees him team up with artists such as Destiny II and Leroy Burgess to bring us an array of soulful house tunes. The result is a wonderfully diverse collection that draws on various genres from disco to jazz to smooth soul.

Startling you in with a beautiful neo-soul gem, ‘Ride The Rhythm’ is an instant hit. East Coast Love Affair’s dreamy vocal work (who recently made their debut via a lovely lovers’ rock cover of Eddie Kendricks’ ‘Date With The Rain’) fits perfectly alongside deep and soulful grooves here; from gospel tones on ‘Another Day’ to electric techno jazz on ‘Binary Funk Infusion’ – this album truly leaves one feeling heart-swelled.

Nite Jewel offer up a flawless vocal rendition of Alex Smith’s classic ‘Confess To You’ for the flipside, creating an almost perfect chunk of 80s soul/deep house fusion that sounds like an uptempo summer anthem waiting to happen. Completed by soft synthesizer chords and drifting sax solo, this track will keep the dance floor rocking all night long.

Jakarta’s Freerange label owner makes for an apt choice and this Z Records release. Don Jimspter and Detroit superstar Andres’ remixes are expertly crafted, creating a happy atmosphere that radiates from the music.