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No matter your mood or purpose, royalty-free soul music has something to suit any content imaginable. Browse through our videos below and discover the perfect beats for your next project!

Q-Tip, Phife Dawg and their A Tribe Called Quest friends fill a frame that could not feel more Windows 95 in this entertaining A Tribe Called Quest video. It’s one of the greatest posse cuts you will ever see!

Present Time

Present Time is a royalty-free soul music track designed to add an elegant and sophisticated tone to short films, YouTube intros and teasers. This jazzy piece includes shakuhachi flute sounds, electric guitar strums and vinyl sound; making it suitable for romantic videos as well as lifestyle vlogs.

The song features an invigorating yet relaxing atmosphere with soft guitar beats, deep bass, and piano accompaniment – ideal for fashion or travel montages as well as business presentations, corporate explainer videos, podcasts and presentations of any kind. There are various versions available including instrumental and full versions; with or without lyrics.

Vinyl Cafe provides a groovier soul sound for your fashion or travel vlogs and social videos, giving them an urban and relaxing vibe with its laidback jazzy sound – ideal for night lounge scenes in short films! Additionally, this track can also be used as background music in slideshows or summer montages; corporate explainer videos; real estate presentations etc.

Vinyl Cafe

Stuart McLean and his CBC radio show The Vinyl Cafe delighted listeners for over two decades with tales about an imaginary Toronto family and its eccentric residents living in their small town. While it often drew comparisons to Garrison Keillor’s Prairie Home Companion, McLean’s humor is much more offbeat and playful.

McLean creates characters that combine quirky with ordinary, all brought to life through his soothing voice. His words capture listeners’ imaginations and cause nods of understanding, sparkles in eyes or even outright laughter from listeners; his stories may even encourage listeners to explore new areas in their own lives.

McLean began as a journalist before creating the Vinyl Cafe; his writing is grounded in storytelling. His pieces often touch upon sensitive issues such as sexism and ageism while remaining engagingly candid for today’s audiences, making this show ideal for families or teenagers to watch together without risk of embarrassment or discomfort.

One of the main draws of Vinyl Cafe is live performances by local musicians, poets and comedians. Additionally, the store serves as a community center with events like hip-hop nights and gigs for local artists. Furthermore, its goal is to live up to its name by offering coffee and tea alongside music gear for purchase.

Vinyl Cafe stands out by emphasizing Canadian culture and history. The show has traveled throughout Canada extensively, is available for download through iTunes Canada and Zunior Audio Books respectively and even boasts its own YouTube channel with clips from past performances as well as interviews.

The Vinyl Cafe was an enormous hit in Canada and quickly made waves in America as well. Broadcast on CBC Radio and in theaters across the nation, and featuring numerous companion books such as Home from the Vinyl Cafe and Secrets from the Vinyl Cafe.