Banjo Accessories

As soon as you’re ready to pick up the banjo, there are a few essential accessories you need: a gig bag, strap, picks and tuner. Depending on what kind of music you prefer you may also require capo and/or metronome accessories. Resonator banjos typically feature open G tuning; to adjust to other keys you will […]

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Bass Guitar Electric

Bass guitar electric is a type of instrument which uses an electromagnetic pickup to produce sound. This instrument is often utilized within bands to create music and convey messages or stories. Equalization (EQ) is an invaluable resource for bass guitarists, enabling you to adjust the frequency ranges in their tones. Body and Neck A bass

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Guitar Shops Near Me

Great mom & pop vibes and packed to the brim with only high quality instruments. They also have a good selection of guitar effect pedals. Slappers should love the EB-0’s passive pickup configuration; rockers will appreciate its humbucker in the neck position. Mahogany-bodied basses typically sound warmer and a little more mellow than alder or

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The Basics of Musical Instruments Horns

The horn is a brass instrument that has a wide tonal range and an expressive quality. It is one of the most popular musical instruments in orchestras and is also used in chamber music. Early horns were made from brass and were inspired by the animal horn. They were difficult to play, however, because they

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