Fender Jazz Bass Pickups

Fender’s Contemporary Active Jazz Bass features two noiseless Samarium Cobalt pickups to deliver full range grit for all styles of playing. Furthermore, its compound modern C-to-D neck shape and black hardware add the final touches. Jazz Bass pickups feature short, squat coils with reverse windings and reverse polarities, designed to eliminate hum when blended together […]

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The Banjo and Jazz

Though now associated with rural mountain music, the banjo has a rich heritage dating back to Africa’s Pan-African culture. Minstrel shows popularized the banjo in America through offensive performances that featured white performers dressed up like black slaves to represent African slaves as caricatures, and this led to its widespread use. Although these performances were

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Jazz Bass Pickups

No matter if you’re starting from scratch or adding some serious growl to an existing instrument, Jazz Bass pickups from trusted brands like DiMarzio or Lace Sensor will help give it that distinctive tone you crave. Peruse our selection for something suitable. Many of these sets come equipped with individual pickup-level knobs and an overall

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The Guitar Bass 6 String is a Great Option For Jazz Players and Those Who Prefer Fingerstyle Playing

The guitar bass 6 string can be an ideal option for jazz musicians who favor fingerstyle playing or those looking for something with more low end. Usually tuned an octave lower than standard basses. Be mindful that a 6-string bass is still a bass and should be treated accordingly; tuning it like a guitar could

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Music Soul Jazz

Music soul jazz fuses influences from gospel and R&B music into its sound, often with a funky rhythm and bass lines that shuffle, swing or stutter. Soul jazz first gained widespread recognition during the early to mid 60s after organist Jimmy Smith – often considered to be its precursor – adopted a more funky sound

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