The Best Dance Music of 1999

This song’s rhythmic singing and lively beats make it perfect for dance music. Featuring Latin elements that will get people moving passionately while remembering back to the 90s.

Backstreet Boys proved they could still compete in an age of boy bands with this classic track featuring their iconic choreography and iconic lyrics.

Cotton Eye Joe

Though its lyrics appear straightforward, “Cotton Eye Joe” has been subject to various interpretations over time. Originating in the South where it became a favorite among black slaves and white farmers alike, the song eventually spread across America at square and barn dances where its tune became a regular feature alongside fiddle music.

Cotton Eye Joe was a mysterious charmer who lured away his girlfriend, whom he laments has long since been his spouse had not come along and stolen their hearts away from him. Different versions of the tale describe him as being both handsome and strong who quickly fooled many women before riding off into the night with their hearts still attached to him.

Rednex, featuring Swedish producers Janne Ericsson and Orjan Oberg as members, released their version of “Cocoon” in 1994 alongside a controversial music video depicting them dressed up as hillbillies playing the song during a hoe-down. This caused some outrage among groups that felt Rednex perpetuated stereotypes of American culture; later that same year Canadian hockey team Guelph Storm discontinued using it at games due to concerns over its racist origins.


1999 saw dance music evolve into an eclectic amalgam of genres and grooves, from sweaty nightclubs to festival grounds; dance songs filled the airwaves with unforgettable melodies that would impact music for years after.

This track stands out as an unforgettable tune – an infectiously catchy Eurodance hit which achieved global recognition. It serves as an incredible example of how one song can profoundly alter how we view an artist or genre.

Frank and Christian Berman (commonly known as the Berman Brothers) produced this track, earning themselves a place as pioneers of Eurodance music with Real McCoy’s top 5 Hot 100 hits “Another Night” and “Run Away,” as well as Amber’s debut album, This Is Your Night. Pairing Amber up with three iconic dancefloor goddesses such as Cindy Lauper, Kylie Minogue, and Lisa Stanfield proved an inspired choice by these producers.

As 2013 progressed, Amber was well on her way to becoming an international star. Her next CD, Naked, marked a major step forward for the talented singer. Released under her own label JMCA Enterprises, Naked went beyond commercial producer-driven first set to reveal a more profound singer with songs that touched on more difficult themes that typically shy away from dance music – these literate yet often unabashed songs showed Amber had an irreverent soul that defied expectations.

Everybody Everybody

Before its time, ‘Everybody Everybody’ brought club music back into life with soul and energy similar to what rock did during the Seventies. Additionally, its release inaugurated an era of crossover pop-house crossovers and big-beat spins beyond rave revolution.

The song first emerged as an iconic New York club track in 1989 and still commands dancefloors today. Written and performed by The Chembros, its combination of house, funk, and hip hop made an immediate impactful statement well before rave culture emerged – remaining one of the greatest and infectious club songs ever written.

Katrin Quinol of France caused controversy when her music video depicting French model Katrin Quinol squatting and lip syncing along to vocals while wearing a unitard caused quite an uproar about gender representation in dance music. Jean Carey of St Petersburg Times called Quinol “six feet tall, very skinny with cobalt-blue eyes” adding that her appearance in this clip proved models were often used as props in videos.

Long before Diplo became an international superstar, his Cambridge-born brothers provided a softer yet defter take on dance tropes with classical elements and an approachable twee mentality that brought warmth and humanity to genres that might otherwise feel sterile and distant. Their debut LP can be considered the Kanye West of mid-00s Euro dance; EDM fans should listen to it for some much-needed human warmth and relatability.

This Is Your Night

At a time when singles reign supreme, dance albums still hold power and relevance in our culture. This collection spans five decades and numerous BPMs in its pursuit of dancefloor greatness.

The second album from the world’s most celebrated robots is an irresistibly upbeat affair of auto-tuned machine love tales, French Touch magic and timeless sounds that appeal to clubbers and shut-ins alike. Standout tracks like “One More Time,” the motivational “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” anthem and dynamic friction of “Face to Face” create an exhilarating dancefloor opus.

David Guetta compiled his mid-00s Euro dance music selection before unlocking his pop life, drawing you in with its mesmeric four-on-the-floor kick patterns, house-influenced bleepy bloops and warped vocals that created an entirely unique aesthetic despite using traditional instrumentation. If ever skinny-jeaned generations needed an introduction into how to dance like raver, this song provided it. Featuring Britney Spears, it reached the top of the Rhythmic Top 40 chart worldwide and number one status in Israel; additionally it appeared on A Night at the Roxbury soundtrack as remixed version topped UK charts in January 1997 while Tommy Boy Records unveiled 11 vault remixes of this track for public consumption for the first time ever in 2023.


ZAYN explored his own emotions through this powerful track, exploring heartbreak and insomnia with haunting melody and emotive delivery that created an impactful tune that resonated with listeners who experienced similar struggles. ZAYN used this song as an outlet to help individuals cope with these experiences more freely.

Faithless’ 1995 classic ‘Insomnia’ can be appreciated by even casual clubbers, thanks to its timeless music. The atmospheric track’s long build, big drop formula was immensely popular during that era, while it remains an unforgettable anthem on dancefloors worldwide. Maxi Jazz’s spoken words about struggling to sleep resonated strongly with clubbers; combined with heartbeat buildups and relentless synth stabs it became an international success and achieved international recognition.

Soon afterwards, the UK experienced its own dance music explosion. 1999 brought with it a diversity of genres and grooves that would go on to influence dance music for years – whether you enjoy uplifting trance, tech house or hardcore techno there was sure to be something out there that got your booty moving! Below we have listed some of our favourite tunes of that year.

Show Me Love

Not only did this classic set of Euro dance music help establish DJ/producers Guetta and Garraud as superstars, but it also demonstrated that language barriers don’t matter when it comes to electronic music. With party jams, cheeky dance numbers, and frenetic moments galore – when EDM producers like David Guetta wanted a quick boost of energy to get them dancing they turned to this timeless collection of global club sounds!

No surprise here – this album is the second-best-selling dance record of all time. Reissue of 1999 compilation features remixes from some of era’s biggest hits such as garage duo Shanks “More Than Friends” and Kim Petras chart-topping hit “Alone.”

At a time when music industry news was often dire, this collection of uplifting tracks brought joy and hope to many. It became a huge success both domestically and abroad – demonstrating electronic music’s transformative potential to uphold and unite us all.

Before Diplo was an internationally known DJ and producer, he collaborated with two random white dudes plus a cartoon Jamaican to craft this sultry dance-hall hit. Their unapologetic mix of rap, piano house, and Mozart provided an unexpected yet refreshing alternative to the overt EDM that had become the standard at that time. This record proved its worth!