The Piano Playing Homeless Man

piano playing homeless man

An international piano playing homeless man has touched people worldwide through his musical talents, receiving letters and emails from people all around the world.

Donald Gould was introduced to Sarasota’s sidewalk pianos by chance in 2015 and began playing. A passing passer recorded this event and it soon went viral, turning him into an overnight celebrity while helping transform his life and create change in Sarasota.

Donald Gould

Donald Gould is a former Marine and pianist who became homeless due to an addiction to drugs. However, his life was changed dramatically when a video of him performing Styx’s “Come Sail Away” on a street piano went viral and earned tens of millions of views, opening many doors for him in life and helping him give back to the community that has given so much.

Donald is an extraordinary musician with extensive musical training who studied music theory. He has performed for various local organizations like Senior Friendship Center and Turning Points as well as fundraising and charity events throughout Sarasota, Florida. Donald stands as an inspiration to everyone by giving back to their community in meaningful ways.

He has been an inspiration for people worldwide and his story has brought joy and happiness to many people. Since being featured on media outlets like Inside Edition, his remarkable life story has inspired even more people and led to invitations from major events like San Francisco 49ers season opener as well as NHK Toko Doga Japanese television show guest host Ted Williams radio show guest host Ted Williams who later invited him off the streets and into living with his partner – as well as getting off drugs completely and moving in together with her!

Donald has never given up his dreams despite their challenges; rather he continues to strive to bring happiness and hope to others through music – having even released an album entitled Walk On Water featuring songs about his experiences.

GoFundMe campaign set up in his name and raised over $40.000, enabling him to attend rehabilitation and get another chance in life. Since then, he is working hard providing for his family as well as continuing to play piano for fans around the world.

Donald Gould is an incredible source of motivation. His story shows that with determination and the right motivation and attitude, anything is achievable. We all face struggles in life, yet everyone deserves a second chance – which is why Donald decided to share his story. Today he is living a happy and healthy father life after rebuilding it with support from supporters – we wish him every success in future endeavors and look forward to following his artistic endeavors as they unfold! As an amazing artist himself we wish him continued success – his newfound fame will hopefully allow him to keep dream alive – which we hope means keeping up his artistic dreams alive! Good luck Donald! We love you!

Shane Arcand

Since June, a bearded piano player has been playing on a street corner in Sarasota, Florida for tips. Since then, his video of him performing “Come Sail Away,” from stadium rockers Styx has gone viral online with over 3.6 million views on Facebook alone! Additionally, this musician also portrays Scott Cardinal on Heartland CBC series and Victor Merasty on Blackstone series respectively.

Thomas Thomas

Thomas the Tank Engine is an iconic children’s television show, watched by millions in over 120 countries worldwide. It teaches timeless lessons such as discovery, friendship and cooperation – although sometimes Thomas may get into mishaps; eventually he always learns valuable life lessons that he can apply in everyday situations. Furthermore, this show promotes healthy lifestyle habits among its viewers by encouraging children to be physically active.

Donald Gould is better known as “The Homeless Piano Man.” A multi-platinum musician with credits including Styx and Boston Pops Orchestra, Gould relocated to Sarasota Florida after losing both of his spouse and son due to substance abuse; since then he has built up an entertainment career and performed on stages all around the globe, including performing at Sarasota Opera House.

Thomas is the star of popular children’s series Thomas and Friends, which has aired since 1989 in the US. Available as DVD, Blu-ray, and digital television formats, Thomas has garnered positive reviews both from critics and children. Thomas is beloved character on Sodor, making friends with all other engines while occasionally taking inappropriate advice from Sailor John or Ace – yet doesn’t like fish smell at all!

Thomas first made an appearance in 1946 in a book written by Sir Awdry and painted teal green with white lining and bearing his railway’s initials LBSC and number 70 on its side. Later, at Sodor Steamworks, blue paint was applied and several versions of Thomas models were created, one which initially had an incorrect running board which was later corrected in subsequent editions of books.

Thomas frequently makes warbling whistles when pausing before tooting – believed to be steam engine equivalents of snoring – as part of narrating the show. In an episode called Too Loud, Thomas lost his voice and started making random whistling sounds when pausing between toots, raising concerns that this might harm young viewers. Although eventually resolved in story form, it did lead to concern that this may cause harm.

Producers have endeavored to remain faithful to the original books while making some changes that take into account modern sensibilities. Britt Allcroft began producing Thomas in 1984 on BBC in the UK with Ringo Starr serving as guest storyteller; in the US it first aired as segments on Shining Time Station starting in 1989 with Starr also acting as Mr. Conductor (voiced by him himself in US version). Over time other celebrities like Alec Baldwin and Pierce Brosnan have joined as storytellers on Shining Time Station; additionally it hosts its own events called Day Out With Thomas where families and budding engineers alike can ride replicas of Thomas in person while engaging in railroad-themed activities together!