Tom Misch – Love Songs From His Debut Album Geography

Tom Misch’s musical style fuses jazz, R&B, funk and hip-hop genres together into something instantly compelling and addictive. His compositions create grooves and melodies with uncanny ease, instantly engaging audiences.

His musicianship spans multiple disciplines; from producing beats and writing songs, to guitar licks steeped in jazz and soulful vocals that capture different emotions.

Man Like You

Tom Misch’s version of Patrick Watson’s classic track stands out by using an acoustic guitar and ambient violins for a dreamy song about finding peace amid life’s chaos – how it can sometimes feel overwhelming while realising you are part of something bigger.

Misch’s beautiful love song, Geography, displays how well-versed in creating his own sound within the genre of love songs Misch can be. Soon after comes Movie which sees him step it down with production that could easily fit onto any 90s R’n’B album – an important sector of Geography showing his variety in styles and facets to his music.


After years of posting tracks on Soundcloud and contributing to Beat Tape mix compilations with established artists like Loyle Carner, London-bred multi-instrumentalist Tom Misch finally has something worth talking about: his debut album Geography. Proving himself as more than just another flash in the pan, his collection of sophisticated yet soulful songs on Geography are testament to Tom Misch’s talent; prior projects showcased this style but Geography marks Misch fully embracing neo soul genre as part of its repertoire.

From his debut track ‘Before Paris’ onwards, Misch sets forth with an array of smooth R&B jams. Boasting guitar licks drenched in jazz and hip-hop beats reminiscent of J Dilla and D’Angelo, his production is professional yet contemporary – “Lost In Paris” being an easily dancefloor-friendly banger while more subdued ballads like Moviee and Cos I Love You will show the depth of his voice as never seen before!

Misch closes his album on an exciting note with “Disco Yes”, a track that highlights both his love for disco music as well as showcasing his versatility as an artist. There is even a nod to Stevie Wonder in this track which further enhances Misch’s image as an insightful youngster. Not often can an album create such a grand image of people coming together and laughing and loving one another but this is exactly what Misch has accomplished with Geography.