Top 10 Dance Music Videos of 2018

5 Seconds of Summer’s “Bandana,” from their album Barnabas, became one of the year’s inescapable songs with its colorful video that made dancing along fun as much as singing along.

J-Hope stole the 2022 MAMA Awards stage with his captivating rendition of Jack in the Box, giving ARMY an exclusive look into its making through an exclusive dance practice video for “MORE.” Watch here.

1. Blood Orange – “Stay With Me”

Few music video genres generate as many views as dance hits do – “Baby Shark Dance” and the new version of Psy’s Gangnam Style standout as two such examples, both ranking among YouTube’s highest-viewed videos ever.

Florence + the Machine’s latest music video is an exquisite example of how images can complement music. Shot on 16mm film at an ornate locale, it begins with a low-angle perspective of a winding staircase before progressing through various rooms within this grand building until finally ending up outdoors.

Toro Y Moi’s single, “Psych-Funk Dance Hit,” is an irresistibly catchy psych-funk dance track featuring an alluring beat and periodic electric yelps that recall Bootsy Collins. BlackPink member Jennie Kim as well as Canadian visual artist Grimes make special guest appearances on this slinky tune.

Chicane released his timeless summer anthem “Time After Time” back in 1997, making it an icon among dance music fans and an irresistibly catchy summer dance anthem. Armin van Buuren and AVIRA modernized this timeless track into a Balearic dance classic for 2022 playlists everywhere.

2. Beyonce – “Countdown”

Beyonce’s CoS Top Star-earning album 4, 4, features one of her most captivating videos to date: Countdown. With retro horns and counting chorus adding retro flavor, its retro sound enhances its musical punch while intricate dancing, couture dresses, thigh high boots, and jaw dropping set designs reveal her unwavering commitment to her craft.

No wonder the video became an instant cult classic! It featured iconic pop-culture references like Audrey Hepburn, Jennifer Beals, Marcel Marceau and Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s striking dance moves from Rosas Danst Rosas and Achterland – two copyrightable works.

This incredible video not only pays tribute to Black women’s power and beauty, but it also criticizes a canonical misogynistic genre of music. Reversing male cataloging of female conquests by portraying Beyonce as wearing all colors of the rainbow while emphasizing her internal contradictions is truly beautiful and deserves its own celebration in 2022.

3. Migos – “Walk It Talk It”

Migos joined forces with Drake on an infectious dance track and video that pays homage to Soul Train from the 1970s TV show Soul Train. Directed by Daps and Quavo, this clip shows Migos wearing wigs as they perform Culture Ride — with Jamie Foxx as Ron Delirious from Don Cornelius playing host Ron Delirious while labelmate Lil Yachty makes an appearance as well.

Migos recently teased this song via TikTok and Twitter teases posted in February 2022.

Toro Y Moi has created another stellar indie dance track with this one, featuring slinky psych-funk beats, tambourine, and Bear’s soothing vocals. The video is exquisitely shot, including imagery and electric yelps; check it out below – this song is sure to put an end to those pesky winter blues and usher in summertime in style!

4. Blood Orange – “Islands”

Recently I saw Blood Orange perform at Coachella and it was amazing! His energy and connection with his audience really set off a magical festival experience – I highly recommend seeing him live!

The masters of surreal indie electronic music have unleashed another song and video! This track boasts a smooth psych-funk groove featuring tambourines and Bootsy Collins-esque electric yelps; making this track an absolute must-listen for fans of indie dance music!

Florence + the Machine’s track “Whispering Trees” is an outstanding example of pairing imagery and music together. Their music video is haunting, stunning and epic all at the same time; perhaps an early sign that an album may soon follow?

5. Janelle Monae – “Dancing Feet”

Janelle Monae has always had incredible feet. From choreographed treadmill moves in viral music videos, to interpretive contortions and interpretive contortion performances, her feet have their own distinct style. Her exuberant pop tune “Dancing Feet” provides ample opportunity for lively dancing – this video does just that in a prison environment with dancers flailing and spinning along to its infectious beat – its visuals are stunning, beautiful and creative; making this an incredibly entertaining video experience.

A music video featuring Devonte Hynes’ dance moves and Gia Coppola’s stellar direction is always welcome in today’s culture, but this particular video takes it one step further. Devonte Hynes and Gia Coppola make this music video truly remarkable.

Beirut video’s modern choreography is absolutely breathtaking, its visuals perfectly complimenting its song, and easily justifiable for VMA nomination. An ode to women’s bodies that is both beautiful and empowering; seamlessly transitioning between crunking, swing dance, and vogueing to capture every emotion perfectly.

6. tUnE-yArDs – “Stay With Me”

With its vibrant video and relaxing groove, tUnE-yArDs’ track ‘Soak in the Sun’ will have dance fans longing for summer’s return. Its soothing rhythm and soothing vocals will transport listeners instantly back to an idyllic sunset walk by the sea – providing the ideal soundtrack for an unforgettable Balearic moment you won’t soon forget.

This song’s music video showcases an array of acrobatic dancers from LGBTQ communities as well as women who perform the song with aerial silks. Additionally, its catchy Bootsy Collins-esque beat and intermittent electric yelps add depth and authenticity.

5 Seconds of Summer teased their video clip on TikTok and Instagram throughout February with short snippets, ultimately unveiling it on March 1st just one day before their album was due for release. Director Jack Brown blended 2D animation with 3D-rendered environments into an emotionally compelling video featuring South Korean rapper Jennie Kim wearing elf ears prosthetics as she made an appearance. This holiday themed clip pays homage to East 17’s song from Home Alone 2, making this holiday themed video must-see viewing for dance fans everywhere!

7. Sia – “Elastic Heart”

Sia will bring back “Elastic Heart” in 2022 with a music video featuring actor Shia LaBeouf that may be more explicit than her previous video for it, yet still extremely captivating.

Maddie Ziegler, 12-year-old dancer who featured in Sia’s Chandelier video. This isn’t their first collaboration either; in past videos they demonstrated their moves by dancing around a ring, pool, and even cage as seen here in this one!

Daniel Askill and choreographer Ryan Heffington directed and choreographed a video featuring Ziegler and LaBeouf dancing intensely inside a human-sized cage, giving off an Exorcist vibe; their movements possessing animalistic undertones that may explain why some viewers may interpret this clip as having sexual overtones.

The track itself is relatively subdued, featuring smooth psych-funk with occasional electric yelps. Furthermore, its video is very artistic and visually attractive.

8. Missy Elliot – “Dance Party”

Missy Elliott returned in 2022 with a song and video that showcased all her hiphop guilty pleasures, providing fans of early to mid 1990s hiphop an experience from their past. Joined by dancers, 3D scans of pop music, and even industrial metal elements – Missy took fans back for an emotional trip down memory lane!

Toro Y Moi continues to impress this year with an innovative music video, shot and assembled artistically without taking itself too seriously. His song features a smooth psych-funk groove accompanied by bass, tambourine and electric yelps for accent.

Are you feeling stagnant this summer? To shake those blues away and give you that extra pep in your step, here is an essential viewing for all of you who could use a bit of extra excitement this season. iTunes charts are updated daily with the top dance songs which made summer worth your while; their charts reflect worldwide sales data from Apple App Store.