Top 5 Dance Music Love Songs

dance music love songs

Love songs have long been an integral component of dance music, inspiring dancers to sway and sing along with their partner.

From PJ Morton and JoJo’s smooth vocals to Mariah Carey’s emotive lyrics, these romantic songs make the ideal soundtrack for an intimate couples-only dance or your first dance.

Sucker was released in 2020 as one of the latest, upbeat love songs that will get people dancing. Its message speaks about being so in love that it makes no matter where life leads you to follow them.

Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream

Katy Perry’s 2010 album Teenage Dream features this song as its title track and explores themes of youth and adventure through an infectious melodies with lyrics that many can connect with, making this an accessible dance music love song that both teenagers and adults can appreciate.

Max Martin and Christopher “Tricky” Stewart, two prominent names in ’00s pop production, provided production on this track with co-writing by Perry herself; she wrote all tracks on her album herself as well, while several are said to have drawn inspiration from then-husband Russell Brand, especially break-up track “Part of Me.”

The music video for “We Could Dance” stars Perry and her loved one driving along Santa Barbara’s coast while dancing to an infectious beat that can be enjoyed alone or as part of a group dance routine.

Coldplay’s Under the Stars

It’s hard to resist dancing to such an upbeat tune – perfect for first dances and making your date feel special!

Harry Styles’ vocals in this love song will leave you breathless! The tune celebrates being deeply in love and never wanting to let anyone go.

While some Coldplay fans may feel Ghost Stories was too heavily influenced by frontman Chris Martin’s split with Gwyneth Paltrow, “Everglow” serves as an effective anthem of hope and helplessness.

Swedish hitmaker Max Martin co-produced the album and his melodious pop melodies will take your ears on an incredible ride. “Cardigan,” an emotional tune about young love and possible memories of lost romance that may bring up old wounds is certain to move listeners – an ideal selection for slow dancing!

One Direction’s Perfect

After their group split, some fans may be wary of revisiting One Direction; but their new single, Perfect, proves otherwise. With its upbeat dance beat and lyrics that discuss uncontrollable thoughts about a certain someone, Perfect proves they still are perfect!

If you’re in search of an upbeat love song, Latch will give you what you need. The lyrics describe a young woman falling for her soulmate and feeling powerless to live without them; its upbeat instrumentals and charismatic vocalist will have you dancing all the way home!

Are you searching for a romantic song to dance to with your partner? Michael Jackson’s P.Y.T is sure to get both parties on the dance floor. This classic crooner’s smooth vocals will compel them to move to dance along.

Big Time Rush’s Fall

Nickodeon’s hit show Big Time Rush first premiered over 12 years ago, yet its cast remains strong today. Recently, Big Time Rush played at Madison Square Garden to a sold-out crowd with their hits.

TikTok star Dixie D’Amelio began the show by revving up the audience before Big Time Rush took their places on stage to perform both new and fan favorite songs from their repertoire.

Their performance included their 2019 song Fall. This song speaks about falling for someone and wanting to spend each day together; with its upbeat beats and catchy lyrics making this a great love song to dance along to with your partner. Also featuring vocals by PJ Morton and JoJo, Fall will leave you feeling happy and inspired – listen here to listen for yourself.

Little Mix’s Love Me

Little Mix made headlines around the globe when they won the inaugural season of X Factor as the first girl group ever, taking over all hearts around them with their explosive music and charismatic performance. Though their career has experienced setbacks due to misogyny and excessive control from former labels, Little Mix remains an international force to reckon with.

Black Magic, their debut single from their latest album Confetti, was released in May and has quickly taken over radio stations and playlists worldwide. This track showcases their signature girl power and sass while still sounding fresh and new. Their second single Love Me Like You showcases their vocal range and musical style while discussing an ex you can’t shake from your mind with its catchy chorus that perfectly balances sultry and catchy elements – you won’t help dancing along to this track!

Selena Gomez’s Like a Love Song

Selena Gomez made her musical video debut for Good For You last Friday. In this provocative clip, the 22-year-old stripped down to her essentials while showing off her Pantene-approved locks in various scenes that showed off her toned midriff while she danced around on the floor.

This upbeat song with its Euro disco rhythm recalls Gomez’s 2011 hit Like a Love Song and may contain lyrics about Justin Bieber, her former flame.

Gomez caused controversy for using horses in her video, yet her spokesperson revealed that nontoxic, vegetable based paint was used on them.

The Jackson 5’s Good Times

Upbeat dance songs can bring about romantic love or general feelings of happiness in no time at all, not to mention they make great additions to a wedding reception! Not only will your friends and family love dancing to them, but these selections will add that extra touch that your guests won’t soon forget!

This track from The Jackson 5’s album Good Times highlights their distinctive sound. More upbeat and with more interesting production choices than earlier material from them, this song provides a good sample of their distinct style.

This song is an elegant love song that tells of a travelling man finding happiness with his beloved wherever they may go. The beats are fast and fun, making this the ideal track for romantic dance parties or romantic nights out on the town. Both artists’ vocals make this an essential piece for any dance music playlist; its album boasts some interesting production choices to keep it interesting as well.

Michael Jackson’s P.Y.T.

Michael Jackson collaborated with Quincy Jones on writing an upbeat love song for his sixth studio album Thriller that became a classic dance track. Boasting an energetic beat and plenty of percussion instruments, its catchy lyrics can be taken multiple ways; “I want to lov’e you PYT, pretty young thing” in particular can be deeply moving.

This song celebrates being in love and never wanting to let go. It’s perfect for wedding receptions as it gets everyone dancing and may bring back fond memories of past romances. There’s also a version with J Balvin that can up the energy even further; everyone will leave feeling happy and refreshed as this tune reminds them of how much love there is between partners.

Jonas Brothers’ What a Man Gotta Do

This song’s lyrics celebrate being happy, while its instrumentals are energetic. This makes for an ideal track to dance to with someone special – especially as its repetition makes singing along even more rewarding!

The Jonas Brothers first gained recognition with their Disney Channel show Camp Rock and later achieved success as musicians with upbeat love songs such as He Could Be the One.

Nick and Joe Jonas sing into candelabra while Priyanka Chopra mimics Tom Cruise from Risky Business while throwing her head back, all the while Kevin Jonas serenades Danielle Jonas with a boombox, but its tape gets tangled inside, leading to them eventually reconciling and joining forces for an upbeat dance party – before going back on hiatus until returning in 2020.

The Wanted’s Glad You Came

EDM love songs offer an enjoyable dance floor experience with their rhythmic beats and lyrics that tap into those fuzzy feelings inside of you, but there are also more subdued tracks which create romance that are sure to bring out feelings of longing in you.

Ed Sheeran’s 2017 hit Perfect is one example, while John Legend’s Latch by him also stands out. Classic songs like Michael Jackson’s P.Y.T are timeless classics to consider as well.

This upbeat track about being deeply in love soared up the charts, reaching number two in the UK and topping them in Ireland, Japan and Venezuela as well. Additionally, it became the UK boy band’s first top five hit in America and remains their best-selling single to date; additionally it’s an ideal dance love song.