Top 5 Death Metal Female Singers

death metal band woman singer

Maria Brink of In This Moment stands out among metal artists by layering seductive folk-y depth with her doom metal. Aside from being an incredible frontwoman for In This Moment, Brink is also an innovative songwriter and visual artist.

Traditionally, death metal bands focus heavily on vocalists; however, there are many female members present within this genre–such as Alissa White-Gluz who fronted Arch Enemy for several years.

Angela Gossow

Angela Gossow was one of the pioneering female vocalists to debut as a death metal vocalist. She features a mezzo-soprano range with death growls and false cord screams; among her influences are Jeff Walker of Carcass, David Vincent from Morbid Angel and Chuck Schuldiner from Death; she plays keyboards and guitar in In This Moment while Kult Management Ltd provides management services to Arch Enemy.

Gossow is an advocate for female metal musicians. She has spoken out against discrimination within the genre and supports the Equal Rights for All campaign. Gossow identifies as vegan, teetotaler, and non-smoker; having grown up Orthodox Christianity she considers herself atheist for ethical and environmental considerations and practices liberal-green anarchism; she paints professionally under Maria Brink; using art to express her political opinions through art as well.

Gossow began singing professionally since 1991. She first sang for Asmodina and Mistress before joining Arch Enemy in 2000, where her unique approach to growling can be seen on Nemesis >> from Doomsday Machine (2005); here, Gossow begins her vocals quietly before gradually increasing volume until they match those of the instruments playing alongside.

Gossow is involved with numerous charitable and social projects outside her music career, such as supporting the Equal Rights For All campaign and speaking out against discrimination in metal music. She is vegan, teetotaler and non smoker who advocates for female metal musicians.

Gossow enjoys painting and photography in her free time. Additionally, she writes poetry. Gossow has a deep-seated love of animals, participating in PETA campaigns as an activist. Additionally, she creates her own jewelry as well as sings beautifully on guitar and is an incredible influencer to female musicians everywhere.

Alissa White-Gluz

Alissa White-Gluz has earned herself the prestigious designation as one of Revolver’s “hottest metal chicks”, thanks to her impressive singing talent. Currently serving as frontwoman for Swedish melodic death metal band Arch Enemy after replacing Angela Gossow in 2014 as lead vocalist, she can be found both growling and clean vocalizing live performances as well as guesting appearances on power metal, symphonic metal, and deathcore albums – and has performed alongside Nightwish and Tarja Turunen as part of her live performances!

White-Gluz is not only known for her remarkable singing talents; she is also an animal rights activist and environmentalist. She has spoken out against the meat industry and joined PETA – also writing the book, “Fuck the Food Industry”, to highlight her anti-meat message.

She has also made numerous music videos for other bands, including symphonic metal band Kamelot, which features her song “Hands of Gold” on their self-titled album. Additionally, she has guested on albums by Delain and Carnifex bands.

White-Gluz has quickly established herself as one of the most influential female front women in heavy metal. Both critics and fans alike have recognized her powerful voice, earning her critical acclaim and becoming an iconic figure within the genre. Revolver magazine named her one of their four-best female metal singers for 2016.

White-Gluz is unlike many metal vocalists in that she does not fear taking risks with her music. For instance, she has appeared on television shows such as Canadian Idol and MTV’s Made. These performances earned her widespread acclaim – she even gained herself the moniker “Queen of Metal”. Going forward, White-Gluz will continue making an impressionful mark in music world and extending what is possible for female metal vocalists.

Anneke van Giersberg

Anneke van Giersberg is an award-winning Dutch singer known for her expansive vocal range and bold presence on stage. Beginning her career singing children’s songs at local soundmix contests, Anneke soon found herself playing with various bands and developing her signature sound, from screaming high notes to haunting low notes – it is often said her voice haunts listeners! Anneke van Giersberg stands as one of the foremost female rock and metal vocalists today.

She has served as guest vocalist with several bands and Devin Townsend Project live shows, most notably on Addicted (2009/Epiclew/Vantan/2012) albums where she sang most songs; these collaborations included Addicted in 2009/Epiclew/Vantan (2012-14) where she participated with Robert Fripp of King Crimson; John Wetton from Asia (King Crimson); Maynard James Keenan (Tool/APC/PUSCIFER) along with Adrian Belew/U-G-O featuring Sean Kingston; Dann Pursey (Globus/Vantan).

In 1994 she joined The Gathering, an occultic doom band from the Netherlands. Until 2007, when she launched Agua de Annique as her own solo project. Additionally she made guest appearances on Ayreon album 01011001 as one of their alien beings that kidnapped 8 individuals from different times; during these performances they performed under their alter ego Forever.

Another of her projects, VUUR features musicians from The Gentle Storm. Since 2016 this band has been touring Europe and gaining momentum; VUUR plays heavy metal with some symphonic and folk influences and has released two full-length albums and a single to date.

She is also a frequent collaborator of Devin Townsend and can be heard on his albums Addicted in 2009, Epicloud 2012, Sky Blue 2014, Transcendence 2016 and Empath (1919). Additionally she has collaborated with other artists like Robert Fripp, John Wetton, Maynard James Keenan of Tool, A Perfect Circle and Puscifer; U-G-O with Sean Kingston as well as Dann Pursey from Globus and Vantan.

Helen Vogt

Helen Vogt is the female vocalist for Butcher Babies, boasting a deep, rich voice capable of going from playful and harmonic to bold and unbridled with ease. Additionally, she possesses a vast repertoire of growls to fit any song she performs in her repertoire – not only is she singing for Butcher Babies but has also provided backing vocals for bands like Therion and Covenant.

Sharon Den Adel is best known as the lead vocalist of Dutch hard rock band Within Temptation and one of the best-known female-fronted metal singers today, her high-range vocals and light tone making her an appealing choice among metal fans. Her range extends from soft whisper to full-on death growl; boasting an incredible four-octave range.

At her core is an accomplished musician and accomplished songwriter. She has written songs for In Flames and Dark Tranquility as well as collaborated with artists such as Breaking Benjamin, Third Day and Apocalyptica. Additionally she has authored various books on metal music and spirituality.

Alissa White-Gluz is currently frontwoman for Swedish death metal band Arch Enemy, joining them after giving guitarist Michael Amott her demo tape. Her distinctive vocals and screams provide the band with an ideal compliment to its aggressive metal style.

She is one of few female singers to make waves in heavy metal music, renowned for her incredible vocal range that spans from soft whispering to death growls. Fans and critics alike praise her creative use of vocal techniques in her performances.

She has over two decades of experience in the music industry and has performed with multiple bands. Additionally, she has appeared in movies and television shows. When not performing live or recording albums, she enjoys writing and painting in her free time. Furthermore, she actively supports animal rights causes as well as protecting the environment by becoming an avid supporter of Human Rights Defense Fund’s efforts.