Top 5 Genres for Wedding Reception Music

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No matter if you choose a full song for your first dance or forgo the parent-dance tradition altogether, choosing music that resonates can help give your reception that extra spark of energy that keeps guests on the floor (We see you, Ed Sheeran!).

A classic disco hit from the ’70s that still feels retro, this timeless tune will get those dance robots moving.


Pop music is an easy and effective way to get guests dancing on the dance floor at any wedding reception, whether you prefer an upbeat tune with Latin flair or ballad with funky beats. Katie from Music HQ recommends selecting songs everyone knows as this will prevent lulls on the dance floor from occurring.

Here are a few ideas to help you choose a memorable song for your DJ or band to play at your special event.

Camila Cabello has made headlines for her debut single, featuring an infectious Latin beat that will have your guests salsa dancing without even trying! Not to mention, its lyrics speak of love and relaxation–exactly what will happen on your special day!

No one could possibly resist this irresistibly catchy anthem from one of the world’s biggest bands! With its catchy tune and 80s-influenced synths, this song makes an excellent selection for high-energy dance sets or first dances as married couples.

If your wedding will include young guests, include some popular pop hits from the 90s in your playlist. From grunge and dance anthems to boybands and grunge back again – there’s no shortage of hits that would work perfectly, from Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” or Dolly Parton’s Jolene!

Every guest at your wedding likely knows “Gangnam Style,” and for good reason: this South Korean music phenomenon is currently the most-watched YouTube video ever! The acrobatic dancing, featuring galloping and lassoing motions, has inspired memes and parodies, not to mention being simply enjoyable song to dance to!

Pop music plays an enormous role in wedding dance playlists. Be sure to consider your favorite hits when compiling your list! And make sure your DJ or band announces that you intend on playing your special track near the end of the night so everyone knows to head down to the dance floor and let loose!


Country music evokes emotion, making it the ideal accompaniment to many wedding ceremonies. It can both soothe and uphold, with themes of love and commitment especially touching at an event such as this. What’s great about country is its wide array of styles – something for everyone to appreciate at their event.

Start the party off right by playing country dance songs like Blake Shelton’s “Footloose,” Brooks & Dunn’s “Boot Scootin’ Boogie,” or Darius Rucker’s “Wagon Wheel.” These tunes will have your guests moving their boots while singing along!

Make your country wedding even more charming by decorating in a farm or village theme, using logs, stumps, tree rings, hay bales and old carpets as decoration. Invite bands that offer music that fits with this look for performances at your reception; additionally you could add a rustic bar with wooden bars or make a small beer garden using logs and bales as the basis of your bar area – making for an engaging way to welcome guests while giving them a taste of country life!

If your guests are feeling sentimental, consider playing Shania Twain’s powerful ballad as they prepare to enter married life together. Her version embodies how motherly love endures regardless of what may happen in life – the perfect message to send your new spouse as they embark upon their new lives together!

No wedding dance playlist would be complete without some timeless classics like Los del Rio’s timeless and classic “Macarena,” with its catchy call-and-response lyrics and singalong chorus that are sure to get everyone up dancing the night away! Additionally, its multigenerational appeal makes this an excellent song choice for groups comprised of members with differing ages or mobility levels.


Music will set the scene for your wedding from ceremony to reception, but what genre should it be? Genre is as essential to setting an atmosphere as colors or decorations – for an informal affair, rock is perfect while for more serious affairs, ballads can help set an appropriate atmosphere.

If you want everyone to join in the dancing, a song that will get even the least enthusiastic boogie-bopers moving is key. A great option from Fall Out Boy that has an infectious beat and throwback feel could work well for modern couples who enjoy nostalgia.

This lively ’90s throwback song is the ideal way to kick-start any high-energy dance set at your reception. With its catchy lyrics and sing-along chorus, this upbeat tune will have guests moving with excitement; perfect for anyone wanting to show off some serious moves!

This song is an irresistibly catchy mashup of two popular hits that will have your guests singing along and tapping their feet from its first note! Plus, it serves as an ideal transition track between upbeat dance music and slower emotional songs later in the night.

Motown classic The Soaring Vocals of this Motown Classic will make even reluctant dancers get up off of their seats and move. A perfect choice for couples first dances, or any time when you want your guests to reflect upon love and commitment, this song provides the ideal setting.

Your guests will likely recognize this timeless classic song sung by everyone from Bette Midler to Ed Sheeran – its catchy tune and romantic lyrics will have them cheering in unison as they dance the night away with loved ones.


R&B music transcends age, culture and generational barriers – making it the ideal genre to set the atmosphere at your wedding reception. From slow and sensual love songs to up-tempo dance hits, R&B will set a memorable atmosphere on this important day.

As soon as your guests step through the reception doors, you want them to experience romance and intimacy – these R&B love songs will help set that atmosphere from first dance through last song of the evening!

As part of their first dance at their wedding, couples often select songs with sentimental value for them as the first dance song. Perhaps it was when they met or it played when first dancing together on dates; these love ballads will provide guests with an atmosphere of romance and intimacy.

Once the first dance has passed, it’s time to break out into dance mode! These R&B dance songs will have your guests moving to old-school classics by Isley Brothers, Kool & the Gang and Earth Wind & Fire as well as modern hits by Black Eyed Peas, Taylor Swift and other contemporary artists.

If you want a song that will get everyone dancing at your wedding party, look no further than “Baby Shark.” The viral hit and its accompanying dance will have everyone smiling from beginning to end!