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Heavy metal developed from blues rock and psychedelic rock influences, creating a thick, massive sound characterised by distortion, extended guitar solos, driving beats, and overall loudness.

Metal music has long been associated with masculinity and machismo, yet some studies have discovered that listening to metal actually helps alleviate symptoms of stress and depression.

Sound Click

Sound Click is an online music community where users can listen to a wide selection of songs and download them for free. It’s an excellent resource for discovering new artists, but be aware of the terms and conditions that apply when downloading on the site. As all songs featured here are licensed under a Creative Commons license, be sure to abide by those rules when using this platform.

Heavy metal is a type of rock music that was popular during the 1960s and 1970s. It features loud and powerful bass, drums, guitars, vocals – often dealing with contentious or provocative topics.

The genre utilizes distorted guitars, memorable riffs, and virtuoso guitar playing to create its distinctive sound. It is also renowned for its pounding beats, intense lyrics, and fiery performance style.

Music such as this can be utilized in a range of media projects, from commercial business videos to for sale media, monetized YouTube vlogs and freelance client gigs. It has the power to add an intense, powerful feel that’s required in such videos.

Heavy metal music can be found for free online, but you should be mindful of some important considerations. Avoid downloading illegally-produced material and make sure the music has the appropriate license so you can use it legally.

Be mindful that downloading free music can come with risks. That is because you might not have the legal permission to alter or enhance it in any way. For this reason, purchasing tracks from a commercial music store is recommended instead.

Promoting your music on Sound Click is the most efficient way to reach new listeners. Achieving a high ranking in their charts is essential for the success of your album.

Rootjazz has created a Sound Click chart scraper to promote your music on the site. This scraper engages users/fans/artists through tried-and-tested methods like searching, following, liking, commenting and interacting with other accounts; increasing your chances of climbing the charts and gaining popularity in the process.


TuneReel is an impressive music library boasting a diverse selection of genre-bending tunes and an impressive set of features. These include an intuitive search engine and sophisticated filters that let you find the ideal soundtrack for your video or project quickly and easily.

They offer an expansive library of royalty free music, including many heavy metal stock tracks. These would make excellent choices for your next business video, YouTube vlog or any other media projects that need some raw power.

With a TuneReel membership plan, you can download unlimited music for your videos, films, television, presentations and more – with no need to purchase another license or extend the term of your current one. The best part? Use it without worry for however long desired!

If you’re searching for the ideal song to add to your video, you can search music by genre, mood and instrument. Plus, we’ve curated playlists of popular tracks so that you can get personalized recommendations based on what appeals to you most.

TuneReel boasts an experienced team of legal and music licensing specialists who will assist you in finding the ideal soundtrack. Additionally, they answer any queries and provide technical support services to keep your projects moving forward. If you’re ready to take your video production skills to a whole new level, sign up for a TuneReel subscription now!


Bandcamp is an online music store and streaming service that lets fans directly support musicians. It provides bands with a platform to reach new listeners, make money, and discover new artists. This platform has become increasingly popular over time due to its wide selection of artists and musicians alike.

In 2008, Ethan Diamond founded Bandcamp to assist musicians in posting music and earning fans while being paid fairly for their work. The site handles all technical details like transcoding music files, payments, analytics – with a 15% cut taken off all sales made.

This website is geared toward independent artists without label backing or other music marketing assistance. It provides them with a professional-looking page where they can upload their music and sell merchandise.

Artists can quickly and easily get set up on ArtStage through its user-friendly sign up process. They have complete control over their page’s design, can add photos and music, as well as link directly to their social media accounts.

Bandcamp stands out among other digital distributors by paying its artists within 24 hours of a sale, an invaluable advantage for independent artists who often have to wait months for quarterly payments from DistroKid or CD Baby.

Platform access is free, but artists have the option to upgrade to a Pro account which provides additional features like more pricing options, comprehensive analytics, and more.

Though mostly American, this site offers independent artists a platform to find and promote their music outside mainstream channels like Spotify or Apple Music. It also serves as an avenue for listeners to discover new bands, artists, and genres not found on mainstream platforms; additionally, it provides crucial support to struggling artists.

Many Bandcamp downloads are sold for exorbitant prices, often 666 USD or EUR. This strategy is often employed to entice people into downloading physical releases who might otherwise not do so.

Metal bands must understand how to utilize the Bandcamp platform effectively. Not only does it serve as a great showcase of your work and promotion for your band, but you can even give away tracks free of charge in order to attract new listeners.

Our Store

Our Store is a music download service that allows customers to purchase heavy metal songs spanning genres such as heavy rock, metal, punk and blues. We provide free shipping on all orders and customer support via email, phone or live chat. Plus our site boasts an impressive number of product reviews, blog sections and social media presence. Using Our Store is simple; we listen closely to customer feedback to continuously improve our products – especially digital offerings where we always incorporate features for maximum freshness and convenience.