Top 5 Music Channels on SiriusXM Radio

SiriusXM music will keep you going whether you’re traveling on vacation, running errands or getting ready to hit the gym – whatever it may be!

Ryan, Nicole and Stanley T are back to bring you big laughs every weekday morning with famous guests, hilarious anecdotes and the biggest hits! Formerly known as Our Time – Talk for Women.

Kids Bop

If you listen to the radio during your daily carpool commute, Kidz Bop may have caught your attention. This music channel features today’s most popular pop hits edited for kids with performances by young children – making sure the experience is fun for both kids and their parents!

KIDZ BOP began in 2001 after founding partners Craig Balsam and Cliff Chenfeld realized there was a gap in music for five to eight-year-old children. To address the need, they organized a nationwide talent search to select ensembles who would record albums and tour.

Kids and families can now tune in to KIDZ Bop Radio channel 24 hours a day for album series chart-toppers like Ashlynn, Bredia, Grant Jayna & Matt from KIDZ Bop Kids who host it – one of the leading family-friendly music channels in America!


Poplandia provides today’s biggest and best pop hits from your favorite artists like 2PAC, Justin Beiber, Shawn Mendes, Drake or Nelly Furtado for your listening pleasure – as well as celebrity gossip, current events and much more – perfect for soundtracking pop culture.

Channels classified as xL contain explicit material such as profanity. On pay TV providers such as DirecTV, this rating appears as TV-MA.

Celebrate 30 years of So So Def Recordings with founder Jermaine Dupri and artists who have called So So Def Recordings home over three decades, such as Da Brat, Jagged Edge, Xscape, Anthony Hamilton, Bow Wow and more. Plus hear stories behind iconic hits that have helped shape music in three decades!

Hits 1

Hits that defined pop culture. Chart-topping artists such as Dua Lipa, Taylor Swift, One Direction and Bruno Mars make for endless hits that continue to shape modern pop music culture.

Ryan, Nicole and Stanley T are here every morning on Hits 1 to give you big laughs and the latest celebrity interviews, while Mikey Piff shares an array of new indie, international and (even!) homemade artists that are sure to keep your ears popping!

SiriusXM Hits 1 is an uncensored pop music channel available on Sirius XM radios, streaming services and Dish Network channels 6002 and 099-02 (only to Hopper users) and featuring unfiltered profanity and mature programming. Hits 1 features an unfiltered weekly countdown with 45 songs that “graduate” to its weekend countdown hosted by Timeflies or Jason Derulo or Britney Spears respectively; HitBound also showcases new material every Saturday and Sunday from Hits 1

Hits 2

Hits 2 is SiriusXM’s pop music channel. Featuring today’s biggest hits from artists such as Sheryl Crow P!nk Matchbox Twenty John Mayer Mariah Carey and more. Also features specials such as Ryan Nicole Stanley T’s Morning Mash Up or Emily Morse and John Legend Love-In Sessions.

Lance Bass hosts a weekly countdown of the best 30 songs from each year of the 2000s on this channel, previously known as XM Hitlist and Pop2K.

SiriusXM today unveiled an overhaul to their channel lineup during a preview event this morning. New channels include Billboard #2 Countdown Channel featuring songs that peaked in the top two positions on Billboard; Smokey’s Soul Town debuting on channel 74 will showcase classic soul, R&B and Motown from the 60s and 70s as well as memories and commentary by artist Smokey Robinson himself.

Hits 3

No matter if it’s for family road trips, fitness sessions at the gym, or simply passing time in your car – SiriusXM offers a diverse selection of music channels from pop, rock and dance genres – perfect for keeping you company while traveling!

Hits 1 features today’s hottest pop hits from your favorite artists like P!nk, Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars. You’re sure to find your music here!

Ryan, Nicole and Stanley T jolt you awake each morning with laughs from famous figures as well as playing all the greatest hits!

Hits 4

No matter the situation, SiriusXM Hits 4 provides the perfect radio station to keep you occupied while on the road or in traffic on the way to a hockey rink. Listening to some of your favorite hits from the 70s and 80s keeps everyone happy while driving along.

At its inception, this channel was known as 40s Junction and sought to evoke the nostalgic experience of 1940s America via big band/swing music; recreated newscasts with fictional reporter Ed Baxter using 1936 style news reports; World War II-era patriotic songs; Spike Jones joke novelty recordings and various other features.

Other channels available as part of the Hits series were Talk for Women (131) with its programming targeted towards women; Street Beat (44) offering rap/new hip hop music; Planet Dance (63) offering mainstream dance music; and La Red Hispana (128) offering Spanish news/talk shows.

Hits 5

Hits 5 has all your favourite hits for family road trips or traffic jams alike – from P!nk, Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa Adele Beyonce Harry Styles and beyond! Nonstop top pop from artists such as P!nk, Bruno Mars Taylor Swift Dua Lipa Dua Lipa Adele Beyonce Harry Styles and many others will keep your drive enjoyable and smooth!

Listen in on studio interviews with pop icons like Gwen Stefani, Jonas Brothers and Camila Cabello, as well as music from Disney movies like Moana, Frozen, Lion King and Beauty and the Beast soundtracks.

SiriusXM provides not only pop, but also rock, classic country and contemporary Christian channels – plus sports play-by-play coverage and exclusive channels designed specifically for business that don’t feature DJ interruption. Furthermore, Dish Network and Bell Fibe TV listings display “xL-rated channels”, which contain uncensored material like profanity or mature content – these are not available to children under 18 and should be avoided as well.

Hits 6

Brady won both his 5th grade spelling bee and was once honored as employee of the month at McDonalds, so his experience speaking into microphones is an asset to SiriusXM Pulse Pick Clique! Join them as they count down all your favorite songs every week!

SiriusXM for Business also offers these channels with uncensored programming including music, talk shows, comedy and sports programming for adults aged 18+.

Enjoy an array of pop hits ranging from bright pop and modern pop, classic rock, alternative rock, mellow rock, modern country and classic country! Also included.

Hits 7

Hits 7 is SiriusXM’s nonstop pop music channel, featuring some of the hottest hits today from popular artists like Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood and Dua Lipa. Plus you’ll get exclusive interviews from Gwen Stefani, Jonas Brothers and Camila Cabello in-studio!

HitBound, hosted by Mikey Piff, is a weekly program on Hits 1 that showcases new songs and artist performances, in particular those making their first debut on that station. There is also an accompanying Weekend Countdown; songs debuting first on HitBound typically progress to this list before eventually moving to “graduate” onto it permanently.

If you love music from the ’90s, this channel is for you! Showcasing all of its best moments–such as classics by Nirvana and Pearl Jam as well as hip hop and rock from this period — plus old-school hip hop and rock videos; it provides an easy way to take yourself back in time!

Hits 8

Hits 8 from SiriusXM takes you back to an era when music videos reigned supreme in your musical obsession, featuring hits by Journey, Madonna, Def Leppard, and Duran Duran among many others.

This channel also broadcasts live performances and interviews from pop icons like Gwen Stefani, Jonas Brothers, Camila Cabello and Billie Eilish – as well as audio/video from special invitation-only events.

At the time of Sirius/XM merger on November 12, 2008, ’80s on 8 was one of only four decades channels to drop its apostrophe and change to Hits 8. Voice-tracked by four original MTV “veejays”, Nina Blackwood, Mark Goodman, Alan Hunter and Martha Quinn (part-time), they record from their homes. Hits 8 is also used for several Billboard Radio countdowns such as Hot 40 Countdown; Women of Pop 1000 (which honor revered runners-up on Hot 100); Cupid Countdown which counts down top songs played Valentine’s Day; and Billboard Top 112 Songs of Summer Countdown