Top 5 Reggae Songs For Karaoke

Reggae songs are fun and not too challenging for beginning singers, making them a good option when entering the world of karaoke karaoke. Make sure that the songs fit into your vocal range as well as being enjoyable when selecting your tracks for singing along at home karaoke sessions.

Champion Lover is an iconic example of lovers rock, an influential style which celebrated erotic love in Jamaica and Rastafarianism’s commitment to racial harmony and universal love. This song also touches upon Rastafarianism’s influence.

It Wasn’t Me

Reggae is an infectious genre with numerous hits that make singing enjoyable for most. Karaoke Kooks recommend choosing songs familiar to both your audience and vocal range, so as not to make things too challenging or complex for yourself and for your audience to appreciate your performance. Karaoke Kooks advise avoiding complex songs as these may leave audiences uncomfortable or make performing them too challenging!

This classic UB40 reggae cover of Neil Diamond’s hit is an all-time karaoke favorite among singers and listeners alike. Its soothing slow beat and straightforward lyrics make this song accessible even to newbie singers; plus its upbeat nature is hard for listeners to resist!

“Nuthin’ but a G Thang,” one of Run-DMC’s classic hits, is sure to draw a large crowd when performed karaoke style. Its infectious chorus will have audiences dancing along and cheering as a single performer or in groups; making this song essential for every karaoke playlist!

Three Little Birds

Three Little Birds is an approachable song that everyone can enjoy singing along to, making it one of the most iconic reggae tunes ever recorded. With its friendly vibe and positive message, Three Little Birds makes for an engaging performance in any karaoke setting.

UB40 made this Elvis classic their own with their rendition, adding their signature reggae sound and lyrics that appealed to music fans everywhere. Now this iconic tune can easily be performed karaoke style no matter your range or skill level!

UB40’s song, “Epistle to the Nation”, makes for an ideal selection for karaoke because its infectious rhythm and energetic lyrics will have audiences moving and singing along, drawing in people of all sexes and ages alike with its positive message that resonates with everyone in its audience.

Rude is an iconic reggae song still widely popular with most karaoke fans today. Although some versions may contain adult language or content, this track can easily be modified for audiences that do not wish to experience such mature themes.

While this Culture Club song may be better-known in its Celine Dion rendition, its UB40 rendition remains a popular karaoke choice. This upbeat tune can be tackled easily by singers of any level and will get audiences dancing – perfect for all ages as well as being used to serenade someone special!


Reggae music stands out as a unique genre. Its distinct sound can often be identified by lower pitch values and Jamaican dialects like patois which combine elements from creole and West African languages with Jamaican patois dialect. Reggae also typically contains political messages which both praise or criticize social systems that oppress marginalized groups of all sorts.

Reggae music can also be deeply sexualized. Glasgow’s Champion Lover is an outstanding example of this fact; its song belongs to British Lovers Rock genre of reggae that is famed for sexual content and thus creates a beautiful song with all kinds of sexual tension and carnal pleasures.

Though initially daunting, this song is actually an ideal selection for any karaoke singer to take on. The lyrics are straightforward, making for an enjoyable singalong. Additionally, this track serves as an introduction to reggae music genre for audience members unfamiliar with it.

Bob Marley’s song is a must for any reggae music karaoke playlist; with its basslines, guitar riffs, and lyrics that will have everyone singing along! Furthermore, its history makes this piece perfect for exploring resistance and activism through reggae music history.


When it comes to selecting songs for karaoke singing sessions, selecting tracks that are enjoyable and simple for most people to sing can make your experience memorable. When selecting tracks from different genres for singing karaoke sessions, remember that choosing tracks that appeal to most will allow everyone involved to participate easily without becoming overly challenging for vocal range and skill level. Reggae music might not immediately come to mind when selecting tracks but has produced several hits which have proven popular choices that provide enjoyable singing opportunities at karaoke sessions.

Bob Marley’s “One Love,” an upbeat reggae hit that celebrates unity and diversity, has become an international classic. Its catchy melody and profound lyrics have resonated deeply with listeners around the globe and make this track perfect for karaoke as it keeps everyone feeling festive and party-ready!

Reggae fans love “Buffalo Soldier,” an iconic song honoring African-American soldiers who served in segregated units after the Civil War. This tune’s powerful message and irresistible groove make it a favorite among listeners of reggae music.

If you’re in search of an upbeat reggae song with catchy hooks, look no further than Blondie’s “The Tide Is High.” Featuring Deborah Harry’s mesmerizing vocals and a funky reggae rhythm that will get your audience dancing – plus its inspiring message of peace and unity will definitely engage audiences of all ages!

Beautiful Girls

Reggae music might not be at the top of everyone’s mind when they think of karaoke, but this genre has produced many songs that make singing along easy and relatable for audiences of all kinds. Here are five of the best reggae songs for karaoke that will have everyone singing along!

This classic reggae hit features a girl who is pining for someone she cannot have, providing an uplifting song for anyone needing an uplift or looking to feel better about themselves.

This hit from UB40 is ideal for any gathering. With an infectious beat and lyrics that anyone can sing along to, this emotional tune explores an affair gone wrong, making for an enjoyable listening experience.

Reggae classic “My Man Is Gone,” written and performed by Michael McDonald from the 1980s, is our final selection. This hit song tells the tale of a girl who becomes too involved with her partner before being let go – making for an emotionally powerful yet romantic song for any karaoke night or dance party! The upbeat beat makes this track perfect for dancing and singing along as everyone joins in on its upbeat beat – an essential addition to any reggae fan’s playlist! You can purchase its full version here as downloadable double CD+G disc with lyrics to play back on any CD+G machine or PC for ultimate singing fun.

I’m Not For Sale

If you love Bruno Mars, karaoke is an excellent way to show it! His song blends pop, reggae and rock into an exciting melody that is sure to get people dancing when performed live or as an audio file. Just be aware that some adult language may appear here so filtering may be necessary if your audience is not ready for such material.

This song may not be as authentically reggae-influenced as some of the others on this list, but it certainly contains elements of reggae music that will get your audience moving as soon as you hit play! Plus, its danceable tune will get them moving.

Celine Dion made history when she covered this popular Elvis classic and it became one of her top hits – only for it to become one of UB40’s top reggae hits, reaching No.1 in UK charts as well as garnering international popularity.

If you’re searching for an upbeat song to serenade your karaoke crowd with, look no further. With its rock sound combining reggae and electronic music, this track is sure to get your audience dancing as soon as you take to the microphone! Additionally, its quick pace may make it simpler for some singers than other songs on this list.