Ukulele Music Christmas Songs For Beginners

With easy chord progressions and festive melodies that everyone knows and loves, ukulele music christmas songs make any Yule celebration more enjoyable. From festive carols to popular holiday tunes – these ukulele music songs for Christmas celebrations make any Yule celebration truly memorable! Perfect for beginners starting their instrument collection.

This classic Christmas tune is instantly recognisable, making it an excellent choice for beginner ukulele players as well. With its simple harmony, this track can also make a wonderful choice as the backdrop to beginning lessons!

Jingle Bells

At Christmas time, few songs can compete with “Jingle Bells; or, The One Horse Open Sleigh”. Written by James Lord Pierpont in 1857 and first published as “Jingle Bells; or, The One Horse Open Sleigh,” its iconic melody remains one of the most well-known. Perfect for group singalongs at any holiday gathering or party; its simple chord changes and moderate tempo make this version accessible for players of any level ukulele players alike!

This classic Christmas tune conjures images of snow-covered landscapes dotted with festive gifts. This exquisite song sounds absolutely sublime on the ukulele and lends itself well to fingerpicking; plus its relatively few chords and laidback tempo make it ideal for beginners.

Mele Kalikimaka is an iconic Hawaiian Christmas tune often performed and recorded by Bing Crosby and other artists. While its chords may seem daunting at first, they’re actually mostly 7ths so learning it won’t be as challenging as first imagined.

Christmas Ukulele Songs | Franz Xaver Gruber It would be impossible to discuss Christmas ukulele songs without including this classic by Franz Xaver Gruber and Joseph Mohr, originally written and performed as an emotional duet between Franz and Joe Mohr – a song that will put any listener in the festive spirit! Like some other popular holiday tunes, its four chord structure makes learning it simple even for beginners.

Another Christmas classic, this traditional Welsh carol tells of a young man searching for the ideal present. With an engaging melody and acoustic instrumentation that make this song one of the most beloved ukulele tunes ever written, its beautiful melody makes this timeless tune an essential piece to learn and practice fingerpicking; its straightforward chord progression and stepwise melodic movement makes it accessible even to novice players.

Twelve Days of Christmas

This classic Christmas tune is one of the most gorgeous and haunting songs to play on ukulele, often accompanied by harp accompaniment. Ukulele players will find this piece ideal for fingerpicking patterns or arpeggiated patterns as well as practicing chord changes and chord changes practice.

This song is one of the most beloved holiday tunes for both kids and adults, boasting an appealing melody with easy chords. Perfect for beginners learning carols night songs, its catchy tune will get everyone into the festive spirit and set an excellent atmosphere for an enjoyable carols session!

Although this song is one of the best-known Christmas tunes around, many don’t realize its source was originally an obscure poem written by Catholic clerics as an effort to convey a coded message about what Christmas truly represents. Although today it’s most commonly associated with gift giving from one’s “true love”, its gifts actually represent biblical figures!

While this sombre Christmas carol may initially seem challenging to play on ukulele, it actually only utilizes four chords and moves at a moderate tempo – making it the ideal first Christmas song to learn for beginners ukulele players. If chord changes happen too rapidly for you to keep up, simply reduce its tempo until you master its notes – you’ll soon find that more practice makes it easier.

White Christmas

White Christmas is an iconic holiday movie and song, beloved by anyone who appreciates Christmas cheer. Though its story may be slightly melancholy, its music and lyrics remain beautiful; perfect for even beginners to grasp quickly on ukulele! For an added challenge, try singing along while you play; this can give your playing more of an intimate feel!

One of the most beloved Christmas songs to learn is “Joy to the World.” With its iconic melody that everyone knows and enjoys singing along to, this beautiful tune should prove no challenge for beginners to grasp. Although there may be additional chords than other Christmas songs on this list, beginners shouldn’t find learning this classic difficult!

If you want to go one step further, try adding in some fingerpicking. This will give your playing a more distinctive sound and help set you apart from the competition!

“The Holly and Ivy” is another accessible Christmas song to learn for beginners, featuring an emotive melody with easy progression for newcomers. One of the most beloved Christmas ukulele songs, this popular carol can also make for great performance at parties or gatherings during this festive time of year.

Joy to the World

“Jingle Bells” is one of the classic Christmas songs, making it an excellent choice for beginners as it requires only three chords and has an accessible rhythm. Additionally, fingerpicking can add additional dimension and makes this piece perfect for carol nights or singalongs.

“Do You Hear What I Hear” is another easy ukulele song perfect for Christmas performances: this hymnal-esque carol serves as an invocation of peace, making it ideal for anyone wanting to add some religious touch. Plus, its gentle melodies will appeal to young performers.

If you want a Christmas song with more complex arrangements, “Joy to the World” by Isaac Watts from 1719 may be just the song for you. Based on Psalm 98 and celebrating God’s salvation and return, this hymn speaks of hope and joy for Christian audiences around the world.

Another great choice for Christmas is “Deck the Halls.” This classic tune has become an annual favorite at holiday gatherings and it can be great fun to play along. The melody moves up and down the scale one note at a time, which makes it easier for players to follow. If you want to jazz up your performance further, add finger picking or change up your strumming pattern!

Deck the Halls

Deck the Halls is an engaging traditional Christmas carol that boasts an upbeat song intro and Fa, la, la’s for an engaging ukulele melody that makes this carol perfect for performances, concerts and choirs as well as festive home decorations. Purchase can either come as standalone tune or with an accompanying studio use license included in its price.

“Deck the Halls” is a well-known Christmas carol written by William Sandys based on a poem of his. It includes lyrics such as, “With boughs of holly and jolly good fellows, may all men be merry.” The English version dates back to 16th century while its melody comes from Nos Galan a Welsh folk song played on an instrument known as a harp.

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