Used Studio Equipment For Sale Near Me

No matter if it is for personal or professional recording studio use, quality gear is key to successful operation. Make an investment in studio monitors to ensure accurate monitoring and mixing; Sweetwater offers an impressive range of audio interfaces, microphones and professional recording equipment to fit every need.

eBay makes it possible for any producer, anywhere, to list and sell their production gear – providing an immense selection of choices to select from.


eBay is one of the premier platforms for buying used production gear, offering an abundance of options. Since anyone can sell their gear here, it is crucial that buyers review each seller’s feedback prior to making a purchase decision. Compared with Craigslist where people simply wish to move on from their gear quickly, you are more likely to find quality equipment here and can often score better deals as sellers vie to be your ideal provider.


Craigslist (stylized as craigslist) is an international classified ads website offering classified advertisements in over 50 countries worldwide, from across dozens of regions in the United States and 50 more around the world. Offering jobs, housing, items for sale, community service gigs and discussion forums it has grown immensely since being founded by Craig Newmark in 1995 – rivalling eBay and Amazon as far as user volume online for buying/selling goods/services is concerned.

Craigslist differs from other classified websites by not charging most advertisements; however, some postings may incur a small fee. To post an advertisement on Craigslist, first create an account using your name and email address; after signing up you’ll receive a verification word to authenticate yourself before using your account to search and respond to ads that interest you; once an ad catches your eye simply reply back with a brief message asking questions about it and don’t forget to include your phone number or email address so the seller can reply back when responding!

Craigslist’s Community section serves as an online version of an old-fashioned community bulletin board, listing announcements and events in your area as well as art/music groups, volunteer opportunities, rideshare programs, local news updates, local politics posts and lost/found opportunities as well as discussion forums.

Due to its immense popularity, many scam artists have taken advantage of its users by employing fraudulent money orders and checks, bait-and-switch schemes, phishing attacks and identity theft schemes. To avoid being victimized by these schemes, always exercise extreme caution when engaging with anyone you meet on this platform.

When purchasing or selling studio equipment on Craigslist, it’s essential that you understand the process of transaction. The most reliable way is meeting in a public place during daylight hours with cash as the payment option; never provide more information than necessary such as your home address or social security number unless necessary for completion of transaction; bring along someone you trust if uncertain of meeting someone alone in person to increase safety.


Reverb has the gear you need, from audio interfaces and beginner microphones all the way through studio consoles and ProTools rigs, plus desks for mixing and engineering, racks for outboard effects storage and stands to support your setup – everything you need for recording at home or professionally!

Reverb’s unique selling platform gives anyone access to sell on it, which usually results in more choices for buyers and lower prices due to sellers competing over having the best inventory. Search by category or brand for equipment you are specifically interested in purchasing; Reverb also offers price guides based on real-time transactional data to ensure that you always get value for your money.


Sweetwater offers a vast selection of used studio equipment for sale on its Gear Exchange marketplace, which is dedicated solely to musicians. No seller fees apply here – simply great deals from great people at incredible prices with zero seller fees attached! They have been serving musicians since 1974; with unrivaled quality products that help build your ideal studio setup!

Sweetwater offers all of the recording equipment necessary to build the ideal home or professional studio, from studio monitors that will ignite creativity during sessions to microphones that range from high-end condenser mics to budget USB mics – everything you need for creating the ideal recording space! In addition to acoustic instruments, Sweetwater also carries every type of recording equipment you could ever need to build the ideal studio experience – including studio monitors that will inspire creativity during each recording session, mics that capture vocals accurately as well as high-end condenser mics for drum recordings as well as budget-friendly USB mics for recording guitar amps or drum tracks!

Sweetwater offers computer-based studios for modern productions, featuring computers optimized for audio editing and recording, in addition to offering an expansive selection of software and plugins that expand creative options.

Sweetwater offers an extensive selection of studio desks, cabinets, and furniture designed to put you in an inspiring creative mindset. Choose from their wide selection of studio desks, cabinets, furniture pieces as well as acoustic treatments to increase sound quality while adding aesthetic value. Furthermore, Sweetwater also provides power conditioners, cable organizers and more accessories – everything needed for your production studio space!