Wagon Wheel Guitar Chords

Wagon Wheel is an easy acoustic guitar song perfect for beginner guitarists to learn and will show your friends! Don’t hesitate to try it – the song will impress them all!

This song was originally co-written by Bob Dylan (Knocking on Heaven’s Door) and completed by Old Crow Medicine Show. It became their signature tune and later covered by Darius Rucker.

Basic Chords

Triads, the fundamental chords used in guitar playing, consist of at least three notes and are known as triads. Triads consist of the root note in any scale (sometimes referred to as the root note), the 3rd note and 5th note – woodwind and brass players are restricted to playing one note at a time, making their use of triads somewhat more complex than it is for guitarist players.

Chord diagrams provide a way for musicians to visualize which strings and frets should be played when creating certain chords. They typically feature a rectangular representation of your guitar nut so that you can keep track of where you are on the fretboard; and there may also be symbols with “Xs and Os”, which indicate which string should be muted versus left unmuted.

Beginners find open chords the easiest to work with because no string needs to be barred off. By practicing songs using open chords, beginners can gain finger strength for when it comes time to progress on to bar chords.

Verse 1

The song begins with a 20 second intro that features smooth strumming guitar, medium paced violin, and an upbeat bass line. Following this introduction is a verse with an AABCCB rhyme scheme, building in pace and tempo before quickly transitioning into its Chorus section.

The chorus is the centerpiece of this song and boasts an irresistibly catchy hook. Played with a capo on the 2nd fret, its chord progression follows an I-V-VI-IV (1-5-6-4) progression found in many popular country tunes such as Willin’ by Little Feat.

When looking to wow your friends with music, playing the chorus can be an amazing way to do just that! Be sure to practice regularly so you can perfect this tune – this will also expand your repertoire of songs to play; as your skill improves over time so will your performance skills! The more songs you learn the greater will be your success!

Verse 2

Wagon Wheel guitar chords are extremely easy and intuitive. Just three strings need to be played: G, C and D strings. This song can be enjoyed with friends as a game or used as an exercise when learning how to sing; Darius Rucker popularized this version, though originally written by Bob Dylan it remained incomplete on an unfinished bootleg recording until Ketch Secor finished it for Old Crow Medicine Show’s record release of it later on.

Learn the Wagon Wheel chords with this video guitar lesson from Tyler and Jake of ChordBuddy. They demonstrate how to use their innovative products while teaching you all of the chords needed for this song.


Wagon Wheel is an excellent song to learn for beginning acoustic guitarists, as its chords and lyrics can be quickly memorized. Many artists have covered this song, including former Hootie & the Blowfish frontman Darius Rucker who sang it as part of Hootie & the Blowfish and later Ketch Secor who added new verses before Old Crow Medicine Show recorded it as well in 2004. Bob Dylan originally released this bootleg version in 1973 as an unfinished demo tape; later Ketch Secor added verses before Old Crow Medicine Show recorded their version recorded version recorded version in 2004 by Old Crow Medicine Show.

This song follows a I-V-VI-IV (1-5-6-4) chord progression which is very prevalent in country music. It makes an excellent strumming practice song because it uses open A chord shape, open E chord shape and open F#m chord shape; once you memorize these chords you can play almost any country song! Sing along to it with friends at your next house party – its lyrics tell of a hitchhiker making his journey towards Raleigh while remembering past adventures.