Sad Music For YouTube Shorts

Are You Feeling Sad Right Now? These songs will bring all of the feels, perfect for adding to your YouTube Shorts music playlist!

YouTube Shorts is a brand new feature on YouTube that allows users to easily create short videos. This makes for an engaging way of providing motivational and inspirational content for your target audience.

1. We The Kings – All Too Well

Every music lover needs a playlist ready for every situation — workout tunes to boost energy during exercise sessions, party songs to inspire everyone to dance on the floor and of course sad songs that make us cry. Few can rival We The Kings’ “All Too Well”, an ethereal-sounding lament about having a romantic partner with borderline personality disorder; apparently not so much an experience as much as an ordeal: as the lyrics in “All Too Well” indicate, having them can cause you trust issues as they act strangely and even berate their mother during relationships.

Heartbreak Tune by Taylor Swift has become even more beloved since it was released in 2017, especially now that a short film for it has been released. Starring Sadie Sink (Stranger Things) and Dylan O’Brien (Maze Runner), Swift directed this short film herself and also shared some insights into her creative process for creating it during an interview with Variety’s Directors on Directors series.

Swift wrote the song following an emotionally exhausting break-up that left her feeling like crumpled paper. While she has yet to officially confirm whether or not this was about Jake Gyllenhaal, age difference likely plays a large part in its lyrics. On Saturday Night Live she performed it while the movie played behind her; for her re-released Red album version it clocks in at 10 minutes; furthermore Swift debuted an alternate rendition during her Tribeca performance.

2. Lewis Capaldi – The Waiter

Lewis Capaldi’s song has proven very popular on youtube shorts, lending a soothing ambience that adds relaxation and relaxation to videos, or providing motivational or inspirational clips with background music. YouTube Shorts provides users with the option of uploading 60-second or shorter videos which allow them to express themselves creatively without copyright issues arising.

Lewis Capaldi burst onto the scene with the release of Someone You Loved, an award-nominated ballad that had Los Angeles Times critic Mikael Wood questioning whether or not the Scot was “the new Adele.” Capaldi sold out arena tours with Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent as his debut album sold multiplatinum status and multiplatinum status itself was achieved as well. But fame hasn’t rendered Capaldi insensitive or distant; instead he remains likeable and warm (according to transcript of recent appearance on Hot Ones transcript).

His second album will be out this year and has already seen him supporting artists like Niall Horan and Sam Smith. Additionally, he will guest star in an upcoming HBO series called The Leftovers as well as have an acting role in an upcoming Netflix documentary. Alongside music, he’s well-known for posting hilarious YouTube videos that go viral; plus he’s related to actor Peter Capaldi and has an expert nuclear physicist grandfather!

3. Taylor Swift – All Too Well (Autumn Version)

Every music lover has playlists dedicated to different activities. Workout music will help get your body moving; party songs will help get people dancing; sad music can help you shed tears if need be; just like Sadie Sink in Taylor Swift’s All Too Well short film does.

Since its debut, “All Too Well” has become one of Taylor Swift’s signature songs, so when she re-released Red album this year, making it the focus of an accompanying short film and acoustic version only made sense.

Swift premiered the All Too Well short film on November 12, starring Dylan O’Brien and Sadie Sink, that depicts two young girls falling in love with a boy who then abruptly leaves them. This heartbreaking tale of lost innocence and grief touched many people deeply.

After its premiere, the short was added to YouTube’s Collection of short films and received wide critical acclaim for its acting, direction, script writing, production values and production values. Furthermore, it was shown at Toronto International Film Festival 2022 where it has since been considered eligible for Oscar consideration in narrative short film category.

Musically, All Too Well (Sad Girl Autumn Version) is a more subdued rendition of its original song. Beginning with a saccharine melody and progressing to an airy groove backed by drums and guitars. As opposed to its Red album counterpart which contains more volatile lyrics, this version features melancholic tones more in line with Taylor’s Folklore/Evermore era than Red album releases of 2020.

4. Luke Benward – I’m Not Alone

YouTube Shorts is a feature designed to allow users to post and watch short videos that range from entertaining, inspirational or romantic content. YouTube Shorts videos have quickly gained in popularity as an engaging way for brands and audiences to connect. Incorporating music is also possible without worrying about copyright issues; one popular YouTube Shorts song should definitely be considered when creating content; it provides a relaxing vibe perfect for relaxation-inducing motivational videos!

Luke Benward is an immensely talented actor who has graced both movies and television shows. He has amassed a substantial online following through YouTube videos of himself acting, singing or dancing; most notably as Charlie Tuttle from Disney Channel’s Minutemen; as the little boy helping an abused girl in Martina McBride’s music video Concrete Angel; as Dylan in “Mostly Ghostly, Almost Heaven and Because of Winn-Dixie”.

Since becoming part of the entertainment industry as a young child, he has amassed a remarkable list of accomplishments and awards. These include acting roles in commercials for McDonald’s, Nintendo, Willy Wonka as well as working alongside famous personalities like Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz and Ariel Winter to name but a few. Furthermore, he worked behind-the-camera on projects like Dumplin’ and Dear John as well as producing several movies; currently producing another one called Boys which will hit theaters by 2020.

5. Olivia Rodrigo – I Can’t Breathe

Olivia Rodrigo has rapidly risen to become one of the most beloved singers on YouTube with her powerful emotional music. Her songs have garnered millions of views worldwide and her latest hit I Can’t Breathe has received even more. I Can’t Breathe is an exquisite track that resonates with listeners around the globe; its soothing calming effect makes you feel relaxed and refreshed at once; plus it works well as background music for YouTube shorts due to its blend of old and new instruments that makes it stand out among similar tracks – making it ideal for beauty tutorials or travel clips alike!

This music provides the ideal background track for YouTube Shorts and can be utilized across a range of videos. Fashion bloggers and lifestyle influencers looking to add classy touches can use this copyright-free track without fear of legal complications.

Olivia Rodrigo made history when her sophomore album Guts and its lead single “Vampire” hit No.1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart for July 15. Not only was this rodrigo’s first No. 1, it dethroned Morgan Wallen who had spent months at No.1. To Billboard staffers, Rodrigo’s success wasn’t just impressive; it demonstrated that she wasn’t simply one-hit wonder or just passing trend.