What You Need to Know About Martin Acoustic Guitars

acoustic guitar martin

Martin guitars are known for their warm and rich tone. Additionally, their string choice flexibility enables them to accommodate a range of setup options.

Martin Guitar Company of Nazareth, Pennsylvania has been manufacturing acoustic guitars since 1833 and offers them in different sizes and shapes to meet individual customer requirements.

Back and Sides

Traditional acoustic guitar back and sides are constructed using Brazilian or Indian rosewood, both of which are easy to work with and boast distinctive characters that help produce its signature sound. Usually paired with either a spruce or cedar top.

There are other alternatives when it comes to selecting an acoustic guitar’s back and sides, too. For instance, on a budget you may prefer purchasing a Martin that uses high-pressure laminate instead of solid wood for its back and sides – these guitars may not offer as much resonance or durability but still deliver an enjoyable playing experience without breaking your budget.

However, for an authentic Martin sound and feel we suggest choosing one with solid top and back and sides made from wood – this way you’ll benefit from all the tonal characteristics that made Martin so well-known while getting an unmistakably traditional tone from your acoustic.

Martin manufactures some cheaper models in Mexico using high-pressure laminate (HPL), but many of their US-made acoustics feature solid back and sides – these instruments boast classic Martin sound that stands the test of time.

The Martin D-18 is one of the most iconic acoustic Martin models, and we understand why. Combining mahogany’s warmth with Sitka spruce’s bright top end creates an inviting sound with enough volume and projection to take any song to new levels of performance.

We were particularly drawn to this guitar’s sound, which featured plenty of mids and bass with not too much low end for optimal strummed and fingerpicked playing styles. Additionally, its top end sparkle and clarity were exceptional.

Though not as luxurious or expensive as other Martin models, this guitar was still highly impressive and one of the finest we have ever played. Notable features included hybrid “X” scalloped bracing as well as an exceptionally well-fitted dovetail neck joint which increased vibration levels across its range of soundboard frequencies.


A guitar neck is an integral component of an acoustic guitar. It determines its tone, ease of playing and aesthetic appeal as well as being susceptible to wear and tear over time. There are various materials used for its creation; wear-and-tear can often take its toll.

An acoustic guitar neck typically comprises two pieces of wood joined together using resin glue that forms a tight bond between them, helping reduce any movement between the pieces that might make playing easier for its owner.

Martin has long relied upon mahogany for the necks of their acoustic guitars, thanks to its hard and dense surface that lends itself perfectly to acoustic playing. Furthermore, mahogany’s durability means it will endure for many years.

Although mahogany remains the standard choice for acoustic guitar necks, there are other available woods. One such choice is maple. While more costly than mahogany, maple provides lighter tone quality with potential bright sounds when played correctly.

Poplar wood makes an excellent acoustic guitar neck material. Although less dense than mahogany, poplar boasts higher durability, smoother surface finishes and does not warp as quickly, meaning longer playback.

This Martin D-18 Standard guitar offers great value without compromising on quality, featuring a high performance neck designed to allow lead guitarists easy access to upper frets and an accurate, clear treble and moderate bass response.

The D-18 features an active Fishman MX pickup system for maximum versatility, making it suitable for musicians of any genre and background.

If you prefer guitars with larger tones and deeper low ends than the D-18, the Martin J-40 may be an ideal solution. Designed as a jumbo model that looks similar to an 000 from far away but is much bigger close up. It offers more bass notes as well as higher notes than its competitors while still remaining within their size range; however it may not be suitable for all players.


Martin Acoustic Guitars have long been considered leaders of the acoustic guitar industry. Through innovative designs, premium materials and tone enhancement techniques they have earned themselves a legacy of world-class instruments.

Guitars by Ibanez are known for producing an expansive, balanced tone and are frequently chosen by modern musicians like Damon Albarn, John Petrucci and Chelsea Wolfe.

Martin guitars feature tops made of spruce wood for crisp, clear tones with powerful punchy bass response, as well as other woods like cedar and mahogany for their back and sides – standard models usually sport mahogany while high-end ones often boast rosewood construction.

These woods are ideal for creating durable and long-term acoustic guitars that can be easily repaired – perfect for beginners who want their instrument for years.

Electric guitars come in an assortment of body shapes and sizes – from dreadnoughts to concert sizes – as well as price points to suit everyone.

Many Martin guitars feature Fishman Isys T electronics that complement the natural tonal qualities of their acoustic-electric models and allow players to plug in and amp up their performance. Each instrument’s pickups and preamps have been carefully engineered to maximize its natural acoustic-electric sound for maximum versatility – guaranteeing you have a guitar that makes your music truly stand out.

Martin guitars provide many players with the only way to play their favorite songs with confidence. Their acoustic tone enables players to appreciate true acoustic tones of their instrument and provides the ideal blend of tone and volume necessary to ensure any tune sounds its absolute best.

Martin Guitar boasts a vibrant tradition of old-world craftsmanship, with many employees being second and third generation family members involved in its history. Their collective knowledge forms part of “Martin DNA”, helping keep Martin at the forefront of acoustic-electric guitar industry.

Martin offers an expansive collection of acoustic-electric models with different tonewood options and body shapes, as well as stage-ready electronics designed to match up perfectly with each guitar’s natural tonal characteristics and create an incredible acoustic-electric performance both live and in the studio. In partnership with Fishman, these instruments boast sound systems designed specifically to complement these guitar’s natural tonal characteristics for an unforgettable acoustic-electric experience both live and studio environments.


Electronics on an acoustic guitar can have a significant effect on how it sounds, including volume and EQ controls that allow you to customize its sound. Some models even feature pickups or preamps which enable amplifying its sound with an amp, mixer or PA system.

Your acoustic guitar may feature various kinds of electronics, including: a built-in mic, multi-blend pickups and preamps, tuners and an electronic system that enables you to play either with or without an amplifier – features that give you greater control over its sound during live performances.

Martin has created an array of acoustic-electric guitars designed specifically to take performing musicians’ playing to the next level. Each model offers an acoustic-electric pickup and preamp that you can use to amplify the sound of your instrument when used with an amp, mixer, or PA system.

Some acoustic-electric guitars also include an onboard mic to record your performance; however, this feature should not be relied upon and may lead to unwanted feedback from the mic itself. Therefore, when choosing an appropriate microphone it’s essential that care be taken when selecting its specific model.

An alternative option would be incorporating a multi-blend pickup and preamp that can easily be changed out for different sounds of your acoustic-electric guitar, perfect for gigging and can serve as a valuable asset when performing on stage.

Acoustic-electric guitars with this setup often include built-in chromatic tuners for tuning your instrument without using an instrument cable, making this setup ideal for live performances by saving both time and money on instrument cables.

Martin offers an assortment of acoustic-electrics that deliver great sound and performance at an attractive price point. Many models feature built-in mics for enhanced playback capabilities. Their body sizes span dreadnought to parlor sizes – perfect for players seeking to elevate their playing to new levels in style.