Where to Study Pop Music

where to study pop music

No matter your interest in songwriting or commercial music, there are numerous schools offering pop music degrees. These programs involve professionals in the industry who will assist in building your career path.

Popular music is an entertaining genre that can also improve self-esteem and morale.


UC-Denver stands out as one of the premier colleges for pop music studies. With its vibrant urban location and world-renowned faculty, students study here become creative innovators who go on to produce some of the greatest pop songs worldwide.

CU Denver provides a bachelor of music performance. Their program emphasizes musicianship, vocal skills and performance as well as various theory and applied courses. Additionally, there is also a singer/songwriter track to develop specific career capabilities in this area.

This program teaches students how to record and create their own music. A professional mentor assists throughout the semester; additionally, there is an expansive studio open 24 hours a day at school.

Graduates of this program have gone on to perform in national and international ensembles. Furthermore, many are now employed in professional roles within the music industry – as songwriters, music directors or teachers.

The College of Arts & Media’s Pop Music program is renowned for its engaging approach to modern music. Their “MADE” program emphasizes artistic development and entrepreneurship while encouraging students to create their own music while working alongside renowned faculty.

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, this program teaches students digital signal processing and multi-track recording techniques as well as creating audio, video and image effects post production. Additionally, students develop a music recording project they will complete in real life settings.

California Institute of the Arts

CalArts, one of the premier arts colleges in the US, provides comprehensive undergraduate and graduate degree programs in art, design, music, dance, film/video theater. CalArts fosters creative excellence as well as critical reflection and new forms and expressions through rigorous undergraduate and graduate degree programs across multiple art forms – art, design, music dance film video theater.

At the School of Music, students explore various genres and techniques across musical genres and techniques to produce original work that is solely owned by them. Students develop their skills within an interdisciplinary environment which fosters interpersonal relationships while encouraging collaboration across artistic genres.

The School of Music blends traditional and modern approaches to music, encouraging creative exploration while exploring how music has defined culture across time. Their distinguished faculty, which features professional musicians themselves, provides guidance and mentorship.

As a student, your focus will be on honing your musicianship and building a solid technical foundation to pursue music production and recording careers. You’ll gain an overview of industry history, production tools and songwriting techniques; working alongside industry professionals on studio projects as well as taking part in various specialized music business courses will all play key roles.

At the pop music program, you will be encouraged to explore your passions in songwriting, performance, recording and producing. In addition, dance, visual arts and critical theory classes will also be available.

At Contemporary Voice Concentration, you will gain knowledge in ear training and vocal technique. Other areas of study may include jazz/pop theory, harmony/melody analysis and popular improvisation.

The school’s music business program is expanding, offering bachelor’s and associate degrees in music industry as well as its master’s degree starting in fall 2023. Home to a professional recording studio and featuring talented instructors known for sharing their insights with their students.

University of Miami

If you want a career in pop music, one of the best places to do so is the University of Miami. Their Frost School of Music boasts world-renowned faculty members that students are encouraged to work with in order to expand their talents.

The University of Miami offers several specialized degrees for those interested in popular music, including bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. Each program can be taken at multiple campuses so you can select your ideal location.

University of Miami is well known for its strong academic excellence as well as its vibrant student culture. Events like Canes Film Festival and Sportsfest allow students to express their school spirit in ways unique to this campus.

Located 7 miles south of Downtown Miami in Coral Gables, the University of Miami is an American private research university. Its main campus comprises seven schools and two colleges – among them are Frost School of Music and Herbert Business School.

University of Central Florida is accredited by both the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and Florida Department of Education, with selective undergraduate and graduate admission policies determined by an admissions committee based on applicants’ academic credentials and extracurricular achievements.

The University of Miami Frost School of Music offers several specialized degrees for those interested in pop music. These degrees aim to develop both artistic and entrepreneurial skills while offering access to resources like recording spaces. Furthermore, students are encouraged to collaborate with faculty mentors while engaging in innovative experimentation as part of the curriculum.

Belmont University

Belmont University provides its students with many avenues for exploring pop music. Course offerings at Belmont include courses such as popular music history and global impact of American popular music; students may also take advantage of musical ensembles and programs available on campus.

The Music Department features faculty who specialize in multiple areas, such as pop, rock and jazz. Our faculty teach an assortment of undergraduate and graduate courses as well as providing private lessons.

Belmont University provides more than just music majors; they also offer several minors and certificates across a range of areas. As its location in Nashville allows for industry engagement, Belmont’s School of Music boasts a strong reputation for offering comprehensive curriculums designed to prepare its students for professional life after graduation.

Due to these efforts, the Music department has become nationally renowned for its teaching quality. Additionally, several awards for continuous quality improvement (CQI) initiatives were received as well as one of Tennessee’s first Quality Achievement Awards being bestowed upon UTC.

Adelicia Acklen was an esteemed Nashville socialite who donated her stunning property for use as the school’s historic campus in 1850. At that time, two schools for women operated there for over a century until it was sold and became coeducational university in 1917.

Belmont University is an exceptional teaching university, dedicated to offering the finest liberal arts and professional education within a Christian environment. Home to 8,400 students representing each state as well as over 28 foreign nations.

Architecture at the university reflects its history and is integral to its rich legacy. Its landmark buildings along Wedgewood Avenue and Music Row combine historic architecture with new building construction techniques.

New York University

New York University offers an interdisciplinary pop music degree designed to equip musicians of all stripes with the knowledge and tools necessary for successful musical careers. With this program, students study both popular music history and theory as well as its business aspects.

NYU Langone’s Music Department is one of the country’s premier music schools, boasting an individualized music curriculum designed to accommodate a flexible learning style. Their program encompasses jazz, contemporary improvisation gospel music and world and western classical performance alongside ethnomusicology musicology and popular music studies.

The music program also provides many opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration, including courses that explore how globalization has affected today’s music and culture. Students can also find internships or volunteer positions that give them hands-on experience within the industry.

This program gives you access to New York City’s vibrant music scene and allows you to experience various forms of musical genres ranging from jazz to traditional chants. Furthermore, studios and recording facilities will ensure you can learn to write, perform and record original songs!

NYU Steinhardt provides not only a pop music program but also an unparalleled songwriting track aimed at those seeking a career in songwriting. Additionally, NYU Steinhardt boasts the Clive Davis Program which educates songwriters on both the art and business side of music production.

Thornton School of Music at UCLA is another excellent option for those interested in exploring the future of pop music. Its creative spirit and devotion to exploring every facet of its field make it an excellent place to learn about this fascinating industry, with facilities such as Roland Drumlab where students can practice on V-Drum sets from Roland TD-9SX series as well as other production equipment available at Roland Drumlab; plus there is an entrepreneurship center where programs are designed to assist students start businesses related to music production.

where to study pop music

Are You Dreaming of a Pop Music Career? If that is the case for you, selecting the appropriate school is key to realizing this dream. In this article we explore some of the top schools for pop music careers.

The New England Conservatory of Music is another Boston-area music school that offers modern genre studies. Their acceptance rate for applicants with impressive credentials is high.

Berklee College of Music

Berklee College of Music in Boston is one of the world’s premier music colleges, boasting both undergraduate and graduate programs for all skill levels as well as an expansive selection of majors, minors and electives for undergraduate students and graduates alike. Their unique program encourages creativity and innovation among its students, producing many successful musicians over time. Berklee is known worldwide for creating links among art forms, musical traditions and cultures – something its alumni often boast about!

Berklee offers an innovative core music curriculum as well as a broad range of liberal arts courses to ensure its students emerge as well-rounded individuals ready to enter professional music. In addition, internship opportunities provide invaluable hands-on experience. In addition, its comprehensive financial aid office assists students in applying for scholarships and grants.

In 2021, the school received 7,266 undergraduate applications and accepted 55.2%. Overall enrollment increased by 7.56% compared with previous year.

The curriculum at our school is tailored to help students achieve proficiency on their principal instrument through private lessons, instrumental labs, ensembles, ear training classes and composition lessons. In addition, music education classes such as harmony theory are also available at this location.

Berklee graduates emerge prepared for careers across many fields, from performance to business. Alumni of Berklee include musicians, producers and songwriters who have collaborated with some of the world’s most famous artists; additionally students may earn degrees in fields like business engineering or technology.

Berklee is committed to creating an inclusive learning environment for its students regardless of gender, race, color, religion, ancestry, age national origin place of birth sexual orientation gender identity or expression. Berklee’s community of students faculty staff alumni span over 100 nations with educational partners as a part of this commitment.

Berklee University of Music and Art is well known for its world-class music education programs and impressive variety of student activities and organizations, such as its 350 student-run ensembles, 100+ clubs & organizations and numerous student-run enterprises that provide hands-on experiences operating record labels & concert venues.

The Juilliard School

The Juilliard School, established by Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts on Manhattan’s Upper West Side in 1925, is internationally-recognized college of music known for its rigorous conservatory education. Admissions criteria at The Juilliard School are highly selective; only those accepted through this rigorous process will attend its highly selective programs that offer undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in music, dance and drama at this college.

Established as the Institute of Musical Art to address a national conservatory for music training in America, this institution has since grown into one of the premier music schools worldwide. Their curriculum emphasizes classical and jazz studies with an emphasis on artistic excellence while their students are revered for their exemplary musicianship and dedication to the arts. They offer on-campus housing to enhance an immersive academic experience for their students.

It has produced many celebrated graduates, such as actresses Viola Davis and Jessica Chastain, conductors JoAnne Fallen and Colin Davis, violinist Jascha Brodsky and other world-class artists; its faculty are leaders in their fields and have won multiple awards including the National Medal of Arts.

Under former President William Hutcheson’s guidance, the school achieved global renown as an elite conservatory for performing arts in America. Additionally, classes in jazz and opera were added as well as an innovative music theory course which combined classic techniques with technological developments.

In 1962, composer Peter Mennin was chosen as president of the school and quickly made strides to expand its repertoire, establish a jazz performance training program, build new student dormitories and hire many faculty members such as Renae Longy to teach solfege and John Houseman to oversee drama division.

Today, the school provides an array of support services designed to promote students’ health and wellness and nurture their artistic, intellectual and personal development. These include health and wellness programs, mentoring initiatives, community engagement activities and international advisement. Furthermore, career counseling, assessments, job postings/internship opportunities/alumni networking resources provide additional ways in which the students may prepare themselves for future endeavors.

The Royal Academy of Music

Established in 1822, The Royal Academy of Music is the oldest conservatoire in the UK. Offering programs at both undergraduate and doctoral levels, its teachers help turn aspirations into achievement for individual students. Their programs are tailored specifically to meet students’ individual needs; providing an extensive perspective for future careers as professional musicians while offering various performance opportunities and collaboration with international artists as well as educational exchanges with other conservatoires worldwide.

Students enrolled at RCM can learn a wide range of topics ranging from contemporary popular music and social media’s role in this industry, to songwriting basics and classical and jazz musical styles. RCM is well known for its high success rate after graduation with alumni having gone on to become stars within this field.

The Royal Academy of Music is an unparalleled leader in teaching and research. Their faculty comprises highly-qualified teachers with an unparalleled commitment to helping their students excel academically. Furthermore, they take time out of each class period to help their pupils discover and nurture individual abilities as individuals – encouraging creativity and entrepreneurialism amongst all students enrolled at RAM. In addition to its academic offerings, RAM also maintains an active program for outreaching to community initiatives.

RCM’s concert activities range from intimate solo and chamber concerts, orchestral performances, staged operas and festivals – to orchestral concerts in real concert halls such as Royal Festival Hall – for its students to perform. Furthermore, RCM Academy boasts many excellent teaching studios and rehearsal spaces for our artists to practice their craft.

The Royal Academy of Music embraces music’s power to transform lives, and their students are dedicated to realising this vision. Their mission is to educate, train and develop outstanding musicians that will impact lives worldwide through their art. Furthermore, the academy promotes lifelong learning through community music programs for people of all ages.

The Royal College of Music

The Royal College of Music is an internationally acclaimed Conservatoire that offers degrees in Western music at both undergraduate and doctoral levels. Renowned for excellence, their curriculum blends high-level training in solo, chamber, ensemble performance with practical skill development options that encourage critical enquiry – they are members of Conservatoires UK as well.

University of Georgia offers a unique program for those interested in studying pop music at the college level. This four-year degree features the option to concentrate on music production, designed to produce well-rounded musicians capable of working across any aspect of music industry. Students also take courses on music business, recording, and songwriting at this renowned institution with many notable alumni including many famous artists as alumni.

Full Sail University in Florida is another top choice if you want to study popular music. Renowned for their cutting-edge teaching approach and impressive alumni like Grammy Winners and Oscar Winners among their alumni list, Full Sail also offers programs for different genres of music as well as boasts an international student body.

Princeton University also provides an interdisciplinary program for those wishing to study popular music at the college level. Through a partnership with London’s Royal College of Music, Princeton students can spend their sophomore year abroad before returning home for one or two years of master’s study at Princeton.

Applications to this program require applicants to submit a portfolio of their best compositions for review by composition faculty members, before being invited for an audition with them. Those who successfully audition will be offered places on the course – those unable to attend in person can submit video auditions instead.

USC Thornton provides a popular music program designed to meet the needs of rock, folk, R&B and country artists who don’t fit within classical or jazz programs. Furthermore, this unique offering allows students to tailor their majors with courses from an extensive array of offerings.