Which Pop Music Is Best?

No matter the production behind it, an engaging pop song stands out with catchy beats and lyrics that stay with you long after listening. These tunes are fun for dancing to and can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Luis Fonsi’s hit, “Despacito,” remains one of the most beloved pop songs ever. With infectious beats combined with Spanish lyrics and English rap verses that mesh flawlessly together.

The Backstreet Boys

The Backstreet Boys are one of the highest-selling boy bands ever, selling over 100 million records worldwide and receiving two diamond albums from the RIAA – something only a select few artists have done before them. Additionally, they were the first boy band ever to have both their debut and sophomore albums reach number one on Billboard 200 charts simultaneously.

Lou Pearlman founded The Pretenders in Orlando, Florida in 1993 when he placed an advertisement in Florida Blue Sheets seeking young male singers to form a music group. Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, AJ McLean and cousins Brian Littrell and Kevin Richardson responded; later Sam Licata and Burt Parsons would join.

After several years of touring small venues, they released their debut album Backstreet Boys in 1996 to great acclaim, particularly across Europe and Asia. Backstreet’s Back was then released the following year and proved equally as successful; both tracks from these albums were combined in 1997 for US release under the name Millennium; this proved to be their breakthrough album and cemented them as teen idols.

In 1998, the group experienced some difficulty as Howie battled Lupus and Brian underwent heart surgery for congenital heart defects that had existed from birth. Still, they persevered by working diligently on their second album; both this release and the 2000 tour proved immensely successful for the group.

After taking a brief hiatus in 2004, they returned with their critically-acclaimed album Never Gone and launched their Larger Than Life World Tour; eventually this tour would be replaced by DNA in 2020 which ran until 2022.

Rihanna & Eminem – “Love The Way You Lie”

One of the most iconic songs ever composed, this timeless classic makes an excellent song to sing along and dance to with friends at any party, or listen to when feeling low as it will help lift spirits and help restore energy levels.

Rihanna and Eminem’s voices blend harmoniously in this epic love song about two people falling in love but having difficulties due to past traumas. This track has become an instant classic.

Rihanna made history when she released her debut Number One single as a solo artist – it gave her a taste of what it felt like to dominate the charts with catchy dance-pop earworms, giving her a taste of success that was sure to boost her career immensely. It was immediately successful.

Benny Blanco had planned on giving this song to either Kanye West or Lana Del Rey; however, after receiving advice from a friend that Rihanna would be the ideal fit he decided on changing his plans and it became an international hit that reached number one on Billboard Hot 100 and won him the Grammy Award for Song of the Year.

Dominic Monaghan and Megan Fox starred in its accompanying music video as two characters involved in an abusive relationship, drawing parallels between what was seen in that scene and Rihanna’s abusive relationship with ex-husband Chris Brown. It has since been watched more than 3.2 billion times on Youtube; additionally, its song has charted globally on radio stations worldwide.

Taylor Swift – “Shake It Off”

Taylor Swift is one of the most successful pop musicians of all time, winning 23 American Music Awards and being nominated for over 30 Grammys. Her most recent album Reputation debuted at #1 on Billboard 200 charts and went on to become its longest-running No.1 of 2017.

Taylor stands out among popular artists because of her willingness to challenge convention and experiment musically, not afraid to push boundaries and experiment. Additionally, she is widely respected for her strong work ethic and unwavering commitment to her fans. While most may associate Taylor as a singer-songwriter/producer; in truth she started out her career writing songs with Liz Rose every Tuesday afternoon after school in Nashville before signing with Scott Borchetta’s independent label Big Machine Records.

Taylor released Red, her critically-acclaimed 2012 album that marked her departure from country music and her transition towards pop. She wrote nine out of 16 tracks herself while working with producers such as Max Martin, Nathan Chapman, Jacknife Lee, Gary Lightbody, and Dan Wilson on production duties.

Once she had released the album, she embarked on an expansive tour and was awarded the RIAA Female Artist of the Year title. Later on she would win four more AMAs – becoming one of youngest artists to ever receive this honor.

Taylor stunned fans and critics alike in 2020 by unveiling folklore, an album recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic in isolation. This heavier-sounding, folky album received widespread acclaim from critics as proof of her ability to innovate her sound without compromise. It received universal acclaim.

Adele – “Hello”

Adele is one of the greatest pop music artists of all time, and her songs have resonated deeply with many listeners. Her voice is seductively powerful, conveying emotions through lyrics with ease. Adele first made waves with 19 being released as her debut album and winning multiple awards; following that came 25 which also became a worldwide success; in 2021 she released 30 which critics noted did not take enough risks but still sold millions copies worldwide and featured her single “Hello”, an emotionally stirring ballad which will touch your soul deeply.

Nina Simone stands out as an exceptional musician able to eloquently convey the feelings associated with love and loss with such authenticity. That she writes and performs her own songs is testament to how far she’s come since first emerging from Tottenham. Today she boasts her own A-Team of world-class producers and managers that have been with her from day one – giving hope to a recording industry which has seen its value halve in ten years.

Adele attended the Brit School in Croydon when she was 14, an arts and music college funded by state funds. Here she met and formed relationships with musical mentors that assisted in her artistic growth. At 16, Adele began playing small gigs, wrote her first song (Hometown Glory), gave it to a friend to post online via MySpace, and soon after an agent from recording company XL Recordings called Adele to inquire further.

Ed Sheeran – “Thinking Out Loud”

Sheeran first made waves as an acoustic ballad singer at age 15, performing in local bands while still in school and then releasing several EPs before signing with a record label. Through online videos and gigs he quickly rose in fame until eventually selling millions of albums; his songs have been streamed 3.5 billion times online alone! And many awards were bestowed upon him.

Sheeran is one of the most successful pop singers of all time, producing hits with each new album he releases. His latest, (Divide), debuted at number one both in the US and UK charts, breaking records in multiple countries. Additionally, Sheeran became the first artist ever to have two singles from one album debut within 10 days in both charts – an achievement no other artist can claim!

Sheeran’s signature style combines rock and soul music, featuring catchy melodies and lyrics that engage listeners. He has collaborated with popular artists such as Khalid, Chance the Rapper, Pharell Williams and Beyonce and is revered by fans worldwide due to his vocal ability and guitar playing ability.

Although Sheeran may seem unconventional at times, his unique take on pop music makes him truly stand out as an artist. His innovative ideas keep his fans engaged. Sheeran serves as a model to other songwriters and his musical genius will continue to shine for years. So whether you need a workout song or something fun to sing along to, these top pop tracks will definitely brighten your day – give them a listen now and experience their magic for yourself!