Who Sung Celebration Dance to the Music?

Celebration Dance is a performing arts school offering excellent training in an encouraging and caring atmosphere. Students have the chance to showcase their achievements at professional theatre performances as well as participate in an annual recital.

This song was composed by Gary Bonner and Alan Gordon and recorded for the first time by Three Dog Night in 1967; with vocalists Danny Hutton, Cory Wells and Chuck Negron as vocalists in their line up.

Three Dog Night

Three Dog Night was one of America’s most iconic music groups during the ’60s and ’70s, comprising Danny Hutton, Cory Wells, and Chuck Negron as an all-male vocal trio. Their unparalleled harmonies created a genre-defying blend of rock, pop, R&B which left an indelible mark on musical history; their influences spanning rock, pop and R&B have left an indelible mark upon other musicians while still being enjoyed today by new generations of fans.

Three Dog Night was among the first bands to popularize singer-songwriters through both studio albums and live performances, championing such artists as Harry Nilsson, Randy Newman, Paul Williams and Hoyt Axton who they introduced to new audiences. Furthermore, their albums also showcased some of today’s leading songwriters like Bob Dylan and Elton John.

In the 1970s, The Beach Boys became immensely popular due to their ability to incorporate varied influences into an accessible, melodic sound – becoming one of the greatest vocal groups ever. Although no new albums have been released since 1983, they continue to tour extensively and perform for audiences of all ages.

Three Dog Night is an essential concert experience for fans of classic rock music. Their iconic hits like “Celebrate” and “Try a Little Tenderness” remain timeless classics that remain an integral part of America’s rock heritage.

Three Dog Night was founded in 1967 with Danny Hutton, Cory Wells and Chuck Negron and became an instantaneous hit during its initial six years of existence – recording 21 Billboard Top 40 hits with three reaching number one! Their success wouldn’t end there either as they continued their reign over music for decades to come.

Chuck Negron may no longer be part of the band, but its current lineup continues to entertain fans of all ages with great success. They tour worldwide and maintain an aggressive schedule spanning over 90 dates per year.


Dragons have long enchanted our imagination. Although commonly depicted as fierce monsters that terrorize people in folktales, dragons also play an integral part in Chinese New Year celebrations and legends hold that these legendary creatures possess special powers – one being being the ability to breathe fire!

A traditional Chinese ritual that represents the mysterious creature known as a dragon dance often features groups of performers holding poles while mimicking its movements such as dips, thrusts and sweeps of body. Leading dancers typically carry large dragon figures which may contain hidden pyrotechnic devices that emit smoke or fire when activated; these dragons typically wear bright red and gold colors with serpentine bodies writhing around.

The Chinese dragon is an iconic symbol of prosperity and luck, serving as both a water deity and water deity to promote harmony in nature. According to tradition, its tail controls rainfall, river flow and ocean currents while favoring pearl. A dragon dance is performed annually during Lunar New Year celebrations to bring good fortune and blessings into people’s lives; its prominence also symbolises strength within nations.

Middle School celebrated Lunar New Year on February 21 with a drumming and dragon dance performance by eighth grade drummers of class of ’28: Juliette B, Aiden C, Michael G, Noah G, Penny H and Sebastian L; while sixth grade performers included Arjun B, Lochlan C, Evan E and Lanna H (each for their individual classes). Thank you to all our eighth and sixth grade students who participated!

Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue is an iconic global pop star known for her lively stage shows and numerous music awards. She was honored as an Officer of the Order of the British Empire and Chevalier of Ordre des Arts et Lettres respectively; furthermore she has appeared in several films as well as being appointed brand ambassadors for cosmetics and perfumes.

Minogue hails from Melbourne, Australia. She first rose to fame during the late ’80s as one of Neighbours’ leading ladies, before transitioning into singing career through Stock, Aitken and Waterman and their album Kylie featuring remake of Little Eva’s “The Loco-Motion”. The single was an international smash that propelled Minogue into superstar status both locally and throughout Europe.

Minogue gradually ventured into other fields during the 1990s, including television, movies, fashion and modelling. She garnered critical acclaim for film appearances like The Delinquents and Street Fighter. However, her most well-known performance came as Astrid Peth from Doctor Who Christmas special Voyage of the Damned alongside David Tennant. Minogue continued her prolific career throughout this century by producing several hit albums and tours which proved immensely successful.

Soph diversified her musical style with the release of disco-inspired album X (2007) and electro-pop album Aphrodite (2010), followed by country releases Kiss Me Once (2014) and Golden (2018). Tension, released in 2023, brought dance-pop back into her sound; followed up with more danceable disco (2020) and finally this year’s gay anthem Padam Padam (2024).

Minogue has many interests, having introduced fashion lines, fragrances and other products into the market. She is also actively involved in charity work as well as owning part of a winery. Additionally, she owns her own television production company which she uses as an executive producer of The X Factor show; additionally she writes books and hosts multiple talk shows.

Kool & The Gang

Since 1958, no bar mitzvah, wedding, or family reunion has felt complete without Kool and the Gang’s Jungle Boogie. For decades now, this band has performed nonstop longer than any R&B group ever has before, producing hit singles like Ladies Night and Celebration; earning global commercial endorsements; supporting charitable causes; appearing in soundtracks from Rocky to Saturday Night Fever to Pulp Fiction to Wreck-It Ralph; its music being sampled by Madonna, Jay-Z, Janet Jackson and Cypress Hill among many others!

Kool and the Flames was formed in Jersey City, New Jersey in 1964 by bassist Robert Bell and his brother Ronald on tenor saxophone alongside George Brown on drums and trumpeter/keyboardist Dennis Thomas as part of their performance group, initially performing as the Jazziacs but later changing to Kool and the Flames after several successful shows. Following their debut album release on De Lite Records in 1971, the band signed with De Lite Records the following year to record an eponymous album entitled, Good Times (1972) and Wild & Peaceful (1973), before releasing Open Sesame (1976) which became part of the soundtrack for Saturday Night Fever movie. Ladies Night (1979), produced by legendary funk producer Eumir Deodato, gave them another boost by becoming an R&B chart staple while climbing all the way to #8 Pop charts!

Kool & the Gang continued recording and performing into the 21st century, with albums like State of Affairs (1995), Still Kool (2007) and People Just Wanna Have Fun (2023). Notable recordings include State of Affairs (1995), Still Kool (2007) and People Just Wanna Have Fun (2023). Furthermore, this act charted more R&B singles than any other act during the 1980s before being honored with induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2024.

Kool and the Gang have earned two Grammy awards, seven American Music awards and a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame during nearly 50 years in career. Their music can be heard in over 70 million homes worldwide; sold-out concerts have taken place all around the globe; even after Earl Toon and Richard “Spike” Mickens passed away as founding members and bandleader Robert Bell passed last year, remaining members continue touring and performing worldwide.