Anime With Heavy Metal Music

Manga characters with metal aesthetics often have dyed hair in various hues and love rock music.

Soichi Negishi dreams of becoming a pop music performer, yet ends up as the lead singer of Detroit Metal City instead. While performing, he assumes the persona of Johannes Krauser II – an evil demon from hell.


Berserk is an engaging dark medieval fantasy with epic battles and terrifying monsters – an all-out war on your imagination that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page! A beloved classic manga that has become one of its own genre’s most celebrated stories in history.

Guts is an orphaned swordsman living with Griffith, leader of a mercenary band. After the death of Band of the Hawk, Guts embarks on a quest for revenge against entities known as Apostles; former humans who offer their souls up to otherworldly demons before roaming around as man-eating monsters. Unfortunately for Guts’ efforts however, his mission becomes complicated when a behelit enters play that transforms those who possess it into members of God Hand.

This anime is widely known for its intense battle scenes and terrifying monsters, but also for its poignant story line that explores human feelings and emotions. Characters struggle with loneliness while facing off demons or otherworldly creatures in battle; yet at the same time this tale showcases teamwork.

Miura took his inspiration from The Fist of the North Star to craft an original graphic style which quickly captured readers. Beginning the series in 1989 and going global since, its popularity is evident: translations into multiple languages and an abundance of merchandise such as light-up dolls or 6cm Lego-like figures inspired by its success have become available since.

Though set in an imaginary medieval world, this story has earned critical acclaim due to its complex characters and intense action scenes. The art is exquisite and character designs stand out. Additionally, its popularity has spawned multiple video games as well as an anime adaptation for its first eight volumes.

Brand of Sacrifice frontman Kyle Anderson is an ardent fan of manga, so he channeled his musical skills into creating an album of metal tributes dedicated to it. Songs on the album include Dark New World and Revengeance Machine as well as slower tracks such as Broken Survivors and My Dystopia.


As anime becomes an international sensation, more attention needs to be paid to its soundtracks. While most western TV shows tend to avoid heavy metal music altogether, Japanese shows tend to embrace it fully; Tokyo ESP features growls and riffs reminiscent of Slipknot albums while Vinland Saga (a tale about a Viking who sets off on a quest against his father’s murderer) has even more intense soundscapes in its opening theme song and theme song.

Watamote, another show featuring heavy metal music as part of its soundtrack, follows Tomoko as she struggles with social awkwardness. Based on an ongoing manga, 12 episodes have been released on dual layer discs by MVM for viewing. While its animation quality is decent overall, some characters in Watamote may come off as stereotypical caricatures which only further complicate matters for Tomoko.

Watamote remains an engaging series to watch despite these problems, thanks to its relatable lead character who struggles with social anxiety, as well as incredible music. Izumi Kitta who plays Tomoko is an exceptional voice actress; her tone ranges from gruff internal voice to soft yet vulnerable exterior tone to emphasize her character’s cynicism.

The supporting cast of this show is also very good, although they all appear as caricatures of teenage girls eager to impress their friends. It does an excellent job at depicting how difficult it is for Tomoko to fit into high school life normally and her attempts at being popular often fail despite all her best efforts; no other characters mistreat Tomoko or treat her harshly either.

Watamote’s only major flaw is its ending, which seems written by someone without enough patience to finish telling its tale. But otherwise it’s worth watching: thanks to its engaging soundtrack and fun characters such as those found in Whisper of the Heart, Evangelion, K-On!, and other classic anime series. If you are an otaku, however, then you will appreciate its references to Whisper of the Heart, Evangelion, K-On! and other series!

Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga has quickly become one of the most captivating anime releases over recent years. Packed with vibrant imagery and beautifully drawn sets pieces, its story will engage viewers of all types while being challenging to follow at times. Blending war, melodrama, and small-town comedy elements makes for an engaging tale – with smooth action sequences that feature weighty fight scenes with real bone-crunching impact, eye candy character designs, and stunning set pieces all contributing towards keeping viewers hooked until its conclusion.

Makoto Yukimura’s Vinland Saga is an inventive adaptation of Icelandic explorer Thorfinn Karlsefni. Beginning with his revenge plot against Viking leader Askeladd and ending with his quest for Vinland as a land of peace – Yukimura weaves history and fantasy seamlessly, featuring some memorable characters along the way.

The central theme of this story is forgiveness and overcoming one’s demons. Thorfinn, who could have killed everyone who hurt him but instead chose forgiveness over revenge, came to understand that hatred only breeds more anger – ultimately leading him down a path of nonviolent solutions and creation of a world free from violence.

This series will appeal to anyone interested in pirates, Vikings and the 11th century. There’s enough emotion and drama here for viewers who may not usually follow these topics to become engaged; Wit Studio brings its characters and battle scenes vividly to life for an engaging viewing experience.

Another fascinating element of this show is how it challenges human strength through stunning feats of physical endurance, while taking an approach that explores absolute pacifism through Thorfinn (a character who explores this concept), although not to an extreme. Instead, the focus remains on forgiving those who have wronged you instead.

Bocchi The Rock!

Bocchi The Rock is an anime that follows a socially anxious girl who finds comfort playing guitar. Written and illustrated by Aki Hamaji, based on a four-koma manga by Ryoji Igarashi, produced by Cloverwork animation studio known for work such as Slow Start, Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai and other titles; Bocchi The Rock addresses themes related to social anxiety as well as musical perfectionism while remaining both relatable and entertaining for audiences worldwide.

Hitori Gotou is a high school student suffering from severe social anxiety. She lacks friends and tends to stutter when speaking. After discovering an all-girl rock band music video online, Hitori decides to try her hand at guitar skills and audition for them – although before joining they must first overcome her fear of meeting new people and show their talent onstage.

Kessoku band members provide her with some much-needed support. Nijika Ijichi encourages her, as does Ryo Yamada – not only musically but also as they give her a sense of community that she lacks in daily life.

One of the key aspects of this anime is how well it illustrates the impact that friendship can have in people’s lives. All the characters’ willingness to put others ahead of themselves makes the story so effective; extreme character moments provide comic relief while remaining balanced by poignant ones.

Viewers will see how Bocchi’s relationships with her peers progress throughout this twelve episode series, as she learns to accept herself and embrace music as she expands as an artist and accept her limitations. It’s a story that will resonate deeply with anyone watching it, especially those struggling with mental health issues like social anxiety. A truly impressive anime work and worthy of more recognition. There is an abundance of great anime stories out there, but only some feature heavy metal music! Here are our favorites.