Modern Dance and Music Academy of Woodstock

Modern dance is an innovative form of expression which defies classical techniques. Students learning this art form are able to explore ways in which they can express themselves through improvisation and composition.

Since 1970, numerous books about Woodstock have been written. But this complete documentary set offers the best way to relive it all, with interviews of producers discussing some of its mythology and intricacies.

Dance Classes

Every little girl (and boy!) has dreamed of becoming a ballerina at one point or another, whether through books, their older sibling or watching dance shows on television – images of dancers always inspire little minds and desire to put on their dancing shoes and start moving their body!

This 30-minute class introduces 2-3 year olds to the magical world of ballet through songs, games, fairy tales and their favorite props. Children will learn its fundamentals while still having plenty of opportunity for play-acting and self-expression during this 30 minute session which features an in-house performance at its conclusion.

Ballet is an intricate classical art form that requires dedication and discipline from its practitioners. Ballet strengthens and tones muscles while improving posture and alignment, providing great exercise for dancers of all ages; ballet dancers may begin pointe work as early as age ten!

Teen dancers have the unique opportunity to serve as role models and mentors for younger dancers through our Class Assistant Service Team program. Following extensive pre-screening, CAST members undergo intensive training camp programs where their dance skills, character traits and confidence improve simultaneously.

Music Classes

Music classes at our school are an excellent way to expand your child’s musical education. From piano, guitar, vocal or drum lessons, our professional instructors work closely with you and your child to develop their instrument of choice – whether that be piano, guitar, vocal or drums! Furthermore, performing as part of a group gives students additional benefits of teamwork, socialization and accountability that keep them practicing effectively!

Formerly known as Elm Street Cultural Arts, Woodstock Arts has provided world-class productions, concerts, in-depth classes and arts experiences for residents in north Atlanta since 2002. At our core lies our belief that arts provide essential components of a healthy life and have positive ripple effects throughout society as a whole.

Art Classes

WSA students explore various art media and develop their artistic voices through acting, singing, dancing, improvisation, drawing, portfolio development and portfolio production. Trained instructors lead classes and workshops tailored specifically for each individual regardless of prior experience or level.

Woodstock School of the Arts (WSA) is an internationally acclaimed school nestled within an historic village of woodstock, New York’s mountain region. Their cozy studios are climate controlled and nestled among native-timber and bluestone buildings to provide a stunning environment for arts. Classes at WSA run throughout the year in areas like painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture – with students working closely in small supportive groups led by experienced faculty members.

This course serves as an introductory survey of music production that equips students to craft their own compositions and recordings using ProTools as the primary DAW platform. Students will learn basic techniques of professional production like sample chopping, drum programming/programming, synthesizer design/synthesis sound design as well as editing/mixing techniques to compose/produce original songs/recordings using ProTools DAW platform.

Students will gain a grasp of the fundamental tools and concepts in Western music theory, which will enable them to transcribe rhythms, hear chord progressions, write basic melodies, as well as understand harmony as applied to Western harmonic scale. They’ll gain a no-nonsense approach to rhythm, melody, and harmony that’s applicable in any genre of music they produce or play.

This course will trace Led Zeppelin’s musical and visual development from their initial punk and new wave roots through their experimentation with funk, African music and experimental side projects such as disco/hip hop (Tom Tom Club) or ambient electronica/ musique concrete (Byrne’s My Life in the Bush of Ghosts with Brian Eno). Special attention will be paid to band leader Jimmy Page’s transition from session guitarist to lead guitarist and his collaborations with engineer/producer Glyn Johns/manager Pater Grant/ manager Pater Grant/manager Pater Grant/manager Pater Grant/manager Pater Grant/.

Theatre Classes

Students ages five and above can take advantage of an exciting variety of classes available, including acrobatics, juggling, acting and more! Call today and find out more!

Performers from Musical Theatre, Acting & Dance classes are required to participate in a year end recital. Costume fees are non-refundable while registration includes professional photos, recital DVD and May instruction.

Erika Frank is the owner and director of The Conservatory School for Performing Arts in Stoughton MA. Founded in 2014, she has over 10 years of experience as a pre-professional dance teacher, serving students of different ages and levels – some of whom have since secured professional jobs on Broadway, Film, or Commercial sets.

Musical Theatre Workshop Cast members start each day off right by socializing and preparing between 9:00-9:30 a.m. There is usually 2 hours of dance including jazz and tap, before closing out their day 1:30-3:30 with rehearsal and preparation with Woodstock Playhouse professional cast of “CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG”.

Fun ballet-based class that promotes a love of movement while teaching fundamental ballet, musicality, motor coordination and balance concepts through props, toys, stories and imaginative play – perfect for young children to build confidence and poise!

Contemporary dance draws its inspiration from both jazz classics and popular contemporary styles, constantly exploring new ways of moving and expressing emotion through movement. Contemporary is an expressive yet technical form which blends elements from ballet, modern, jazz and even pointe dance into one expressive and technical dance form.

Musical Theatre Workshop is an intensive summer program that immerses young theatre performers in the fundamentals of acting, singing and dancing. Apprentices are guided by experienced, NYC-trained theatre professionals as they develop skills in all three core areas of musical theatre – acting, singing and dancing. Apprentices are encouraged to expand their imagination, enhance technique and build overall theatrical experience all while working toward performances at Woodstock Playhouse.